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  1. Not there main forum try friends of Fulham.
  2. In a way then the point that you are making is kind of irrelevant aswell as we won two of the games playing only two upfront in a 4-4-2
  3. Don't know?? Think they impose heavy fines for anybody caught to try putting them off.
  4. Really being clamped down on that, after a City fan did it and had something like 600,000 people watching it.
  5. True but I wouldn't fancy playing a side who are quite capable of battering us 5-1 on aggregate if they turn up. None of the other are capable of that.
  6. They get a cut, About 20-25% I think.
  7. It doesn't automatically go to the loser, there has to be an agreement between the teams. Would imagine Huddersfield, Reading and Fulham will be jumping at the chance of our gate receipt, so probably expect it to happen this year.
  8. What does an award winning Muffin taste like?
  9. If Rhodes scores the winning goal in the playoff final. Will you get him on the back of your shirt.
  10. Don't see us playing for two draws, to risky.
  11. To be fair they did say almost every goal or gials if you're calling them that now.
  12. In a way a Kevin keegan Newcastle United team would have done I'd imagine.
  13. So you're ideal opponent for us over two legs out of all the possibilities would have been Newcastle.
  14. Why not try playing with that side on football manager!! As that's the only way you're going to get to see it I am afraid.
  15. Wonder which 3 senior players they will use for the playoffs.