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  1. I think it's a mouth watering prospect having him up top with a real poacher like Hooper alongside, that in theory will be absolutely lethal
  2. Well done Jordan lad, top bloke WAWAW!!
  3. Love this Waterfront always gets me going
  4. Love having Waterfront as our entrance music it really works and part of our identity for me
  5. Absolutely love the bloke him being club captain is so fitting, he's a class act. I've noticed as well his yellow card tally is looking rather clean too, remember under Gray in his final season Loovens started the campaign with a card per game if memory serves me well?
  6. Really happy with last night's performance, was very professional from us soaked up a little pressure & sure we got a little lucky what with Brum hitting the woodwork a few times. But we were fantastic on the break & for once prolific infront of goal!! Buzzing for both Rhodes & Winnall & Fox looks a decent upgrade at left back
  7. Christ we haven't had a decent strike partnership for years!! But in recent times Tudgay and Burton linked up really well together. For other clubs Quinn and Phillips were awesome then of course there was Shearer and Sutton
  8. Graham Hyde for me, got stuck in with a meaty challenge, a decent passer of the ball and had a decent goal scoring record for a central midfielder
  9. Come on Morgan lad do yourself proud!! Be lovely to have Sammy with his maiden goal on the night we sign Jordan too
  10. Can you still watch it on Now TV though I wonder?
  11. Top player is Wallace, puts himself about & loves to get under the opposites noses!! Also tends to do the business in the big games Brighton & Arsenal spring to mind!! As for some of his goals just majestic
  12. Great addition to our squad, will give us extra bite in midfield as well as delivery
  13. How fitting that such a big win for us was aided by such a top bloke, our captain Big Glenn Loovens I'm so proud to say that he plays for my team, really love the bloke, I hope that when he does finally hang his boots up that he gets offered an ambassador role at Hillsborough or at least be a coach
  14. I really hope your right mate & yes we certainly are capable of producing some magic let's hope we've saved it for them