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  1. Cnuntbothroyd
  2. Think he's had singing lessons of our lass.
  3. I want twenty of these for the next time the stadium floods we'll make a killing renting them out.
  4. Rangers
  5. Any more of these penguin and you'll be singing .....with the fishes.
  6. Used to love working there used to make everthing from fresh even bread and deserts my first job every morning
  7. The medetaranian resturant on sharrow vale rd used to be good when i worked there as a chef, not sure now as it has changed hands.
  8. Apart from the iomtt i fecking hate this time of year i think im hibernating until the start of the season some these treads good god.
  9. I dont know whether i need a physio or a tissue but ive just pulled something
  10. Both i hope
  11. It was my life in the late 70s to 2005 home and away then it lost its shine a bit for me, it still makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up when i walk in and see the pitch but due to severe ill health and not working for 4yrs i cant aford to go at the moment hopefully i'll get another season ticket at some point.
  12. Used to have a full copy of bostock cup on dvd lent it some sod and never got it back, call me bertie big b@#$#*ks its a fine
  13. Carlos Carlos Carlos Carlos Bertie masson