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  1. He hasn't had a single go at playing the 'out and out' striker role, which given his scoring record at Barnsley is a travesty. As others have said, he's shown more than Rhodes in the time he's been here
  2. You couldn't really begrudge him a massive payday to be fair. He has already had to retire once. That said, I'm sure he's paid quite handsomely as it is.
  3. It's a shame some people feel we should let him go. Hutchinson is one of the best Wednesday players of the last 20 years IMO but has become another casualty of Carlos' tactics. He is exactly what we need in a midfielder: (Fairly) big and strong, combative, energetic and can pick a pass. I'm pretty sure he has been instructed all season to drop back towards centre half when we're in possession to accommodate carlos' wing back obsession, which has contributed to all sorts of problems all over the pitch. It leaves Bannan all alone in the middle, no defensive cover out wide, and forces the wingers inside instead of creating chances on the flanks. The craziest thing about it is both full back positions are considered our weakest links in the team! If we let the full backs worry about defending, let the wingers get balls in the box from out wide and let the actual central midfielders do their job, then Hutchinson can thrive in our 4-4-2 no problem.
  4. Yes, Tom Lees has been outstanding for us but he cannot be used as justification for every substandard player we get linked with.
  5. I think losing Sasso is a mistake. Effort should be made to bulk him up, and defensive assurance will come with experience. He improved a lot this season IMO. If we insist on playing out through the centre-backs all the time then a player with Sasso's playmaking skills are vital to us. He is much more likely to develop his defensive skills than say, Tom Lees is to develop his passing and technique.
  6. On his last few games, before his season ending injury I thought he looked the real deal. Brought the ball forward well and dictated the tempo, similar to how bannan does but further up the pitch. Notably this was his first and only spell being played as a central attacking midfielder. A lot of fans I remember were very disappointed to lose him after that. Abdi has had a tough time at Wednesday, undoubtably, but in his defence he has hardly ever been played in his favoured position and through injuries and being kept out of the team, has not been able to reach peak fitness. It is harsh to write him off. My concern is that he is not enough of an all round player to play in a 2-man midfield but that can be said about all of our centre mids except Lee (possibly Hutchinson if he stops sitting so deep). Some tough decisions need to be made next season and some good players are going to have to miss out if we want to get a tactical system that works.
  7. Exactly.... how do we expect to go up with only 7 strikers!
  8. I can't understand why fans would go out of their way to create something like this defending ticket price hikes? Are you pleased people have to pay £35-£40 a game?
  9. It has been a funny season. 1st half, Hutchinson and Lee were looking like the best players in the league. Only other performers for me were Loovens and possibly Fletcher. Plenty of the team were playing well below their capability... Forestieri, Lees, Hunt, Pudil, Wallace and Reach - all poor for periods. Those five have now become our standout performers, while Loovens form has dipped slightly, and Hutch and Lee have been injured for large parts. Hutchinson takes it for me though, he was our best player by miles for a huge part of the season. Second Forestieri followed by Lees. Hooper is worthy of consideration, as his impact on our results and performances has been incredible, at a time when we were in big trouble.
  10. Hooper is a must - easily our best player over the last four games. I wouldn't mind seeing Winnall start. He's not been given the chance yet to play as the out and out striker, and personally I think he has done at least as well as Rhodes with the game time he's had. Now we have Hooper doing the deeper role, Winnall deserves a shot at doing what he does best!
  11. Yes that's exactly what we need, players to move the ball about more slowly. Jones has improved us a lot, because he has the discipline to hold his position. So often this season you look at us on the pitch and there is a huge gaping hole in the centre of the pitch where our midfielders should be.
  12. I put that because all anyone can say is 'look where we are now', 'compare this to the dross we've been watching for the past 20 years' etc, which to me is odd. We are only just in the playoffs, and for the most part, the football is poor. Anyway I don't want to turn this into a debate about performances as it's not really the point I was trying to make.
  13. I find it bizarre that people will argue so passionately that the chairman should be able to do whatever he wants. For those arguing for success at all costs, you need to ask yourselves why you don't just bin it off and support Man City or some other elite team. I'm not suggesting you do, but just acknowledge there's a reason you still support Wednesday and that's because it's your club that you've got a lifetime of memories supporting. In isolation, is changing our kit that big a deal? I don't like it but it's not really. Since Chansiri has been here though we have had his name emblazoned across our shirts, his name spelled out across the north stand, Thailand flags flying all over the ground, we're having minutes silences for the death of his king ffs! Ticket prices are through the roof which is a much more serious matter, and now talk of us leaving Hillsborough. Together these things are a huge deal as bit by bit the identity of the club we have all grown up supporting is chipped away. We need to be careful because eventually there won't be a lot left that is recognizable to us. And every time there's a brigade of fans arguing to the death that we should just lie down and accept it, and they'll still be doing the same should the chairman decide he prefers red shirts to blue, or wants to rename Hillsborough 'The Chansiri Dome' or something. Why are so many people disgusted at the idea of fans having a say in how the club is run? Us as fans have spent incredible amounts of time and money on this club and will be there long after the owner. We are the club and we deserve a say. If our entire fanbase was asked - simple question, nothing to do with how much money has been spent because the two aren't mutually inclusive, just yes or no, do you want blue and white stripes? Practically everyone will say yes. The owner knows this and he ignores us. That shows nothing but a lack of respect. We're 7 places higher up the table since he bough us, it's not that much really.
  14. Of course our wingers aren't allowed to play as wingers so I feel for the lad, especially as he doesn't seem to have that natural self belief that some players such as Hutchinson or Wallace have. He has had serious confidence issues that he has recently overcome and is showing what a player he really is now. His work ethic is exceptional and is worth having on the pitch for that alone sometimes. He would possibly benefit more than anyone from a change of manager.
  15. We should go to 3 centre-mids, Hutchinson, Bannan and Lee. One lone striker (Rhodes or Winnall), Forestieri left, Reach covering and Wallace or another Winger on the right (Mcmanaman or Buckley if they're still around). This is what we should have done anyway with Abdi in place of Lee before he got injured.