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  1. Will it be China or USA? Need to know so I can get a grand on it. Just hope I'm still around to enjoy my winnings in 2038.
  2. Glad you did mate. Suppose it was a bit like us winning the Rumbelows cup in 91, we would have preffered it to have been the FA cup, but it was still a fantastic day for all Owls there and we finally got to see our first trophy in 56 years. Same thing you for you lot I'm guessing, 1st trophy in what 105 years? (Not counting any minor league titles) I'm sure you would have preffered a bigger trophy, but as that is highly unlikely, you take what you can get are thankful for it and thoroughly enjoy it as I'm sure all Barnsley fans did. Still hope you get hammered on Saturday though.
  3. Brilliant! Reminds me of only fools and horses, Trotters Independent Traders, but obviously droopier.
  4. So it is one of the rarest then?
  5. You obviously can't translate from err "dingle" to "Deedar". They obviously thought you wanted to use the leisure centres facilities. When they said you "tha carnt goint theer, cos wedding" They actually meant you "can't go in there because Wednesday are in". You should have made it clear you were Wednesday fans wanting a drink and not Dingle Joe Public wanting a swim. ☺
  6. Do you not think this maybe the reason Newcastle's allocation was so small? Surprised they upped it to 3.1k, guessing the side bit near the North stand will have the netting removed, to be replaced with netting/empty seats on the 1st 4 or 5 rows of seats.
  7. I thought I had been to that match and we won 2-0, wasn't sure if I had dreamt it because I kept hearing and reading how Barnsley had battered us. I was exceptonally relieved to pick up the next days paper and find we had indeed won 2-0. A similar performance and result would do for me. Think it will be very tough though, our opponents often seem much more up for these type of games than us, even when the match is more important to us in the bigger picture.
  8. Most of the one's I remember have already been mentioned, glad someone else remembers Sheridan's against pigs in zenith data though I must admit, they way I recalled it he had beaten an extra 3 men in a mazy run, prior to rocketing it in from 30 yards, memory playing tricks or was that just how I wanted to recall it? Can I add Hirst away at Newcastle relegation 6 pointer holding on desperately to a 2-1 win about a minute left, ball goes out to Hirst on righthand touchline, run it into corner we all think, Hirst has other ideas, cuts inside (past 14 defenders) and drills shot (from 45 yards) into top corner, as only Hirst could. Absolute bedlam in away end, quality and importance of goal stick in my mind. (May have embellished it a little bit though!). Seem to remember Dean Barrick scoring a screamer at Anfield which was overshadowed by a heavy defeat. Also one particular JJ screamer at Hillsborough which nearly ripped the top corner of the net out at Leppings lane end, but can't remember who against and a Trevor Francis curler into top corner of net at Kop (again can't remember who against but may have been Bristol Rovers). Plus too many more to mention although all our goals are great, some are more special than others. Forgot Mathias at Leeds last season absolutely great technique.
  9. Jesus, you're hard work, that was 70 years ago, Blackpool were also a huge club back then. Things have changed, that was pre Munich, like it or not that sad event actually had a massive positive effect on the support of Man Utd. They gained millions of overseas fans and lots of British outer Manchester support. That was probably the start of Man Utd becoming the massive club they now are. Add in players like Charlton, Best, Beckham, Ronaldo etc who were all world renowned players and personalities all bringing in more and more overseas supporters. They have also won 2 European cups, 21? League titles, over a dozen F A cups, plus plenty of League cups and charity Shields. Their average home attendances are 3 times ours and they have more so called "supporters" in China alone, than we have worldwide. Yes we have potential to be a bigger club than we are, regularly filling a 40k stadium, but be the same as Man Utd? Give over. You can suggest I'm small minded, but I would suggest you are either on the wind up, severely deluded or know nothing about football. I really hope no Blades are reading your comments as it would only add fuel to their argument that we are deluded, arrogant idiots. Which other than a few certainly isn't true. I personally would like to see us become a similar sized clubs to West Ham, Sunderland, Everton etc again, but we have lost so much ground over the last 20 years, I fear this will be very difficult too. UTO!
  10. I agree we are capable of pulling 35 to 40k in the Premier League, so something definetly needs doing with regards to the current ground restrictons/capacity. However to claim we are/can be of equal size to Manchester United is ridiculous and makes you look stupid. Remember Dave Richards saying something similar 25 years since, it wasn't true then and the gap has only widened since. These people saying we have never had the same crowds as Sunderland, West Ham and Everton are either youngsters other have selective memories. We had the fourth highest average in the country in 91/92 season with just below 30k, most teams were around 20-25k average then. If they can all grow so much, why can't we? Just shows how much getting relegated when we did affected us. Just prior to the sky Tv/Premier League boom and no parachute payments back then. If, no when we get back to the Premier League demand for tickets would by far outweigh our currente capacity, 40k minimum would be needed (add another 5 to 10k for 4 or 5 of the bigger matches).
  11. Good fella, we can all get a bit carried away after a frustrating nights like yesterday, so know where you were coming from. But it takes a big man to admit their error, respect you for that pal.
  12. Going from none league to championship inside 10 years, beating teams like Derby, Wednesday etc, instead of playing forest Green, Hednesford, Southport, etc. 1000% increase in home crowds and probably more in away support. Yes, I can imagine being a Burton fan, great times for the club, their best side ever, equivalent of us winning the Champions league. Think it may be slight sour grapes. From my perspective, we should be beating Burton, but from theirs fantastic result and fantastic times. Hope it continues for them, glad there is still some romance in football and it's not all about money. Been ill today, so not been to match today, but result is very disappointing after Saturdays performance although as an Owl of 30 years it doesn't come as a surprise. Think sometimes we have to give our opponents credit though. Look at where they have come from, great for them and football in general.
  13. Oh yes, obviously, you must be, why else would you not know the words,(or need confirmation) to 2 of our most known songs?
  14. England and Wales fans were better than that in Lens. They do get great support though, cities population is 30k and I'm pretty certain I read somewhere that their average crowd was also around 30k. The day of the England Wales game there was more brits in the city than the population of the city, it was a fantastic atmosphere with not a hint of trouble. Tidy stadium especially for a city so small, have some great memories of Lens.
  15. Conference side was highly unlikely to make FA Cup quarter finals too. Move along nothing to, really? Hold on then.