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  1. I was there at that game - aged 11, standing on the old, uncovered kop in the pouring rain. Christ, it was a dreadful night in all respects.
  2. Sheffield United fans are already cringing in terror at the awful hammering they're going to get in the championship next season.
  3. He might like it - Dr Who tends to be a matter of taste, I think. Some good bits, as always.
  4. I moved on to very cold bottles of Stella after the Pinot Grigio. Dr Who was crap tonight.
  5. I just love him. He's lush.
  6. I'll be drinking my own urine before I stoop that low. I expect it'll be a bit nicer.
  7. Curry out or in? If out, which restaurant?
  8. Glass of Pinot Grigio. Very nice.
  9. Not sure my nerves can stand the play-offs, mind! Kudos to the players and Carlos - amazing in the last 6 games.
  10. Very well put.
  11. YES!
  12. I love Carlos. He's lush.
  13. All this time I never realised it was him screaming whenever we score!
  14. Westwood. Or Semedo because he loves the club so much.
  15. I don't know - the Portuguese are big fans of fish.