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  1. I would take Jota over FF in a heartbeat.
  2. Not if he's been sold.
  3. He will be going to Barnsley I reckon, he did well for them on loan a while back and they were interested in signing him permanently at the time.
  4. So your basing your opinion on CM on what you saw on TV during the Brighton away game? FFS if I had been sat on the bench for 80 minutes most games watching the shower of poo that was on display at times and knowing I could do better than what I was watching but never getting the chance to prove it I think I would be wound up before I got on the pitch and would put myself about a bit... Maybe Callum just saw what everyone but Carlos knows was lacking and tried to inject a bit of aggression and direction into our play.
  5. But who's going to win them the ball and what are they going to do with it when we spend most of the game passing it around the back four?
  6. Stuart Gray was the Manager when he was signed you mean
  7. Going on Saturday to Tenerife for a week and then a week in Malta in September. Can't wait
  8. He will be off to Porto with Carlos, I think that's the last we've seen if him. He will give his reason as being the refs have it in for him in England and that his game will be more appreciated on the continent.
  9. Tony Galvin
  10. Well they can get a bit nasty when you keep sitting on the sofas and not buying one. I hear they didn't even have a sale on that day.
  11. Yep.
  12. 2-1 flipping get in! HOOPER!!
  13. I'm listening to full match commentary on BBC Radio Derby, you can pick it up if you've got DAB digital radio. its a bit weird listening to a pro Derby perspective but their commentators have been very complementary of us so far.
  14. Worst: Nigel Clough, he's up there with Warren Feeney for time spent on the pitch.