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  1. Have we signed anyone yet?
  2. This means he probably is
  3. At current count Owlstalk has 30369 members. Neil could put a statutory £2 charge on everyone to raise the funds for an Owlstalk box. They'd still be 10k + left for hookers, streamers and balloons
  4. Fair one Ron. I'm not Astonished that a man of your keen eye, flagged this up so promptly! (I also read that initially as Carl Shutt.. there must be something up with my eyes)
  5. If a Bentley was twice the price of an Austin Martin or a Rolls Royce then (those who could afford it) would moan..... And then not foooking buy one
  6. It's got to be some sort of tactic to make sure no one will actually buy a box for the season. Them prices are just batshit crazy.
  7. "Your Goals are Our Goals"
  8. It's one of the things that really frustrates me about our fans; people call for us to sign more up and coming talent, rather than tried and tested 30 somethings. We sign Reach, everyone instantly moans we've paid too much and then slate the lad every time he makes a mistake. The problem with younger players is they take time to acclimatise, settle into how the team play and at least in Adam Reach's case, get used to the weight of expectation. I don't think he was faultless last season, far from it, but I do feel he has all the physical and technical aspects to be a really effective player at this level. The more support he receives from coaching staff and fans, then the quicker we'll see the player fulfilling his potential. Pleased to hear he's made a good start in pre season, keep it up Adam!
  9. Will you promise that will make it stop?
  10. A non story, about a player no one cares about has a 2nd thread in as many days. Please God make it August!!
  11. It would almost be worth 5 years of medical school, 2 years a Junior Doctor and 3 years in surgery, just to touch Sam's groin.
  12. #12SwissBlade, 6 minutes ago The ramblings of a moron
  13. I was mentioning Stobbs in hope rather than expectation, not sure if he's made the trip to Portugal and agree their isn't much indication that he's in the manager's plans. I suppose my main point is, I genuinely don't see the point in loaning Premier League wingers who the manager doesn't want to play; what would have been Buckley and Mcmanaman's combined wages last season? Surely north of 50k!? May have well of pissed it up the wall.
  14. I'd be pretty happy with that. Wouldn't be against the idea of selling both Nuhiu and João (if there are indeed any suitors) and bringing in a player like that Norwegian lad with both pace and height. It would trim the squad and maintain our options. While I'd like us to loan a quick wing option, I really don't see the point as Carlos would only bench them anyway. Perhaps Stobbs could be seen as that option?
  15. I hate myself... For this and many other reasons