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  1. Don't think it's Carlos's. Got his signature and looks nothing like that.
  2. May be a good fit for 1 of a back 3 though. Has a bit of pace and can bring the ball out. Doubt we will play that system though but he could cover as the tackler in centre mid if Hutch is out.
  3. Not really talking about where we've come from just where we are now and trying to put into perspective. But as you say it is a matter of opinion. Yes, agree Sturrock, Gray and Laws achieved good things but also remember the stick they got for their style of play, especially Gray.
  4. Really can't believe we are having this poll. I appreciate CC may have some faults but they pale into insignificance compared to all the managers that have gone before him, certainly back to Atkinson. He has achieved consistently since he arrived and built up a competitive team that can adapt to different situations and play with a confidence. Not since the early 90s have we seen this.
  5. Great post and much better than one I posted in another thread. Totally agree with the 3-5-2 although probably prefer the 3-2-3-2 approach to fill the gaps between the lines. Need more pace though!
  6. Being relatively new to contributing to Owlstalk although reading for some time I think I will be at risk of upsetting some on here and several negs. Like many, going through the deflation and feeling a good promotion opportunity has been missed but exactly the same was said after Wembley last year. However, for those criticising CC’s tactics and stubbornness I find it a little annoying. This season I think the only consistent part of the team is having a back 4 but this is very fluid with the attacking full backs and we have even had a back 3 at times but this is restricted when Hutchinson isn’t available. Perhaps Sasso could fill this role when Sam is injured? For the rest we have played 1, 2 and 3 up front at times. The midfield has been flexible with 2 widish players or 3 fluid central and one wide to even a diamond formation, often changing during the same game so I don’t see a great deal of stubbornness and rigidly sticking to a formation. I think the starting formation has often been dictated by who is available and the opposition we have been playing. My feeling is that we lack pace up front to worry defences which results in them pushing further up and condensing midfield so there is less room for the likes of Bannan et al to create. Strengthening is needed in the midfield backbone to be able to push the opposition back which we haven’t succeeded in doing for long periods like we did last year, more pace in the central defence and up front. I think CC learned a lot last season in how the likes of Middlesbrough, Burnley, Hull and Brighton played and tried to adapt his style to reflect what is seen to be a successful formula when there isn’t the budget that the parachute payments bring. I feel that CC is the best manager this club has had for many years and is innovative plus having the respect of the players and others at the club. I for one will be very sad to see him go if he does. I think he will have learnt more this year to add to the mix and will be better next season but will adapt his style to create a formula to get out of this very competitive league although it may, by necessity, lack the flair of last season. However, he has been employed to get promotion not play the best football in the division. Rarely will the two go together. My concern is that he will think another Championship season will be too demanding on him personally and will prefer to take up other opportunities.
  7. Just shows how expensive the late Barnsley goal was for us and the late Leeds equalizer at Newcastle. 2 extra points at Barnsley and could have feet up already.
  8. Relieved to find I'm not alone. Can't listen to radio commentary as always think we are defending desperately. Television, I often record the game and go out as I never want them to let themselves down to a wider audience but yes, find Soccer Special addictive and willing the next score to be a Wednesday goal. At the match it is different for some reason and although stress levels are high it doesn't seem quite so bad. And yes, been supporting for over 50 years and it does seem to get worse.
  9. Win our home games and job done. If Fulham win their other 2 games and lose to us they can't overtake us.