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  1. Just don't go if you don't like it, but stop banging on about it, others will go and probably enjoy themselves. You've made your opinion known now, so just leave it at that, ranting about bigoted this, bigoted that won't change anything we will play Rangers and they will bring thousands, you make your choice either go or don't. I respect your opinion but your like a Jeehovahs witness trying to push it on others who maybe don't share your opinion. Just let it go.
  2. Went to both the friendly at Hillsborough and Durrants testimonial at Ibrox, drank in the Rangers supporters club up there and went to the Jubilee club and drunk with 1000s of Rangers fans for the Hillsborough match, both times I found the Rangers support a happy, friendly bunch. You were already my preferred Scottish club but this and the exceptional display of colour, noise and passion your fans produced last time at Hillsborough has cemented that. I for one can't wait for Sunday to again have a drink with you lot and then see the atmosphere that 10k plus of you will produce, if others choose not to go it is there loss. WAWAW WATP
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  5. To add to that, I believe the penalties he missed were against the same team, but in separate matches (again my memory could be wrong)
  6. Only when playing against Luton though. Little known fact(if my memory is right, it maybe rounduns) he only took 5 penalties for us, missing both his 1st and last penalty, only ever scored a penalty in 1 game just happened he scored 3 of em in it.
  7. Last ones Patsy ? Current and 90s Gemmima ? Duck. Current Pamela ? 90s ? Smith 90s Beatrix ? 2000s Patricia ? 80s Rosemary (wicked *****) 80s
  8. Can't sleep hoping this helps, both current players Jessica Frances, Sammy and gypsy Rose
  9. Man's name but Stan Laurel and Ollie Varadi
  10. Heard of him, but haven't seen him. Forestieri stinky flaps? That said Forestieri C U Next Tuesday. Bloody swear filter.
  11. Nickname for Inter City Owl coaches. No ale, just pop, crisps and fruit gums. Might be a saying for the older uns, used to hear it regularly 25 years ago. "Are you going on train, booze bus, in car or wi fruit gum?" It was always a last resort to go with said "fruit gum"
  12. I have to work either Saturday or Sunday, as a football fan I opt for working Sundays so I can go to the football. Season hasn't even kicked off yet and I have now requested 4 holiday days on a Sunday due to football and that's only until 1st October. (3 home matches I don't want to miss on a Sunday and Preston away for Weekend wee wee up in Blackpool). Don't know whether I will get em all as they don't like us to have too many Weekends off. It's about time SYP and Sky TV stopped Fmucking about with football and give us our Saturday 3pm matches back. End of Rant.
  13. No, club don't want to upset current season ticket holders who sit in the North Stand. (Not sure why it's happened at many other clubs) Chansiri wants to split West Stand but that is not viable at the moment either due to the configuration of toilets, bars etc. Looks like top, bottom or both of West is still the only place at the moment. Obviously Rangers match is an exception as there will be huge demand for tickets from them, but alot less interest than a normal game from us.
  14. Tenner bet to charity, that they sell out?
  15. Don't think there will be anybody "tugging themselves stupid" however if you mean the majority of over 50s who remember IRA attacks on mainland Britain, preferring Rangers over the pro IRA Celtic I agree, a few of the comments on here against Rangers are remarkably cringeworthy to say the least. Ps before anyone comments to the contrary, I'm not a sectarian Bigot and wouldn't mind a visit from Celtic either, I just by far prefer the more friendly blue half of Glasgow (a bit like Sheffield really)