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  1. Lists like this are often based on popularity, not talent. How these managers get to be popular is one of those dark arts they teach at Hogwarts.
  2. Oh Ramone, I can be further detached from the truth; I could be one of those Wednesday fans who think the team did well last night.
  3. Like every other Owl I was sickened by the club's failure to win a winnable game, and worse achieve nothing from a position of advantage. I have seen this before, of course as have many Wednesdayites over the years, but against Huddersfield it was harder to take than usual. We had one foot in Wembley (despite a ho-hum performance with mediocre tactics) and thus were happily in a position to realise the promise of doing what we had failed to achieve 12 months before. We were supposed to kick on from the setback in the Hull final even if we couldn't get automatic promotion. We told ourselves we were, with our tradition, support, investment and undeniable destiny, the best team in the division. That was what we told ourselves, but there is something wrong in S6. I admit freely I do not like CC's cautious tactics at all. His idea of 'attacking football' isn't mine, but maybe that's modern football. So it goes. I haven't been overly impressed with the signings we have made since Wembley as they came nowhere close to plugging gaps and generally didn't like the manager's team choices, but we finished fourth even if we ought to have been third. Against Huddersfield I was unimpressed with CC's use of substitutes and yearned to see some spark on the field. Sure, Huddersfield weren't going to lie down. Unbelievably for a club in their poisition they could see they could reach Wembley and maybe the Premier. But they aren't Wednesday and can never hope to be. They aren't us. We had it all before us, waiting to be taken. But on the night, they had something we didn't. They had team spirit. That for me is what is rotten in S6. We have assembled on paper an impressive squad of players, but we haven't built a team. I felt the fans last night sensed it too; yes, we chanted as loud as ever but once they levelled we knew in our hearts we hadn't, once again, got that vital spark on the pitch. There was little to lift us, no one to lead. There is, in short, no team spirit in S6. Maybe every team says that when they don't win, but I have felt since CC arrived we hope individuals do it because the team cannot as a whole. I don't want to bang on about "do or die" because battlefields are full of the latter, but I don't get any sort of feeling of togetherness from the teams we have put out over the past couple of years. Maybe it's all about wages, or having a large squad means more unhappy 'can't get a game' feelings, or it began with the FF fiasco and maybe it mirrors in JRs reported reluctance to take a penalty. Possibly it is that football is purely seen as clinical now, that you analyse everything to the point of sterility. But last night we wanted 11 heroes with spirit and we were far from getting it. So until we build a team, we aren't what we should be and won't get where we deserve to be. We need a team, because we are Wednesday.
  4. Once Derby manager? Yeah, i heard that Jim was an owl when young
  5. Perhaps there was some new bloke on the sound system. The usual routine used to be that the 'Hi Ho Sheffield Wednesday' anthem was timed to get to a crescendo and cut off the moment the ref blew for the kick off, leaving us fans to keep it going. Against Fulham the song continued for a good few seconds after the ball was rolling. Basically, not very professional from whoever was in charge.
  6. I may be old but the volume at Hillsborough was horrendous. Someone near me in the South Stand laughed when I put my hands over my ears at one point, but they couldn't hear me say "make it stop!" I know lots of people think the louder their TV is the better the show they are watching, but football doesn't need to sink into that trough.
  7. I hate to be unkind, but it was neither dance nor music. Good luck to the youngsters involved, but please... keep it behind closed doors.
  8. For me, the jury is still out on Rhodes. Even allowing for the fact we didn't make much against Fulham he didn't pose much of a threat. That's how I see him most of the time. This is no doubt contentious, but I don't see him ahead of Winnall at the moment.
  9. FF is too emotional, too hot and cold. He is a game winner, and equally likely to go off in a strop. So KL does it for me more. I want to see a team play as a team and something about FF tends to negate that. KL keeps us ticking over.
  10. Rovrum will probably win. The pressure is off them, very much on us and they will be thinking not only would it make their season to keep us out of the playoffs but, hey, wouldn't it be a great time to end our run of decent results at their little place? Of course football is a funny old game and you can never say an underdog has no chance, so we might just surprise everyone on the night.
  11. Not sure 68 going on 11
  12. Used to love watching Swan, Fantham and Megson senior in the early 'sixties but my hero was then and now Ron Springett. He was England's first choice keeper for a while when there were a good half-dozen top notch English keepers. None of this foreign 'I can only punch the ball' nonsense, and when opposing centre forwards came in hard. After that there were giants like Mick Lyons, legends like Waddle and of course the sublime Roland at RB but when all is said and done Ron made his name with us. Apparently Jimmy Greaves found it hard to score past Ron, who used to tease Greavsie "are you the Greaves fella who gets all the goals?"
  13. I expect there will be injuries (hopefully not many) and maybe loss of form (equally let's hope not), so chances for Winnall will come. It is entirely possible Winnall can come on for Rhodes if we need to freshen up the attack. They are almost certainly not identical skill sets so again, change when change needed., maybe even as starter. If CC is a good manager he will have explained this to both of them. The last thing he will want is demoralised players if it can be avoided.
  14. Every team scrapes in wins, just as every team loses games they should have won. The 'controlling factor' if you like is what defines winning. That's right, winning in footy is having scored more goals than the opposition at the final whistle. Howard Wilkinson used to say "The best team always wins" and that is all you have to remember, so its reasonable to assume we were better than Wigan on the night by doing what they couldn't and scoring. True, I am still not sure about how we play as a team but every fan will take the crappy win over the wonderful, consolation-garnering loss. So I'll take the Wigan result but hope that before the play-offs (if we are still in there at the end) we play as team that does excite and so there is a better chance of more three points than those producing none.
  15. According to Pickiwedia, he managed 4 goals for us. I don't remember any of them, but then I don't remember him.