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  1. I remember a certain Sergiu Bus that we signed with similar credentials.
  2. No instead we just got them all on mega money contracts.
  3. Where were they all last season and the season before. How has his stock suddenly rose so a host of clubs are chasing him.
  4. From what I have read alot of Derby fans see him as there best defender.
  5. Really don't see Ayala becoming avaliable. hope I am wrong because he would be ideal. Firstly I would be amazed if Monk didn't want to keep him even if they do get Bartley as chances are Gibson will be leaving. And secondly like Villa last season why are they going to hand us the one thing we crave on a plate. ( top class centre back ) The only way they would is if they needed money which they don't. Villa refused to sell us a back up left back. Do we seriously think Boro are going to hand us over one of the divisions best centre backs for anything less than someone ridiculous like 10 million. We all laugh at speculation linking Westwood to Boro, as we are not going to give them one of our best players, then expect Boro are going to be naive enough to hand over one of theirs. Non starter for me that one as much as it pains me to say.
  6. Think we have probably identified 3 or 4 centre backs that we think are of the standard we would like. ( Ayala, Hanley, Morrison and Keogh ) and then it's just seeing who you can get at a reasonable price. For me all of them are of the standard to make a difference to the squad, so that's pleasing to see. Ayala for me is the best, but I would imagine Monk thinks the same and ain't about to let one of his best players leave. Clearly we think 3 million is the limit for us in terms of Morrison or we would have been back in by now. And then perhaps we are thinking there is not much difference between Hanley and Keogh and that Keogh we be the cheaper of the two. So I am expecting Keogh to sign for around about 3 million if I am honest as that seems to be our price bracket. If derby believe he is worth more. Than expect a loan attempt for Hanley later on in the window. That would be how I am reading the situation at the moment.
  7. Rather us sign Keogh then not bother getting a centre back. Like last season.
  8. Bartosz Slusarski.
  9. What nationality is Danny Sonner then?
  10. Nigel Worthington.
  11. If we are having Danny Sonner then we might aswell put in the best left back we have probably ever had.
  12. Darko Kovacevic.
  13. At taking penalties.
  14. Exactly. Alonso and Moses can't defend no more than Hunt and Reach can which is why I made the statement. But you do still need to know the formation to identify what personal are required for each position. which is why Carlos may be reluctant to change to it.