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  1. You never know.... several pints and an inflated sense of my own importance is a worrying combination
  2. We're on OwlsTalk , surely we embrace disappointment??
  3. Fair point mate , just got a bit carried away with it ( far too pleased with myself getting a rhyme for "Oreyt" to be honest )
  4. I'm looking forward to the Karaoke version being recorded by your good self and posted on here !!
  5. Against the Potential abuse mate
  6. To the tune of Dean Martin’s “That’s Amore” (When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie -I’ve tried to get some Carlos-isms in there When your meats on the fire And you take the Owls higher Then You’re Carlos Play with potatoes and fish Then go out on the sesh Then You’re Carlos When you’ve made the Owls great And you still say “Oreyt” Then You’re Carlos When you’re from Portugal The best coach of them all Then You’re Carlos When you’ve re-wrote the book And you’re still cool as f*ck Then You’re Carlos (I've got mi tin helmet on....)
  7. Would be a great chant IMO, so...... My attempt at some words for this (feel free to neg away ). Unfortunately I'm not bright enough to put words over a video so will just have to make do with the words under the original, I think it "sort of fits" (well the rhythm in my head does-ish) but I do realise there's an extra line in there at the end to try and balance it up Can't do a lot with the chorus without it sounding pants unless its the original Ale, Ale, Ale.. (I would have liked to have sneaked something Portugese in there but got some Latin in anyway.....) Un Giorgio All' Improvisso We're all Wednesday aren't We ? Mi Innamorai Di Te Blue and white will never part Il Cuore Mi Batteva Consilio Et Animas Di Tempo Ne E Passato Under the Owl upon my heart Ma Sono Ancora Que I have always loved you E Ogei Come Allora So please don't ask me why ? Difendo La Citta I you cut me I'll bleed blue and white Until the day I die Ale, Ale, Ale Ale, Ale, Ale etc
  8. Pm'd you (hopefully !)
  9. Jordan Rhodes, gonna score the goals To take us back, where we belong. To the premier With the Wednesday Jordan Rhodes Gonna score the goals ( I'm sure this has probably already been done???)