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  1. Next season is always the most important one, you great big galaa!
  2. Would have slightly eased the pain, had it been after our relegation and their promotion. With it being prior to both these things, it didn't ease my pain.
  3. Things. Even now. (Well an hour since now)
  4. Will try to, this is what I'm telling myself 1 save money not having to go to that London on a bank holiday 2 We will win more games in the Championship 3 We won't be in a relegation fight 4 Our season ticket cost less per match than if were in the PL 5 Return of the Sheffield Derby (ok this might not be a good thing) 6 We will finish above Sheffield United next season 7 We will go up sooner or later 8 Championship is mainly a Northern League next season and we will still have plenty of big games 9 your not a Blade 10 The Premier League is poo without us. Hope that helps, off to cry myself to sleep now UTO!
  5. We had the best squad out of the 4, but Carlos decided he wanted to defend. The fact we never even tried to win at Huddersfield pissed me off. I said at the time it could comeback to haunt us and it has. They had a 2nd string keeper in the net 1st leg and we never tested him. We needed to be more positive and imo have blown a great opportunity tonight/Sunday. But we have improved year on year for 7 years now, with Chansiri at the helm we will get there sooner or later. Just would have preferred it have been this year. UTO!
  6. Stop taking the hallucagenic drugs and hopefully those things will stop happening.
  7. 1st of all let me say im not a happy clapper but if we can rediscover last year's attacking dynamism and weld it together with this year's resolute defending, we would walk the League next year. The difficulty is finding that balance. Last year we looked like we could rip teams apart but also on occasions looked very frail defensively (Bristol City away being a prime example). This season apart from Burton away, we have never looked like conceding many goals in any games, but equally haven't looked like scoring many in most games (Norwich excepted). Carlos has shown he is adept at both sides of the game, I think he deserves another year to try to find the balance between attack and defence. However if after the first 6-10 games we are not producing the goods and still look slow and lack lustre going forward it may be time for a parting of the ways. I don't think the 3 teams coming down look as strong as the 3 last year did. Yes they could all be around the playoff places, but last year with Newcastle it was basically 1 automatic place already gone. Yes there are other clubs who will be strong next year, but they will all be looking at us and thinking we have a great squad and worrying about us. Finally I know we are all disappointed tonight but 3 years since we were over the moon to have a midtable finish and not be involved in a relegation fight. Look how far we have come since then, I for one don't think Mr Chansiri will rest until we are back in the PL I don't know how or when we will get there, but it is my firm belief, sooner or later we will do it. When we do all this pain will be worth it. Keep the faith. The future is still bright it is still our blue and white. UTO WAWAW WTID!
  8. Didn't care who won, we are capable of beating (or losing) against all of them. Let's concentrate on beating Huddersfield tomorrow, lets not get ahead of ourselves eh. I do think we have the strongest squad on paper, but we have to show it on the pitch. My feeling is this is our year, everything feels right and what a way it would be to celebrate our 150the year. Buts let's take 1 game at a time, won't matter that Reading got through if we don't do the business tomorrow Let's show the players what it means to us tomorrow, think they will rise to our support and think all of them who were at Wembley last year, think they still owe it to us after last years show of support after being beaten in the final. UTO!
  9. Agree for a city of your size you have good support, it has been very good for Huddersfield both at home and away this season. However if you are coming to Hillsborough tomorrow, you will see the difference between genuine passionate support and the plastic "ultra" manufactured support Huddersfield have had this season. As for the game itself, it could go either way, but I think we will win (sure you do to). Either way hope whoever wins tomorrow(preferably us) goes on to gain promotion. Think both clubs would be a breath of fresh air to the PL, unlike both boring non descript southern clubs.
  10. I like this thread.
  11. Let's wait till the match, then sing what feels right as the games developing. We don't need a songsheet like Palace. The atmosphere will take care of itself dependant on what's happening on the pitch.
  12. Newcastle, then Villa, then Leeds all averaged over 3k away
  13. That's the average crowd at away matches. Not the average away support. We are 4th in the average away support, with an average just below 2.5k, slightly down on last years numbers