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  1. Think Wood has a level and thats the championship. Sky's the limit for Clucas.
  2. Thank God we haven't got to chase down the likes of Cardiff and Ipswich as I am not sure that is doable.
  3. Joao

    Counted Forestieri as a winger. But yeah I suppose he is 7th with him.
  4. Joao

    Nuhiu will be on the bench for virtually all the away games. Think Joao's time in a Wednesday shirt is up. Unless we sale a striker to finance other area's of the team. because as things stand Joao is 6th choice.
  5. Carrying injuries

    When people say someone is a 100% fit. I am not sure that is ever entirely true. Players must go in for several crunching tackles every game. Bound to get bumps and twists every single match. I would imagine every game there is a player having an injection in order to be able to play in that game.
  6. Nuhui to Leeds .

    Think Hooper to Leeds the only one not mentioned yet.
  7. Team for Bolton

    Matias must be involved surely?
  8. Bannan and Jones

    Would like to see Lee and Hutchinson centre with Bannan on the left. Reach left back.
  9. Carlos's signings

    Not saying you were wrong, just that it made in laugh seeing that written next to his name.
  10. Carlos's signings

    This made me laugh.
  11. FF to Brighton

    Where has this ban supposedly come from.?
  12. FF to Brighton

    I unfortunately can only see this going one way and that is with Forestieri leaving the club. His antics in the last 12 months is of that who's agent has been in his ear saying "look I can get you a premier league move, but you have got to get the club to want to get rid of you". Suarez did similar to get a move away from Liverpool. My view is he wants premier league football fast and will do whatever it takes to get it. Carlos dropping him completely from the Sunderland game in my opinion was him saying ok you can go as I see absolutely no reason why he wouldn't have been on the bench instead of Matias otherwise. Think we may have to get used to life without him.
  13. Stick with the diamond!

    We will definitely take the game to Fulham I feel. But have to be wary of the counter attacks.
  14. "Because we can't spend money"

    Or next. We are only worrying as this is the 3rd season of spending alot more than we earn.