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  1. We were chasing him this time last year, so possibly something in it - an international player and a v good CB at this level, I'd be pleased with this at the right price.
  2. I know and the Thai's love to barter.
  3. Was on twitter, some local journalist highlighted it. Rotherham manager there as well, amongst others.
  4. Water in the bogs would be nice.
  5. I can't, but the person I was talking too can, that said I'm sure somebody like DC still looks to get value for money for his money.
  6. Was discussing it with someone at 7pmish lasted night and wanted a quick answer - I tried website and no prices and knew someone on here would know. No drama!
  7. I'd need to.
  8. Thanks for the info! Crazy money and surely they'd be better all full than half empty.
  9. Exactly! I never said it was for me. And as much as I love Weds, even if it ever was I wouldn't pay £4K a match.
  10. I'll hold it in.
  11. And, who's 'pretty Penny'? and does she do a turn? Genuine question(s).
  12. Thanks!
  13. I'd want more than that for £55k.
  14. Anybody know what the prices are? and...if advertisement is included?
  15. I agree with the addition of pace...but, I feel we also need to strengthen at the CB and get better cover for Hooper and Lee. UTO