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  1. I'm disappointed by tonight's result, of course, but I sort of saw it coming. We're always going to suffer setbacks. We're still in a good position.
  2. Leeds is a city with only one football club. Sheffield arguably has two. Leeds are bound to be "bigger" in some respects.
  3. I was born in the summer of 1958. The closes result was: 26 April, League Division 1 Wednesday 2 - 1 Wolves. Wolves were the league champions that season and we finished bottom and were relegated, so I'm assuming the thrill of my birth a few weeks later won't have lifted my Dad's gloom.
  4. AND the Forest manager, who said the rule was properly observed by the referee.
  5. Here's the thing - I said "Greater Manchester", but I don't actually know the postcodes of these 50,000+ people. I'm sure we have a lot of Wednesday fans whose nearest team is the Blunts - should they be supporting them? The "we support our local team" song is aimed at the many fans Man United have who come from nowhere near Manchester. MY point is that United have thousands more fans who DO support THEIR local team than any other.
  6. I'm a Wednesday fan, born and raised in Derbyshire - not sure what your point is.
  7. At Old Trafford, one thing that makes me wryly amused is to hear about 1000 away supporters sing "We support our local team" - in a crowd of over 75,000, of whom at least 50,000 are definitely from Greater Manchester.
  8. I disliked Man Utd until I started getting taken there several times a season (for free) a few years ago - I was there only last week to see them play Watford. When I'm there, I want them to win and get very caught up in the game. Obviously, Wednesday were playing them I'd want us to stuff Man Utd by as many goals as possible. I'm going to be at the League Cup Final next week - last one of those I attended involved Man Utd 26 years ago, of course...
  9. Correct. It isn't as if players don't know this.
  10. "Our lass" would be more appropriate. "Our kid" is more of a Manc/Scouse expression.
  11. Tee hee!
  12. YES.
  13. YES.
  14. YES.
  15. Showed my Dad the incident today, as he hadn't seen it. Despite the player claiming he "didn't" push the ref (he did and the footage shows he did), despite the ref over-egging it by exaggerating his stumble backwards - the player clearly ran up to the ref to protest (which is now not allowed), clearly did push him with both hands (which is not allowed) and was punished. I am of the view that the ref stumbled backwards to demonstrate exactly why he was going to send the player off.