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  1. He was responding to the fact that your post involved your continuous criticism of Rhodes. It's also why I negged you..But you know all of this.
  2. That's not what he's responded to and you know it.
  3. I see. My misunderstanding on your post. I don't think Mcgugan will be playing serious football again, never mind break teams down.
  4. Going from Leeds to Mansfield in double quick time. Might have something to do with the fact he went for a tom t*t during an important game.
  5. Yeah it's pathetic, you don't get that kind of problem at our place.
  6. One op I thought I'd never see.
  7. You should have took one.
  8. We need to beat these or you can forget automatic promotion.
  9. The argument does work for keepers. Premier league forwards are deadly accurate, fast and decisive.
  10. I've just had another amazing salad.
  11. That was no good. You want experts putting in hours of crosses. No wonder he didn't improve.
  12. And that bloke off the cillit bang adverts.
  13. As a player,. He's absolutely nothing like Jones or Semedo.
  14. The Fulham game tells you all you need to know about him.
  15. Thanks for that. So it's in the player's hands once the bid is triggered. I see now.