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  1. Netting off the entire South and North stand to prepare for the visit of 15 Millwall fans next season on a Tuesday night.
  2. Can someone tell me why all football league clubs have to use the same web platform?
  3. Still undecided on Carlos but the below doesn’t convince me that replacing him is the way forward. David Wagner – unlikely with teams like Dortmund sniffing around him, but he’d be my number 1 choice. Nigel Pearson – more realistic and obviously a SWFC legend. Uwe Rosler – really impressed with what he’s done with Fleetwood. Aitor Karanka – got Middlesbrough up but is he really any different to Carlos? Roy Keane – couldn’t think of anyone else. Probably only Wagner and Pearson on that list that I’d be happy with.
  4. Alan had a dream...
  5. I hope that, given a full season, Reach can live up to his price tag and show us what he can do. At the minute, I’m struggling to see his potential. It’s like Carlos (or whoever is in charge of recruitment) has a set mould of what a winger should be like. Top priority for me would be to sign at least one pacey winger. It gives us an alternative option and you only have to look at teams like Fulham, Reading and Huddersfield to see their worth. Technical wingers like Wallace and Reach are nice to have, but a winger with pace and acceleration, enough to get the ball past the defender to deliver a crucial cross, is what we are crying out for.
  6. Is this a wind up? Champions League to Championship.
  7. I've always said I just haven't been to Bolton enough times...
  8. The way Huddersfield played quietened the crowd - exactly what Wagner said he was going to do pre-match. There were times when it was rocking, but it wasn't consistent like last year against Brighton. The reason for that? Excitement and was replaced with nerves and expectation. The Kop for Huddersfield's first penalty was intimidating, then after we missed the nerves set in and it was like we'd just accepted it wasn't going to be our night.
  9. Restricted view seats on the Kop not sold. End of North not sold. Lower West had rows of empty seats. Surely something has to be done for next season? I'd be absolutely fuming if I missed last night's game because I couldn't get a ticket because it was 'sold out' and then found out we had 5K + empty seats in the ground.
  10. No meltdown from me as we didn't deserve to win. Simple as that. I also walked away last night questioning if we are ready for the Premiership anyway. You look at teams like Hull and Boro coming straight back down and although having the parachute payments would be nice, I'd rather us build a squad capable of fighting relegation in the Premiership. If we have to bide our time to get it right then I'm willing to wait - it will be all the more sweeter when we do go up. How do we get there? I don't know. How do we get there? I don't care. All i know Wednesday's on their waaaaayy.
  11. I'm on the fence so don't agree or disagree regarding giving Carlos another season. Although I just can't see the link between us and Brighton. After their play-off defeat last season you'd struggle to find anyone not tipping them for promotion for the following season... can the same be said for us? Brighton made subtle additions to their squad. Would one or two additions to our current squad make us top 2 challenges?
  12. Brighton have an identity and style of play which they've stuck to. Carlos abandoned his this season and it's like starting from scratch again next season. I'm on the fence at the minute but I certainly wouldn't say we are emulating what Brighton have achieved.
  13. Ran his socks off last night and I thought his tracking back and defensive work was outstanding. Didn't look confident for his penalty but can't knock him for missing.
  14. I'm also still trying to get my head around why Nuhiu was brought on over Winnall last night. I'm not saying it would have changed the outcome of the game, but I think it perfectly sums up Carlos' tactics over the two legs. Nuhiu spent more time in our box defending than he did at the other end of the pitch. It's the story of our season for me - worrying about what the other team are going to do.
  15. There's a reason big European giants like Borussia Dortmund are keeping tabs on Wagner. He was the difference between the two sides for me. Also agree that Mooy is different class. He was the catalyst in Wagner's game plan and dictated the tempo of both games.