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  1. It's great how a home game can be "sold out" yet we still get to play guess the attendance. Cheers SAG
  2. Weak bladder? You know it's like..... A seive
  3. "Shaun's service station stories" It's like... A series of crap stories, you know
  4. I've never said he's not good enough. To gauge opinion and invite reasonable discussion, I make a statement based on one performance and my honest opinion of it. I clarify that said statement was in no way a critiscm. Yet somehow this is seen as negworthy slagging off of a player. "Typical Owlstalk mentally"
  5. Such sad news, thoughts are with you and your family RIP Nigel Wawaw
  6. Beat me to it
  7. I can't help but think that Bannan has been a victim of Carlos' change in style this season. I get the feeling that he's been asked to play deeper and sometimes he takes this to extremes. He's a much better player moving forward with the ball, for whatever reason he doesn't do this nearly enough. Actually, he looked much better yesterday with Lee alongside him doing the dynamic stuff. When he plays with Hutch or Jones he can't seem to help but sit deeper and deeper. Like others I wish he would just play it simple more often; he seems to like 5 touches when 1 or 2 would suffice.
  8. Don't mention grass You'll have Yunga all wound up
  9. Fair points And I'd rather have Andy Rhodes coming off the bench than Bothroyd starting
  10. Didn't post this last night as I didn't want it to appear a negative point after a very positive performance. But did anyone else think his work rate looked well below par yesterday when he came on? He wasn't harrying the opposites in his usual way and seemed sluggish to me. He looked like he'd played 80mins not 20. Could he be carrying an injury? Or have face on for being left out of the 11? Genuinely not a critiscm, just an observation
  11. Sky Bet aren't even taking bets on Fulham finishing outside the top six they are that good
  12. Got to be Monk then
  13. Absolute machine that man, it's a small wonder that he's even back running, let alone having such a positive impact on such a big game. Welcome back Keiran Lee, you've been sorely missed!
  14. I would have thought a man of gypsy heritage would have more sympathy with a victim of racial abuse Except if you're just making it up "cos it's the internet"
  15. "Hate snitching" Seriously, are you either 12 or Phil Mitchell