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  1. Oh yes, obviously, you must be, why else would you not know the words,(or need confirmation) to 2 of our most known songs?
  2. England and Wales fans were better than that in Lens. They do get great support though, cities population is 30k and I'm pretty certain I read somewhere that their average crowd was also around 30k. The day of the England Wales game there was more brits in the city than the population of the city, it was a fantastic atmosphere with not a hint of trouble. Tidy stadium especially for a city so small, have some great memories of Lens.
  3. Conference side was highly unlikely to make FA Cup quarter finals too. Move along nothing to, really? Hold on then.
  4. Fully deserved it after what they did to Sam/Albert, Women and kids and many others that day. Seem to remember alot of Wednesday fans stopped travelling to Man Utd for a few years after that match, in much the same way as many stopped visiting Leeds post Kirkland match.
  5. The very same, though we always know him as Sam. Known him for years, still not sure what his proper name is. Mind you don't think he does himself sometimes. (-;
  6. Remember it well, was going to go to the match with him, can't remember why but ended up on a coach from Stocksbridge, remember getting back to Hillsborough and somebody saying he had been 2hatted, we all laughed not knowing how serious it was. Hasn't put him off, still often see him pissed as a fart at matches nowadays.
  7. Sam/Albert from Stannington?
  8. Interesting fact that.
  9. Have you not been reading this thread? As Holmes says some of his and your FACTS arent FACTS, they're wrong, therefore they're fiction. The FACT that you think our away support is poor, is also a fiction of your imagination, it is about where it should be, in FACT fourth largest in the league, behind 3 clubs averaging over 3k which is exceptional for this league (possibly the 1st time 3 clubs have averaged over 3k in this league) and will end up on par with our averages over the last 30 years. However you look at it FACT is our away support is quiet easily larger than 20 other clubs in our league plus all the other clubs in the leagues below us and plenty of clubs in the league above. At the moment our club are in FACT the 26th best team in the country but our away support is in FACT much higher than 26th and that is a FACT. Bored with playing the FACT game now, that much is a FACT
  10. Yes, I did. No zimmer frames thrown or seen, so believe it was the North Stand lads and nothing to do with the South Stand saga army.
  11. In fairness just because swfc developed from a cricket club doesn't mean you have to like cricket. I mean sufc developed because of swfc so they too are part of our history, but I f in hate them.
  12. Born into a Wednesday family. Dad, Grandad and great Grandad all Owls. Dad took me from about 4 yrs old, then got fortunate in that all my school mates were also Owls. Especially my best mate, whose Dad happened to be a scout for the club. He got us both free season tickets from about 12 year old till 16 year old. Now got a 2 yr old daughter, although she doesn't know it yet she too will be an Owl. She's already been 7 times (including today) and has a record of 5 wins and 2 draws. Doesn't matter how you become part of this great family once your in it, it has you forever.
  13. Did see 2 or 3 of em get a good hiding (actual punches thrown) on Leppings Lane after the match, real fair fight about 30 onto 3. Don't even think it was the lads being dicks in ground either.
  14. Really? Bet they're the best, would you care to explain how she makes em?
  15. That's even worse, than "she knew he was a keeper" We have some comedians on here, most of em aren't trying to be though!