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  1. I'm listening to full match commentary on BBC Radio Derby, you can pick it up if you've got DAB digital radio. its a bit weird listening to a pro Derby perspective but their commentators have been very complementary of us so far.
  2. Worst: Nigel Clough, he's up there with Warren Feeney for time spent on the pitch.
  3. It wasn't even the winner, it was a shitty header that put us in the lead, the match ended 1-1. Wasn't it the one where Kirkland got shoved in the face?
  4. Cantona only got a ban when he kung fu kicked that Palace fan
  5. Is he their manager?
  6. Contentious I know but I don't think FF should start, won't be match fit and needs to be looked after a bit, not just thrown straight back in with a weight of expectation on his shoulders. He needs to be an impact sub.
  7. Barry Bannan reminds me of Liam from Benidorm
  8. Didn't Fletcher score for Scotland against Malta after coming on as sub?
  9. valar morghulis
  10. Name me a Sheffield Wednesday manager in the last decade that's had near enough £30 million to spend ffs. Laws and Gray managed top 10 finishes on a shoestring!
  11. Ask Sky's does seem to be their favourite fact about him, they mention it during every televised Brighton match.
  12. Doesn't he play for Brighton? I believe his father died quite recently?