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  1. I would just like to pass on my sincere condolences. Rip Nigel.
  2. They arnt biased, never have been, to suggest otherwise, is a bit well dim. Utd are getting a bit of extra coverage because, they have finally got promoted. So what? Did you expect the local media to ignore that??
  3. Yay, it's not going as normal get in hooper!!!
  4. So i see the typical Wednesday Vs derby result is on. Uuurrggghh.
  5. Best of luck key, make sure you come back and let us know your ok. As soon as your felling better. The boys at Hillsborough will take care of the rest.
  6. I'd go with Rhodes and hooper. I think we'd be better off managing ff, injury. Then we can unleash him when needed and fully fit.
  7. Me: genius with iffy temperament Player: fessi Attributes: like a French horse, talented but prone to utter mentalist fragility.
  8. Reckon if we can hold on this would set us up. Nicely for the run in. 4 mins to go. (I've said it, if it goes chuff nuggets up, it my fault)
  9. Tbf you've got me there.
  10. The 80's So bad it hurts.
  11. Nope all rubbish. It was ten years of utter tripe. In my opinion anyhow. Then came grunge urrrgggghhhh. Infact it's the bloody 80's fault they chuffing created grunge.
  12. All this fighting is a bit 80's fighting like the music of the 1980's, it's all just a bit rubbish.
  13. You may have crossed the line there sir. To Epic!!