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  1. Prob score more goals (in our box).
  2. Ready, steady.....FOOOOOOK right off!
  3. Thanks for the invite, but I'd like to stay in and watch TV on my own, every now and then.
  4. Because some of our fans are desperate for some transfer news!
  5. Oooo were so sensitive!
  6. Means little, could well be liking it for the 'banter'
  7. Premiership richest league in the world, clearly! Second richest league, anyone...?
  8. Can't be Scotland, Ireland or Wales as a number of their current players already play in the Champ.
  9. Scotland!!!!!!
  10. Exactly and Franco Baresi!
  11. I remember people slagging off Lees and gushing about Abdi - thus, I will wait to see what happens.
  12. Good point, not sure how they have come to that conclusion re Lee's 'tackling' then, because he is v good at breaking things down.
  13. Indeed, good defenders stay on their feet.