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  1. Team for Bolton

    Full strength, we need to progress and need the cash.
  2. Played for Mansfield and Ilkeston town
  3. FF to Brighton

  4. FF to Brighton

    That doesn't suprise me one bit. Odd that problems started when he arrived.
  5. FF to Brighton

    We could really do with cutting a profit on a players or two, if we are to believe the ffp rumours, being stated by the club. FF being probably our most valuable player makes sense financially. However from a playing point of view, he's our most exciting and gifted player, dispite the drama. Totally on the fence personally, we'll just have to wait and see what happens.
  6. Adam Reach

    Yup think we've found our left back. Big Fred and lees in the centre, hunt over on the right. Loovens and hutch to comeback when better.
  7. Tbf I'm happy with the result. Makeshift back line. No ff (who's probably leaving) Played alot better second half. Probably should have nicked it. I'll take that tonight.
  8. Anything could happen in the next 20 mins
  9. So have i, Sunderland scored early, missed lots of easy chances, it's written.
  10. I've got a funny feeling we are going to win this
  11. Apparently Sunderland nearly scored again.
  12. Don't know Twitter gone silent hmmmm.