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  1. Barry Horne, shudder!!!
  2. The players you've just mentioned were the only ones we could get at that shybo time, meaning that Haslam got the right back role because he was far more versatile than Smith, Maddix & (shudder) Westwood!! He was far better in that position than those 3 ever would!!
  3. I like Haslam too, seems like a decent bloke. Congrats Steve & good luck
  4. Stick with Waterfront it's our walkout tune
  5. It makes no difference, when we do have wingers we never use them!!!
  6. The one concern I have about the Rhodes deal is due to FFP & the fact we didn't get promoted does this mean we have to sell a few of our assets to cater for it?
  7. I'm pretty sure the Rhodes deal is done, I don't think we can go back on it?
  8. Rhodes will come good next season, with the right signings & adjustments to the way we play, he'll become pivotal to our promotion push
  9. As much as I love big Glenn we really need to bring someone in ahead of him, same goes for Wallace
  10. This is the reason why I'd take him we don't have enough of these, but sadly Macca was barely given a chance or hardly used
  11. The club is so shybo when it comes to retail, we must lose so much money because of it, it's ridiculous
  12. Keep him, but we must be more positive next season, if we can't then bin him
  13. This 100% you could go further & further with the likes of Irvine, Wilson, Yorath, Shreeves, Pleat, Turner all nice guys but never had that edge to be winners