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  1. Our kit suppliers are Onthego Sports

    With Connie. God rest her soul.
  2. Wolves after Jordan Rhodes

    Do you think Wood will struggle at Burnley then?
  3. Burton v Owls live overseas

    I've got ifollow on but it's just a countdown. Do I get Corrie or countdown? Nevermind, I'll get a green un.
  4. Wolves after Jordan Rhodes

    You make some fair points. I can't recall the poster... but he made the point that Wood was allowed to bog line at Leeds.. that ethos would suit Rhodes perfectly. I know the new coach at Leeds wants to play a dynamic 4 3 3 so he wouldn't be looking for a Rhodes type. However, with the players we've got I can't see why Rhodes can't get the ammo here.
  5. Burton v Owls live overseas

    Tell me about it. Just sent the lads home early. Paying out, to zero advantage...and it's Monday. At least we've got the three points.
  6. Wolves after Jordan Rhodes

    " Closing in"
  7. Burton v Owls live overseas

    I'm glad you missed it woodys.. You made me laugh a good deal.
  8. League Cup 3rd Round Draw - 4:15am

    That's the spirit Marvin!
  9. Burton v Owls live overseas

    I want to watch corrie. I'm at home all the time. Is there some way I can access this without using a VPN?
  10. Interesting Run Developing?

    Bowie would disagree.. But he can't...so I am.
  11. Mick Jones to Leeds

    No. But he's the heaviest hitter I've seen outside of Mrs C.
  12. Mick Jones to Leeds

    Ha! Ernie shavers had the heaviest jab. I'm glad you and your mum are going strong.
  13. Official everything is great thread

    Take no notice of the daft tvvat.
  14. Boyd and Hunt

    Yes, near stoneybridge.