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  1. You sir are a F**tard
  2. Westwood Hunt Lees/Sasso Loovens Fox McManaman Abdi Jones Forestieri Rhodes Winnall
  3. Any good pal?
  4. lucky one
  5. He's always involved in the game and seems to be constantly pulling the strings in midfield
  6. He's a powerful, commanding, ball winning, chance creating midfield general, got an absolute beast of a left foot, scores screamers and can curl a free kick into the top corner from just about anywhere in the final third of the field plus the bulk of Winnall's goals this season have come from Hourihane assists. (I'm a steward at Barnsley and have seen all the home games this season and last)
  7. It's looking like we're going to get the lower lepp
  8. try here http://www.fulhamfc.com/first-team/2016_2017/league/home/sheffield-wednesday#photogallery
  9. Yeah, I was having a conversation with him before the match, when I asked how the recovery was going he said that he should be back for the Wolves game on the 2nd, he's been doing light fitness work in training for the last week or so and should step it up to ball work this week.
  10. He told me himself at the Barnsley match he was out for another 2 weeks
  11. Should be back for Wolves apparently
  12. Barnsley. I work with loads of dingles and would love to be able to take the wee wee at work
  13. OH, Steven Fletcher's magic, he wears a magic hat, he could have signed for Norwich but he said no roger that, He'd rather play for Carlos in the famous Blue and White, and when we win promotion we'll sing this song all night