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  1. I said end of May beginning of June that patience is needed and give them time. Now at the end of July, no kit, one player signed and hardly anything on the 150th birthday celebrations which I personally would have been going this summer too. Then you see pics online that Chansiri is touring the US of A and if correct everything has to go through him then it won't improve any time soon. I really wanted to buy this season's shirt for my holiday but that ain't happining now so gone to get one from toffs. It's a complete shambles and never thought I'd say that after pushing for patience.
  2. That 1 minute would do me, I would also have time to check owlstalk too. Done.
  3. Hope I know Football is international now and deals get done over the phone etc.... But with the squad and Carlos in Portugal and focusing on that, and Chansiri and family on holiday touring America I think we are a while away from anything. Hope I'm wrong though
  4. Still think Jordan Rhodes bedtime story takes some beating....
  5. Simek Stuart Holden - technically a loan though.
  6. Tina Turner
  7. We could just remove the kop pillars and make the kop dirt cheap and create the wall of noise from there, your only allowed access to the kop if you are wearing a blue top. Put the band in the Wednesdayite car park. Winner winner.
  8. South Yorkshire police are just not fit for purpose. Kicking off at 12.15 will just make fans drink at 8am instead, and give them longer drinking time after the game.
  9. I agree, playing a league one team would be better. Ideally like league one Doncaster away keeping it local with a bit of an edge would have been spot on. Never mind eh.
  10. Rhodes for me: Used to be prolific Had bit of lull time lately But everyone still wants me Yeah.
  11. Can you post the other in 7 days? Will take a week to read this one and work it out. Thanks
  12. You just know the person who does the photography reads owlstalk and looks at the threads to see who gets linked away from the club. Then he decides not to photograph said players to stir the pot and fuel the forum.
  13. Dave Allen
  14. 24 Rhodes 91 Champions