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  1. Ron did go heavy on the tanning lotion at times.
  2. We're just hearing a score report coming in...... Owlstalk 3.…
  3. 10 minutes to get your silly replies into a an obvious blade..then the spamming is over.
  4. Stale and predictable, like the tesco bakery.
  5. I'm not a doctor.. perhaps sax could help. I cut my fingernails on valentine's day. I chased a bogey up my nose but failed due to the nail trimming. I think it's at the top or going down the other side. My nails have grown since and I'll spend the international break trying again.
  6. Could he do a job for us? Looks like he's got all the attributes etc..
  7. Shameless.
  8. That can't really be you cos it's nighttime now.. you silly sausage.
  9. In Canada I had a Denaby en croute...with cheese.
  10. Brilliant combination.
  11. It certainly looks the part Steve. Does it deliver?
  12. Don't worry. He'll soon get sick of his threads getting buried. There's 20,000 of us..and only one of him.
  13. No. What are we looking at with this one?
  14. I see Tottenham are having a deli alley.