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  1. You missed the word "Please", then? I didn't "tell" - I asked.
  2. Please fellow Owls, stop all this speculation about Carlos. At this point in the season, it's incredibly destructive and depressing. What's more, this forum isn't 'private' - players, management and the general public can see it, especially as threads get tweeted on to Twitter. I can imagine Blunts howling with laughter at all this.
  3. I completely agree. And maybe I'm what the hard right would call a "snowflake", but all the negativity puts me off coming here when we lose because I find it depressing. It was never going to be easy - getting into the Premier League is really, really hard and we have to fight every inch of the way. But anyone who thinks the players don't care, don't want it and aren't trying is seriously deluding themselves - footballers want to be in the Premier League more than anything.
  4. Has there ever been one that could actually sing? If so, can someone post a link?
  5. He was 18 on 15 February.
  6. Another Hirst, Same as the first...
  7. I see he's assisted/scored 16 goals this season - more than any other player.
  8. Guilty as charged! I'm more than old enough to be his mother and I don't care.
  9. Lovely! Great to see all those goals, including 2 for Jordan and a cracker of a free kick for FF.
  10. AND very fanciable.
  11. Apparently, he's not bothered and not trying hard enough.
  12. I'm buzzing from today's performance - but a bit worried about Fulham - a game in hand and only 5 points behind us...
  13. Thanks for posting that!
  14. I can't abide Pardew. His face alone makes me heave.