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  1. your 1st game you went to

    Highbury, Boxing Day, early sixties. Drew 1-1 with Arsenal, I got hit on head by an Arsehole fan for no reason I can recall. Next morning heard that Owls coach had crashed on way north and young Dougie McMillan lost his leg at the scene. End of a promising career, people said.
  2. Sailing close to the FFP wind

    Question: if we had hung on to our lead against Huddersfield and overcome Reading at Wembley, where -- if we are running out of money now -- would we have got the cash for the three or four Prem quality players we would have then needed to ensure survival? I suspect money is always tight at many clubs like ours but would we have suddenly offloaded, for decent fees, the players who don't get a game now? Or would the sponsorship deals be re-worked if the rules allow It? How would marketing have significantly improved the shirt and shin pads sales? I genuinely don't know the FFP rules so any thoughts would be interesting. Of course, we might have assumed we had a great team already and had enough here, thus avoiding buying...
  3. Our biggest problem

    In theory you can lose the first eight matches and win the last 36 in this division and, hey presto, you have enough for automatic promotion. And yes, I understand that isn't going to happen. In the normal run of things you have to cover every league loss (and truth is you cannot really afford that many setbacks) with an immediate win to keep pace, and right now I don't think many Wednesday fans are confident we can do that. Most if us here don't really care what United do, or Forest or whoever. Most of them are irrelevant to us... it is what we do ourselves that matters. The Star and the local radio stations will rattle on about how well the Blunts are doing and contrast it with us. We are just going to have take this on the chin until we reassert ourselves. There are a few things I don't like in the current Hillsborough set up but I am just a paying observer. I have no idea what goes on behind the scenes, but I do wonder if some of the lack-lustre showings of late suggest we have a collection of players that, basically, isn't a team. Stars and heroes are all well and good but football is a team game. Somewhere we aren't a team the way we were 15 months ago. Maybe it needs a new face at the helm. Dunno. Thankfully that isn't my decision. I have never liked that managers get the push at the drop of a hat and sometimes get the chop for decisions made higher up the ladder as well as performances on the field. But if it is going to need a new boss and a new way of playing then perhaps we have to accept that the season will slip away until it happens. Of course three wins in the next three championship games -- with hopefully at least half-a-dozen goals in our favour -- means we can forget the opening day blues. Right now it seems that is what it takes to banish the growing dissatisfaction.
  4. Blessing in disguise

    Three points for a win, one for a draw but none for a blessing in disguise. We really needed a bright start today. The question for me is would MM have put up with the Carlos of late, given how he got rid of Megson when the promotion push needed some sort of action?
  5. Shots on goal

    Wasn't at the game but by all accounts less than inspiring stuff. Not at all a decent return for a summer of waiting and hoping. While there is a long way to go I have to say that teams like Preston, home or away, are the sort of team you have to beat if you want automatic promotion. We traditionally start fairly well, and we all know some games you can't win even if you are pretty fully prepared and up for it. But as always, losing to a single goal without looking like scoring is depressing.
  6. More against Carlos than for?

    Carlos stay or go? There isn't a manager in the league who doesn't get sniped at by fans, sometimes with accuracy and sometimes driven by the simple feeling they are the best team ever. You only have to look at Wenger and Arsenal to see how much their fans, who think they should win everything, can't leave him be. And I can also recall when Paul Jewell got Wigan of all teams into the upper reaches of the Prem and their fans were still moaning "he is holding us back." I am sure they would like a bit more of that holding back now. I'm not a fan of Carlos as such, but then I am not a fan of the modern trend in football of endlessly passing it between the same few players in midfield, which I see too often at Hillsborough. Is it successful? Yes, for some teams, but more will follow the trend and not win anything. But after Wembley we were supposed to push ourselves over the line in 2016/17 and somehow it all slipped past us. Cynics might say that for all our high league finishes and points haul we are still exactly this season where we would be if we scraped along in 14th place. I have no doubt there'll be some scrapers (yes, looking at you, United) who would be more than happy with 14th place come the end of this season. We told ourselves -- reasonably -- that the final pieces would slot into place with a few well-chosen signings though the way we narrowly disposed of Villa on opening day of the campaign suggested the fight was going to be lot harder than we wanted. I was bitterly disappointed in how we squared up, or didn't, to Huddersfield in the play-offs. We could have done what they did but for a team that was never ahead in the play-offs they managed to make it into 'our rightful place.' Football is full of surprises yet, for me, there was an air in the ground that evening that it wasn't a surprise. Was it all Carlos' fault? We can argue tactics and selection but a golden chance passed us by. A lot of clubs would have made the hard decision then and found someone new to guide the team; lesser clubs seem to do it all the time. But Carlos is here and he does have something to prove this time round. It would be amazing if we could make it three play-offs in a row if we can't get automatic promotion and even more wonderful to come out on top at last. But, I admit I worry. I've always worried about Wednesday and have done ever since I saw my first Owls game at Highbury in 1961. I don't know if Carlos, fishing analogies and all, is the man for the job. I am not sure if this is the right team shape and the line up seems to be a moveable feast. There is no doubt about the talent but there is a small, nagging doubt about how we use it in S6. This coming season will be tough, but hey, we're Wednesday and we have been here before.
  7. New Penalty Format this season

    I fear celebrations of pens will only lead to Dancing Queens
  8. Years ago Wednesday were called the 'yo-yo team' because of all the ups and downs they had. Over the years supporting them I have seen a lot of ups and downs and there's no reason to think that will ever change. True we are capable of great heights and also, just as likely, fully able to slip down the ladder. We don't do consistency as much as I would like, so prepare for the unexpected. Despair and boundless joy all mixed with hope. It's the Wednesday way.
  9. Leicester bid for George Hirst

    Leicester's bid -- if it really happened -- was more testing the water, I suspect. If Wednesday didn't think young Hirst would make it they would have taken the cash (possibly negotiating a sell on percentage) and let Leicester take the risk. Much like when we signed two players from Peterborough who, as far as I can recall, didn't make it though I'll be honest and say I can't fully recall their names. Either Peterborough needed the cash or they weren't sure and took the first money that came along. I'd like to say footy is a game of chess both on and off the field, but mostly it is brawn, pace and gambling with a bit of hope thrown in.
  10. Nuhiu scores stunner in training

    I know. It's the only famous player I have ever met other than Len Badger. But never owned a cab... oh my life is so sad!
  11. Nuhiu scores stunner in training

    As Mick Lyons said to me once, everybody scores from 25 yards in training. Even he did sometimes.
  12. Top 10 managers in the EFL

    Lists like this are often based on popularity, not talent. How these managers get to be popular is one of those dark arts they teach at Hogwarts.
  13. Something rotten in the state of S6

    Oh Ramone, I can be further detached from the truth; I could be one of those Wednesday fans who think the team did well last night.
  14. Like every other Owl I was sickened by the club's failure to win a winnable game, and worse achieve nothing from a position of advantage. I have seen this before, of course as have many Wednesdayites over the years, but against Huddersfield it was harder to take than usual. We had one foot in Wembley (despite a ho-hum performance with mediocre tactics) and thus were happily in a position to realise the promise of doing what we had failed to achieve 12 months before. We were supposed to kick on from the setback in the Hull final even if we couldn't get automatic promotion. We told ourselves we were, with our tradition, support, investment and undeniable destiny, the best team in the division. That was what we told ourselves, but there is something wrong in S6. I admit freely I do not like CC's cautious tactics at all. His idea of 'attacking football' isn't mine, but maybe that's modern football. So it goes. I haven't been overly impressed with the signings we have made since Wembley as they came nowhere close to plugging gaps and generally didn't like the manager's team choices, but we finished fourth even if we ought to have been third. Against Huddersfield I was unimpressed with CC's use of substitutes and yearned to see some spark on the field. Sure, Huddersfield weren't going to lie down. Unbelievably for a club in their poisition they could see they could reach Wembley and maybe the Premier. But they aren't Wednesday and can never hope to be. They aren't us. We had it all before us, waiting to be taken. But on the night, they had something we didn't. They had team spirit. That for me is what is rotten in S6. We have assembled on paper an impressive squad of players, but we haven't built a team. I felt the fans last night sensed it too; yes, we chanted as loud as ever but once they levelled we knew in our hearts we hadn't, once again, got that vital spark on the pitch. There was little to lift us, no one to lead. There is, in short, no team spirit in S6. Maybe every team says that when they don't win, but I have felt since CC arrived we hope individuals do it because the team cannot as a whole. I don't want to bang on about "do or die" because battlefields are full of the latter, but I don't get any sort of feeling of togetherness from the teams we have put out over the past couple of years. Maybe it's all about wages, or having a large squad means more unhappy 'can't get a game' feelings, or it began with the FF fiasco and maybe it mirrors in JRs reported reluctance to take a penalty. Possibly it is that football is purely seen as clinical now, that you analyse everything to the point of sterility. But last night we wanted 11 heroes with spirit and we were far from getting it. So until we build a team, we aren't what we should be and won't get where we deserve to be. We need a team, because we are Wednesday.