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  1. This argument was had on here on and off for most of last season. It was had over and over in 100's of threads in the few days between the Huddersfield defeat and Carlos signing a new deal. Save yourself some time and read them back... then knock one out or kick your dog to relieve your frustration.
  2. When he's on form and played in the right position/system, I rate Bannan as one of the best midfielders in this division. I think he has all the technical abilities to be a Premier League player (I know he has already been one) This season however, he has been one of the biggest disappointments for me. Invariably he's sat far too deep and struggled to have an impact on games. I think primarily this hasn't been down to the player himself, rather the role Carlos asks him to play in order to get him in the starting line up. If next season Carlos sets the team up to play to bannans strengths then he'll once again be key to us. If he's intent on asking him to play a role which doesn't suit his strengths then we may as well move him on and get someone else in.
  3. Moses Ashikodi anyone?
  4. Work such as this really deserves more credit
  5. You might be on to something. Maybe Carlos is planning on moving Hutch back to CB? It would make sense that having let Sasso go, Sam would be our "ball playing" option at the back. It might also make financial sense; centre halves who are also technically gifted footballers cost serious money at this level, just look at the figures banded around for Dunk!
  6. Maguire is going to go to a big club in the summer I reckon, agree that he'd be fantastic here, but despite being a Wednesdayite he's out of our league sadly.
  7. I rated Hanley at Blackburn and actually quite like a big, physical, no nonsense centre half as it goes. I'm not entirely convinced he and Lees would be the most complimentary partnership however. Would ideally like us to sign a CB who is comfortable with the ball at his feet. Our distribution from the back has been below par for some time now.
  8. Hope he uses his first pay packet to get a decent haircut
  9. I was in the same camp as you for a long time, but I'm afraid there is only so long we can wait for potential to be realised. He's nearly 24 and has shown very few signs of making the improvements many of us thought he would. Think Nuhiu's time is up and really think FF needs to play left side next season. So that leaves us with Hooper, Rhodes, Winnall and Fletcher. All have proved themselves more than capable at this level, but CC must address the issue of service, otherwise it'll be more of the same next year. Ideally I would like to see us add the option of real pace upfront, something which has been conspicuous in its absence in recent times.
  10. Makes sense, I mean he is the bestest manager ever
  11. Top pro-was always doing extra sessions after training (even if it was just to look even more buff) Top bloke- anyone who has ever spoken to him will testify that he comes across as a genuine, likeable chap who was always happy to talk to fans. Top player? We'll once upon a time... That first season he was nothing short of immense! He's magic you know! While the club may now be looking for players of a superior technical ability, we'll struggle to find many who will ever match his passion, work rate and commitment. Thanks for the memories Jose Wawaw
  12. Roberts looks an absolute class act at that level. Think he was highly thought of at Man City and was sent on loan to Celtic specifically to play first team football and develop. Obviously there is a lot of competition for him at the Etihad, so he may be available for loan again, although I think they might fancy him going to a lower end Premier League club. Anyway, it doesn't matter that he's talented and probably out of reach for us to sign... If we did get him people would only moan about him being too small
  13. I'd choose Carlton Palmer and without a moment's hesitation. His ability to influence a game both in winning the ball and then moving it forward, is precisely what we are missing. He had the best engine on a player I've ever seen, never out of a game, never shirking responsibility. Lee is a great player, but comparing him to Carlton is ridiculous. I think alongside CP Lee would actually play more the Sheridan role. While I love Hutch and cheer as loudly as anyone when he makes a crunching tackle or raises his arms to gee up his teammates; Palmer did this relentlessly, week in, week out and without half the fanfare. Phenomenal player
  14. I'm surprised as I was convinced he was going to walk I'm pleased as I like the bloke and think that on balance continuity is the best move for the club I'm delighted that this is all sorted so early and we can crack on with the plans for next season! UTO
  15. If Carlos goes, I'll be having my statutory bet on Kevin Keegan. Just so I can watch his price come in from 50/1 to 7/1