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  1. Oh… Ross Wallace is magic, He wears a magic hat, And if you bring a note on pitch he’ll say I’m having that, He scores them with his left foot, He scores them with his right, And when we win promotion, we’ll sing this song all night!
  2. Booked two weeks off as I'll hopefully be celebrating us winning promotion in Benalmadena with a crying Leeds fan.
  3. I think either Leeds or Fulham will drop points at the weekend. If the above happens and we win against Derby, then that gives us two shots at securing a play off place. Who would have thought we'd be in this position only a few weeks ago?
  4. I'd like to know: SAG issue - What is Hillsborough's capacity according to SAG? Why do we suddenly have restrictions on attendance this season? What has changed? Ground Concerns - Is the above due to concerns regarding the safety of the ground? If so, what plans are in place to bring the ground back up to scratch? Will the plans only be put into action should we get promoted? Ground Developments - Are there any ground redevelopments happening over the summer? Can we find out more about the planned Leppings Lane end work? Kit - Do we have a supplier? Will it be blue & white stripes? Have we got a design (for the home kit) sorted? Merchandise - The level and quality of stock in the club shop is appalling. What plans are in place to improve this? What changes has Joe Palmer already overseen and how does he intend to improve the commercial and corporate strategy of the club in the future? Ticketing Structure - Will the current structure remain next season?
  5. He was having a feud with the twitter account ffs. Tom Pope is a perfect example of the typical put-down style of humour footballers are renowned for; 'banter'. Not content with being a professional footballer, he craves to be known as the 'king of banter' by his peers. He'll no doubt say 'it was just banter' to explain his recent mindless and offensive behaviour on Twitter to the FA. While he probably think it's acceptable to say that he'd love to knock out a fellow professional in the self-policing environment of a football changing room, it isn't something you can get away with saying on social media. Obviously his brain struggles to grasp this and he's now resorting to personal insults to anyone who dares challenge his behaviour.
  6. Remember the Bridge Inn from last time we played them and someone pulled the Sheff U scarf down and set it on fire...landlord wasn't very happy!
  7. Talking of disastrous fashion tastes from the 80s... Did anyone see the lad at the front of our stand wearing a Burberry shirt and a Burberry hat? Surely had it on for a dare?
  8. As someone who has criticised him in the past, I echo what other people have already said in that it was his best performance in a Wednesday shirt on Saturday. Hope he can kick on and add some consistency to his game.
  9. Which Yorkshire minnows hate us more? Barnsley or Rotherham? Don't think anything will ever top 9k Millers fans purchasing and waving a load of inflatable pink pigs only for us to score two in the last minute to win it. Probably the most cringeworthy thing I've ever witnessed at a football match, with Evans celebrating what he thought was a last minute winner a close second.
  10. Can we relocate them outside the ground? Turned the England match off the other night after hearing them play 'on our way' for 20 minutes straight.
  11. Still got mine somewhere in the loft. It's a bit battered though.
  12. Undecided at the minute. For me, his job is safe as long as he secures a top 6 finish - which I think he'll achieve unless someone below us starts putting a run together.
  13. So you're either a happy clapper or a moaner? What if you're in between? Like myself. I don't criticise performances or the team just because we've lost one game, but lately my frustrations have increased because I've witnessed too many lackluster performances across a number of games. I've not gone to the extent of tweeting players and/or the manager to tell them how bad they've been, but I'll mention it to my mates over a pint and put my views across on here. Being content with recent performances just because we've had 20 years of drivel is asking to be left behind. As a club we have rapidly evolved since Chansiri purchased us and turned us into promotion contenders, and it's time we matched Chansiri's ambitions and stop looking back. Carlos' job is safe while we are in the top 6; that's the minimum requirement for this season and I can't see Chansiri pulling the trigger unless we drastically fall behind. My view is that we'll get to the Premiership in the not too distance future if Chansiri keeps investing the way he is, but the jury is still out on whether Carlos is the man to deliver the dream.
  14. ANYTHING is better than what we currently have. I imagine this banner will be similar to what's currently on the Kop? It's a low-cost solution and is probably a good indicator on where Chansiri see's the club in the future, i.e moving to a new stadium.
  15. No wonder people bash us Wednesdayites with the arrogant stick with threads like this.