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  1. Nothing to do with the Leeds debate, but think this shows how the timing of our demise has affected us, other than us, Blades, Leeds and Forest (the clubs who have spent a while outside the PL) all the other "big" clubs average attendances have grown by at least 50%, with many growing by over 100%, ours has held up well all things considered, but had we stayed in the PL during the sky tv/football boom years and our growth continued in line with other similar sized clubs, we would have had to either move to larger stadium or (preferably) have extended the capacity of Hillsborough to keep up with the demand of our supporters. Hopefully we are finally on our way back and will be able to compete with some of these clubs who think they overtaken us and left us behind very soon.
  2. Quite contrary to that for me, ayresome park 3 times, 2 wins in league, and I think a draw in league cup and Riverside once, a draw but 1st time we scored there and 1st time we didn't lose there. Think I have got lucky up there, same with Reading only been once and it was our 2-0 win, usually get nothing down there either.
  3. Great post mate.
  4. Only shed tears at football twice, a hidden one or two in car on way home after 1983 semi final as a 13 year old, then quite openly at millenium for a few seconds wishing my dad was still around to be there with me. I know without question I would openly bawl my eyes out if we moved from Hillsborough, think I would be holding onto you trying not to let anyone drag me/us out ofor the ground. Bet there's a lot more who would feel the same. Swfc is part of me, and nothing defines Swfc like Hillsborough, a part of me would die if we ever moved. Could understand why and would still go, but for me Hillsborough means Swfc.
  5. Forgot about another 2 for me. I went about 6 times without success, then got a "free do" courtesy of candy to see Liverpool lose at Anfield for the first time against bleeding Wimbledon. A few more visits before I finally got to see us win there. Then there was a long time curse at another ground, I'm not sure how often I had been there without seeing us win a competitive match (but is was too often) before Spurr and Tudgay finally broke a 50 year? wait to win at Bramall lane. Couldn't pick a worse ground to have a hoodoo at than there, but the scenes when we finally did it (and completed the double) will live with me forever.
  6. Never got much at Shrewsbury too, if my memory serves me right, never been myself though. Endured defeats at Highbury on many occasions and also Pride Park, did see us win and draw at Baseball ground though, both in our way to Wembley. Donny is a funny one, think we never lost at Belle Vue, but never get anything (even a goal) at the keepmoat.
  7. The old all standing Leppings Lane, looks immense, probably 1st pictures I have seen of it in its full glory. Must have held thousands, good job SAG weren't around in those days. Was probably still safe then, due to fact there was no fencing until 70s/80s.
  8. You mean you're grades are total bullocks, made up, a fiction of your imagination. Why do you find the need to call anyone who disagrees with you a sexual deviant, when you know nothing about them. (Even though you spell it wrong). Anyway I digress, some of your points are valid, it is great to have the club, chairman, manager, team and fans all pulling together in the same direction, as it often felt last season, but it isn't always like that. The question is, is it down to the team to raise the fans, or the fans to raise the team. There isn't a definitive answer, a bit of both helps. You state that creating a good atmosphere will gain us promotion, this isn't true as last years playoff final showed. We couldn't have produced a better atmosphere but the players weren't able to respond on that occasion. However I agree a good atmosphere would generally help the players, we do need to get behind them, especially when things aren't looking good, too many of us are quick to get on the players backs when they need us the most, let's try and be supportive and make Hillsborough the fortress it should be.If both us (The fans) and them (the players) give everything from now till the season ends we will have a chance, let's do that and see where it takes us. Ps I'm no super fan, telling everyone what to do, I just believe we will have a better chance if we are all pulling together in the same direction. UTO!!
  9. Looks like Barnsley and Rotherham about 2014.
  10. I'm on minimum wage, have a house, a car, a 2 year daughter to pay for, I have been to Elland Road on many occasions, it's live on TV. Nowadays I select the away matches I attend, any on Tv I will not be going to (play offs apart, depending on pts) Hope this is a good enough for you. BTW I agree our numbers to Leeds have been poor since the Kirkland incident, but I don't feel the need to question why people aren't going, if they want to go they will, if they don't want to or for whatever reasons are unable to they won't UTO!
  11. Can I put in my vote for the next 3 games, injuries or suspended apart it will be Hutchinson like the last 5 or 6 games. Carrying us at the moment, only Westwood anywhere near him. Lots of others well below par, massive improvements needed if we are to get where we want to be.
  12. With only 1 tunnel. Anybody know when the other (near North stand) was added. Would imagine that was quite a job.
  13. Parts of that terracing are still there, I work as a turnstile operator, you can still see the old terracing from the offices underneath the west stand.
  14. Genuine question, is there many Owls in Huddersfield? Other than town fans would have thought Man Utd and Leeds had large support there, but what about us.
  15. Yes only 3k to Newcastle, only 4.3k to Preston and only 32k sell out for Wolves at home. Very poor, in fact tinpot. I personally can't wait, should be a great atmosphere UTO!!