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  1. No idea what you just said.
  2. I'd say Fletcher found some form at the back end DESPITE poor service not because of good service. All 5 strikers (if you're including forestieri) have underperformed in terms of goals for good chunks of the season
  3. Hopefully Chansiri has picked up on a bit of negativity around the style of play and "suggested" that Carlos should change his style a bit. Then again Carlos doesn't seem to be the sort to have it imposed on him
  4. How come there's very few season reviews on youtube for the 00's ? The promotion season 05/06 (?) is there, and maybe 02/03, but all the rest are missing. Was there no DVD's released for these years ?
  5. There was plenty of team spirit last night, we battled but the quality wasn't there.
  6. We're full of mercenaries now. It's all relative, the likes of Forestieri, Fletcher,, Hooper, Rhodes etc would be nowhere near us without the new money. If we don't want to become a midtable Premier league team then why bother at all
  7. As a non season ticket holder I've never felt as detached from the club to be fair. £49 is disgraceful, and so is £36 midweek against the likes of Brentford. Done about 7 games home and away this season, it would have been more than 10 but I'm not paying those prices
  8. No you won't. You'll get bored on 10 minutes after another sideways pass and it'll be like a morgue. Could be wrong like
  9. I just can't see Rhodes (or any player) scoring many with this set-up. And it's not just that Wigan were up for it, nonsense, that's how we're playing generally. Ultimately lack of goals will cost us, as it nearly did tonight when a very poor Wigan stepped it up in the last 20 minutes
  10. Because no season ticket holder would ever go to the toilet, buy a pie or moan.
  11. He's priced the Huds game also at C. Seems to be the new norm. Pity but if he wants to milk the fans its up to him
  12. I'm up there, not denying it
  13. I'm a big un. Fattest you've seen at games ? Discuss
  14. 3 home games on the trot at category D and non of them what you would call attractive fixtures. Not sure how they can justify those prices
  15. Lot of bellends follow Wednesday, especially away from home. All this "we'll do what we want" b*llocks, smashing up toilets etc. And they all dress up in £300 jumpers to do it, bless em