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  1. That's the best assessment of a radiohead performance I've ever seen. Not a fan myself, just can't see the attraction.
  2. Am I the only one who's enjoying the term "weapons grade bellend"
  3. irvine, is to add drive to the midfield and along with a bit of defensive work.
  4. weve got the fire power, if used correctly. its the supply and defence we need to sure up. just my opinion.
  5. Jackson irvine is a must for me. Then we need that pacy winger. One centre back and we are done I reckon.
  6. Prefer Ayala to Hanley if I personally had a choice. Hanley's wages are eye watering to say the least. Mind you god knows what Ayala is on.
  7. I'll be honest I'm not sure if they make them.that small as my little lad (5 years old) wanted a goalie top and they start at a larger size than that. (Well this year anyhow)
  8. Dear god no.
  9. To be fair that's top notch from the chairman. Good statement.
  10. Yeah, that's probably NOT, going to happen. Well paid, easy league, no stress.
  11. I think we need to move a couple out before we even think about bringing new players. We are player heavy, especially in midfield and attack.
  12. I'd say that's a fair assessment royds. For me nothings felt right tactics wise all season.
  13. Best of luck in the final.
  14. Thought he was the best player on the pitch by miles last night. Tryied to take the game by the scruff of the neck and was pinging balls about. Well played bazza.