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  1. Jackie Marriott ( bit obscure , as in the poet Marriott Edgar )
  2. Yeah , I was on 6th Row on top tier bang on goal line , the ground shaking was horrendous , I think the place would have collapsed if we scored.
  3. True , and it's on I tell thee.
  4. Pardon me for being pished , but I've just had an epiphany moment. Casting my mind back to Wembley last year , and the look of sadness on DC's face , that he wasn't lifting that trophy. Then it dawned on me , that has been DC's remit to CC all along , " sod the autos , get us to the play offs , and then unleash the beast " He wants the biggest party ever at Wemberley , cos he's got the Wemberley bug , and that's gonna be his anniversary gift to us all. Plus him lifting a trophy at Wembley of course. Ah well , back to the beer.
  5. LOkomotiv moScoW