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  1. Forestieri Transfer Value

    What? Not even when they clearly have no respect for the club and are only interested in how much their pay compares to other players? Bin the mardy little tw@t! He's maybe our best player on paper but that doesn't mean he will ever play like it again even if selected every week. Get rid and put a marker down, no player is bigger than the club.
  2. Managers

    He should have gone after the extra 2 games at the end of last season...
  3. Give him 10 games

    He's been given 6 games.
  4. Carlos V Rhodes

    Winter is Coming
  5. George Hirst send him out on loan

    Not while they have to pay his full wages with no subsidy from us.
  6. Rhodes to Wolves???

    Our "brand" of football? Christ on a bike! If that's our brand we are in trouble! Carlos needs to go and someone come in that plays to the fecking strengths of the players we have at our disposal. Dave Jones was a shower of poo , but even he came in and got Megson's team playing in a different way for the last 14 games of the season and look at the run we went on! Needs something similar in my opinion. New Manager with fresh ideas and the ability to see the glaring weaknesss in the team in defence and midfield, let teams fear us rather than us set up to defend and fear the opposition every week, play to the players strengths and no capitulating to the demands of sulky spoilt little brats on where they play.
  7. Carlos V Rhodes

    He played well against Chesterfield ffs, if he bosses it against QPR in the same way I'll be fecking amazed!
  8. Carlos V Rhodes

    Keep smiling and clapping SiJ
  9. Paul Heckingbottom

    They don't respect Carlos so I doubt it.
  10. Just another Reminder

    Yeah how's that worked out? We are still playing poo .
  11. The "Chris of death"

  12. Cheap positive points?

    And I just took it back.
  13. OFFICIAL - George Boyd signs

    Or he knows FF is on his way out.
  14. Promotion - we will be in the mix

    Are you forgetting the fact that Carlos has only had two seasons, two god damn seasons is all he's had as a successful manager and even then was backed with the best part of £35 million to spend? Heckingbottom would have been a fantastic shout if we'd have been replacing Carlos.
  15. Rhodes

    To be honest I wouldn't care if we did make it all about Jordan Rhodes and built the team around him if he goes on to have a season like Clive Allen did for Spurs in 1987 scoring 49 goals in all competitions as long as we finish in the top 2.