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  1. Top player is Wallace, puts himself about & loves to get under the opposites noses!! Also tends to do the business in the big games Brighton & Arsenal spring to mind!! As for some of his goals just majestic
  2. Great addition to our squad, will give us extra bite in midfield as well as delivery
  3. How fitting that such a big win for us was aided by such a top bloke, our captain Big Glenn Loovens I'm so proud to say that he plays for my team, really love the bloke, I hope that when he does finally hang his boots up that he gets offered an ambassador role at Hillsborough or at least be a coach
  4. I really hope your right mate & yes we certainly are capable of producing some magic let's hope we've saved it for them
  5. I'd take a draw now to be honest, but would really love to beat them
  6. Merry Christmas Terry and all other Owls, let's hope the new year brings us promotion!!
  7. Quite fitting really, karma & all that
  8. But we won't know unless we give him a consistent amount of games playing there
  9. But we won't know unless we give him a consistent amount of games playing there
  10. Yeah but if he played further forward he would surely have more chance of getting more assists wouldn't he?
  11. League One is Madines level, he's too good for that League but unfortunately not good enough for the Championship as we found out. Good to see him doing well though even if it is for Bolton!!!
  12. Can imagine Hutch putting in a few words as well
  13. Just give Carlos til the end of the season, there's still January to shake things up too. Results have certainly been inconsistent but we are still in with a shout of the playoffs, if we can get a good run together they will be a certainty
  14. I didn't realise Nicholson started in that game? Always wondered why he didn't get much of a chance with us, i guess playing in that match was the reason why!