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  1. FF is too emotional, too hot and cold. He is a game winner, and equally likely to go off in a strop. So KL does it for me more. I want to see a team play as a team and something about FF tends to negate that. KL keeps us ticking over.
  2. Rovrum will probably win. The pressure is off them, very much on us and they will be thinking not only would it make their season to keep us out of the playoffs but, hey, wouldn't it be a great time to end our run of decent results at their little place? Of course football is a funny old game and you can never say an underdog has no chance, so we might just surprise everyone on the night.
  3. Not sure 68 going on 11
  4. Used to love watching Swan, Fantham and Megson senior in the early 'sixties but my hero was then and now Ron Springett. He was England's first choice keeper for a while when there were a good half-dozen top notch English keepers. None of this foreign 'I can only punch the ball' nonsense, and when opposing centre forwards came in hard. After that there were giants like Mick Lyons, legends like Waddle and of course the sublime Roland at RB but when all is said and done Ron made his name with us. Apparently Jimmy Greaves found it hard to score past Ron, who used to tease Greavsie "are you the Greaves fella who gets all the goals?"
  5. I expect there will be injuries (hopefully not many) and maybe loss of form (equally let's hope not), so chances for Winnall will come. It is entirely possible Winnall can come on for Rhodes if we need to freshen up the attack. They are almost certainly not identical skill sets so again, change when change needed., maybe even as starter. If CC is a good manager he will have explained this to both of them. The last thing he will want is demoralised players if it can be avoided.
  6. Every team scrapes in wins, just as every team loses games they should have won. The 'controlling factor' if you like is what defines winning. That's right, winning in footy is having scored more goals than the opposition at the final whistle. Howard Wilkinson used to say "The best team always wins" and that is all you have to remember, so its reasonable to assume we were better than Wigan on the night by doing what they couldn't and scoring. True, I am still not sure about how we play as a team but every fan will take the crappy win over the wonderful, consolation-garnering loss. So I'll take the Wigan result but hope that before the play-offs (if we are still in there at the end) we play as team that does excite and so there is a better chance of more three points than those producing none.
  7. According to Pickiwedia, he managed 4 goals for us. I don't remember any of them, but then I don't remember him.
  8. It's an old computer language called GIGO. Garbage In: Garbage Out. And don't forget all those future climate predictions made on computers. Apparently if you put the data in about today's weather what it says is nothing like how it turned out. So let's see how the season plays out in reality first.
  9. All managers have to work with what they have, to the way they prefer to play with adjustments made for fitness, opponents, conditions and venue. That's the game, and no one you play is going to lie down and let the team walk all over them. So it goes. But... I don't think we have a solid team right now and I don't think what we do is entertaining. For what we have spent, what we seem willing to spend in all probability, we are only marginally effective. Maybe top six is good as it gets, but it certainly doesn't feel good enough. So we pass and pass across and pass back again and endure a few narrow escapes at the back, but it rarely excites.
  10. It's not the grounds, it's the occasion. Thus any lower division league cup (or whatever grand title it has now) venue usually brings out the worst In us.
  11. I recall seeing young Peter Middleton play for the Central League side in the mid 'sixties (They got decent crowds then. Unless you went to away games, the only good way of finding out how the first team was doing in those days was to go and watch the reserves at home and get 15 minute first-team score updates; it was agony seeing the man by the scoreboard stand up and carefully select a new number and you would pray it was for an away goal rather than a home goal). I saw Middleton score a few times for 'the stiffs' though he was overshadowed -- as many of them were then -- by John Hickton scoring loadsagoals from centre-half. But a sad, short life Middleton had.
  12. "You must have been the clown sat at the back of me who spent the whole match saying gerrit in the air instead of this tippy tappy passing...when I asked him what McCalliog's or Sheridan's approach would be he looked at me like a Donald Trump supporter would have done a Mexican" Alas Daveyboy, that wasn't me. I wasn't in my clown outfit at all today, have no idea how Mexicans and Trump exchange looks... and also I think I would have enjoyed talking about McCalliog and Sheridan. I am sure I would have remembered it. And no, I don't think gerrit in the air is what I'm talking about at all.
  13. I am not sure about Carlos either, though my objection is his idea of attacking football -- mostly passing the ball around in midfield -- isn't mine and when the midfield tip-tap stumbles then we don't look so good. In my view there is something missing, though quite what it is very much open to debate. While the new players do have qualities they haven't settled in easily and there appears to be a lack of team spirit for me: there are players going through the motions or, perhaps more tellingly, relying on others to turn in a good performance so they can ride of the back of it. The days of the Mel Sterland approach of being willing to run through brick wall for the team are probably gone but the people who pay to watch still want to see some urgency and determination. I don't think that a sense of giving all for the club and fans is present right now. I also have to accept that no-one facing us is going to lie down and let us roll over them. Brighton are a good team and to a degree we got away with it in the play-offs last season against them; I am sure they will be in the mix at the end of the season and probably go one better than last. There is no doubt we have on paper one of the best teams in the division, but football is a team game and right now the team isn't there. The acid test however will be how they play in the next game: good teams bounce back from defeat with a result but poor teams tend to carry on struggling. We shall see.
  14. Helan isn't the first player to give up football for religion. In the late '60s Wolves striker Peter Knowles (brother of Spurs' defender Cyril) gave up football after playing for a time in Kansas to follow his 'calling' to be a Jehovah's Witness. I presume he knocked on a lot of doors afterwards rather than knocking on the door of international recognition, which was -- injuries apart -- achievable. As for religion, I am not impressed over it. Personal journey, and each to their own, but playing football hardly stops one having faith in whatever. On reflection some of us would say you have to have a lot of faith to follow football.
  15. Probably deemed raciss now, but many fans used to call him "McGolliwog" I can still recall a header of his in a pre-season friendly at Hillsborough, starting the move on the right in front of the old stand, running across to the left side of the box and guiding a perfectly placed header past the opposing 'keeper in front of the Kop. That and his Wembley goal, of course. Under Alan Brown he was a bit ahead of his time, wearing number 9 and playing behind twin strikers David Ford and John Fantham. Shame he didn't stay longer in S6 Also, we sang to the tune of Yellow Submarine: "We all live on a Blue and White Kop, A Blue and White Kop, A Blue and White Kop. All our friends are here on board, Jim McCalliog and David Ford"* So, happy 70th, Jim McGolliwog *Go on, you know you want to sing it.