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  1. This will be the 3rd season we have said he has potential and it will be his season. At what point do we stop saying this? I think Lucas has to realise his potential first then we can go from there. He seems a arms around the shoulder player.
  2. Not sure what that word means so will have to agree
  3. Btw I'm drunk so if it doesn't make any sense I know what I mean.
  4. I think cc is on about 4-5 in. But what's not been said is we will get rid of 5-7 players for next to nowt. Just to remove them and make the squad smaller but within real quality. I'm seeing a Brighton here and we are learning.
  5. He will get one right one day.
  6. Below is a table an Ipswich fan did regarding youth players used this season, pretty poor on us in reflection. Will this become a problem in the near future if young players look at stuff like this? Why come here if you won't get a chance? Grim reading for young players.
  7. To prove he's alive and not a myth.
  8. I got no reply to this
  9. I thought the Hull manager resigned last night to take over Palace?
  10. I can still see a pair of weird woman's boobs and her knees.
  11. How do you give birth through your nose? Genuine question.
  12. Anything else planned pal? Your usually bang on the money with this stuff.
  13. Why do I get this gut wrenching feeling that Semedo will end up with the pigs. Anybody but them ffs
  14. Voted, but why a takeover? Chansiri doing a really good job. Get a grip.