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  1. If McManaman and Buckley couldn't even get in our team as a winger I would hate to think what kind of chance this lad would get.
  2. So does Harry Maguire, but it ain't done him much harm.
  3. Forget about Alex Bruce he is off to Villa. His Dad told me.
  4. yep. McClaren showed them round.
  5. Forestieri isn't a winger that's why he can't really be compered to Knockaert and Carlos only puts him there when chasing or counter attacking teams. A commitment Forestieri in a just off the striker role would score 20+ goals next season. he is sacrificed alot out wide to accommodate 2 upfront and it's only his brilliance that makes it work out there. He is major for us next season. He should have kicked on this season like Knockaert did and drove us to promotion. ( At the start of the season there was a cigarette paper between them, now there miles apart.) But off the field issues, injuries and the constant switching from wing to attack stoped him getting a rhythm. Simple. Find a way to get Fernando firing and we are going up.
  6. Who out? And what type of striker in.? You're probably the only one saying it so was wondering what you had in mind.
  7. This is when we use Forestieri on the left, he is brilliant at hanging in the space to pick up the ball.
  8. Me too coz you can't spell that either.
  9. Chelsea's formation is the only way I can see us accommodating all our must have players. Let's face it Carlos is not a flying wingers, that get to the touchline for the crosses sort of manager. His wide men cut in and the full backs provide the width, similar to the way Chelsea play with Hazard and Pedro cutting in. However we could change it slightly to allow Forestieri a free role behind the strikers. Westwood Lees Loovens Hutchinson Hunt Bannan Lee Reach Forestieri Rhodes Hooper Also allows change to this for tougher games. Westwood Lees Loovens Sasso Hunt Hutchinson Lee Bannan Wallace Forestieri Fletcher Or if Carlos just can't resist the urge to play Bannan on the left.
  10. I think he will tinker with the formation to accommodate the likes of Bannan, Hutchinson, Lee, Rhodes, Forestieri Hooper all players that will be key to getting us promoted next season.
  11. Agree. but the master at this is Knockaert.
  12. The reason I say this is because against Huddersfield proved that if they are fit they will all start, no matter what kind of run we have been on so the key is accommodating them in a way that works.
  13. You don't see much difference between Knockaert and our wingers or am I misunderstanding you.?
  14. Think if Carlos can find a way to get Hutchinson, Lee and Bannan into central areas and Forestieri cutting in from the left, without upsetting the balance of the team we will be on to a winner.
  15. Everyone gets there information off here anyway don't they? Bet most people won't notice it's changed till December.