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  1. Swfc fans cars being broke into

    Nowt new round there, my car got nicked years ago during the match, Leeds at home when Chris Eagles scored
  2. Could have a good guess.
  3. Do you think an improvement of 7 places between Gray leaving (zero funds), and Carlos taking over (10m in 1st season) is good value for money? Imagine what Gray could have done
  4. Steering group meeting

    Int that what I said at end of post ? Wouldn't say its negative for the sake of it, not been too much positive about Wednesday since Huddersfield
  5. Steering group meeting

    Nonsense, you're talking about folk who've followed Wednesday all their life. If they don't like summat they're going to say it. Did the ones against any criticism sit by clapping under Irvine for example? Not a great deal wrong at Wednesday but if folk are paying top dollar don't expect them to sit there if they don't like summat. And tweeting the club/players is wrong, goes without saying
  6. Mulgrew

    More like Bonnie tyler
  7. Matchday Ticket Prices Frozen

    £35 seemed to be the new norm last season. Surely they can't milk it any higher. Talking north stand here by the way
  8. Carlos needs to take the shackles off. Reach for example, it seemed like he was holding back last season, and I'm sure he's a decent player, got to put it down to the instructions he's been given.
  9. The Owlstalk Myth

    No idea what you just said.
  10. The Owlstalk Myth

    I'd say Fletcher found some form at the back end DESPITE poor service not because of good service. All 5 strikers (if you're including forestieri) have underperformed in terms of goals for good chunks of the season
  11. will carlos change his style.......

    Hopefully Chansiri has picked up on a bit of negativity around the style of play and "suggested" that Carlos should change his style a bit. Then again Carlos doesn't seem to be the sort to have it imposed on him
  12. How come there's very few season reviews on youtube for the 00's ? The promotion season 05/06 (?) is there, and maybe 02/03, but all the rest are missing. Was there no DVD's released for these years ?
  13. Something rotten in the state of S6

    There was plenty of team spirit last night, we battled but the quality wasn't there.
  14. Is the premier league so bad?

    We're full of mercenaries now. It's all relative, the likes of Forestieri, Fletcher,, Hooper, Rhodes etc would be nowhere near us without the new money. If we don't want to become a midtable Premier league team then why bother at all
  15. Lower Leppings lane for Home Fans

    As a non season ticket holder I've never felt as detached from the club to be fair. £49 is disgraceful, and so is £36 midweek against the likes of Brentford. Done about 7 games home and away this season, it would have been more than 10 but I'm not paying those prices