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  1. Used to be infuriating in the 90's when it happened to us. Remember the days, hopefully i can vent anger at MOTD next season again.
  2. The SAG are safe and comfortable, they are being looked after very well by Marco "Fatboy" Belinze
  3. The Apollo mate.
  4. He's from Barnsley..... Of course he's got beef with us, it's part of his DNA. Oh and he hates Simek.
  5. Said it from day one, he is our Nigel Pearson in today's era. Also if we do get promoted i wouldn't be surprised to see him in the England squad next season.
  6. Then Leeds would need to score something like 15-0 will in last game though. Leeds need to win both games and hope Fulham drop points or we lose two matches.
  7. Leeds won't beat Norwich next week, they will ether draw or lose. Then Fulham and Wednesday are signed and sealed. There will still be summat to play for on last game, it depends where we want to be in the table. We could fancy 6th and play reading so lose against Fulham or we could prefer 4th and play Huddersfield so either draw or win Fulham. There will still be something in this last game.
  8. Young Att was supposed to go back to Thailand last week but the flight got cancelled, so he's given us another vlog about yesterday's game with Derby. Love the bit were we are singing hi ho and the young girl is bouncing in front of the camera. Then at the final whistle is an elderly woman bouncing/dancing either she ages very quick I'm the game or it shows you how important Wednesday are to all generations. Nice to see Att knows his history too...... Oh and he's talking Wembley now!! Enjoy:
  9. That's what worries me about today's society pal.
  10. With you're attitude you probably won't be in the expensive seats soon. Reporting a racist is not snitching, it's condemning what they have done and eradicating scum like this out of our club. How would you deal with it? Just let him get on with it or confront him?
  11. I've had a drink and this confusing me
  12. The OP said it was towards a steward mate.
  13. Well done on reporting it. I would love to see someone take a racist on today would have been perfect. Basically ask them why they have said it, why do they believe it and what do they achieve from it. Make sure most of the kop heard and everyone looked at him/her. See their reaction then. But well done.
  14. if we lose i will gunning for Carlo and the team. If we win i will be jizzing all over Carlos and the team. Either way I'm passionate about this club. Players can stay calm, I'm going mental either way it's what's makes a football fan
  15. Ideally send him to league one next season for first 6 months August - Jan 1st. Spend a month with us in January to see how he is developing, then if good send him to the championship for the next 6 months. February to end of season. Would make him around 19/20 years of age and if he's good enough then he comes part of our squad pushing for the first team. But he's developing very fast and with Premiership clubs now scouting him it's going to be hard to do the above. To keep him, he may have to come into the first team squad now or i fear we could lose him.