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  1. Carlos Tonight

    I think I can safely say I'd worked out what camp you are in and I accept its your view. But to make one last point what's happened tonight given the team selection should not mean a fraction of the bile that's been aimed at our manager is fair. Every striker we've got apart from the two who'll start on Saturday have had a chance we've missed a hatful of chances (according to ifollow) and that's not the managers fault .....or is it ffs. No it's not.
  2. Carlos Tonight

    No I'm not I'm saying that to turn on Carlos over this is pretty pathetic In My Opinion.
  3. Carlos Tonight

    Im not debating whether CC should be here or sent packing I'm pretty disgusted with the degree of bile and rubbish sent his way when he's in a hole and being slagged off for something he's almost certainly not done I.e. started a disturbance with aggression. He's not remotely that type you know it I know it everybody does. Theres a time and (better) place to get on his case this ain't remotely it. ive read your recent post and along with others recognise you've lost faith in him I havnt posted my or any opinion on that matter I'm simply sticking up for him in this situation because ITS RIGHT and anybody taking this so called crowd Melee to hit him is in my opinion a poor bloke indeed. For the record I agree it's all opinions that count but it doesn't make them any better imo.
  4. Carlos Tonight

    Youre anything but a supporter you may be a fan but you'll never be a supporter. This 'clown' as you call him (pathetic name calling) has actually give the real supporters of this club more enjoyment over the last two seasons than almost any. And before you tell me how much money he's had to spend don't bother.
  5. Carlos Tonight

    What a fine supporter you are.
  6. Carlos Tonight

    I havnt seen this but would be willing to bet all I've got that he's been attacked before any reaction from him and if that's the case he's right to do so nobody should be manhandled by a fan and expected to take it. we all know Carlos is the least aggressive bloke around so let's get real AND supportive for a change.
  7. Carlos Tonight

  8. Carlos Tonight

    Sincerely hope the doomsayers are not going to have the gall to start on Carlos. He's picked a bloody strong team involving all the best players/strikers in the club apart from Hooper and Fletcher who presumably he intends to start Saturday. Weve lost narrowly I've followed on ifollow so bow to those in the ground but if the performance was half as bad as ifollow which cut out for the last 6 mins entirely then we were gash but sounded like we've missed a hatful of chances ....that is not the fault of the manager.
  9. Mick Jones to Leeds

    Yes he had sports shop there I'm only saying my early memory was that he was from Dinnington as a kid ...I thought ....his wife also from Dinnington not saying anything about him not having a sports shop in Maltby. Todwick also had a lot of blades I played football locally and many of em came to watch us on Sunday morning....Warnock, Hodkinson Colquhoun Paddy Bucley et al etc. Just saying not disputing he may even have originated Maltby but thought was Dinno.
  10. Mick Jones to Leeds

    Dinnington area lad.
  11. Nuhui to Leeds .

    Think I read recently all their corporate boxes have been sold.
  12. Joao

    Dont know if you were in the crowd yesterday but if you were you would have been flabbergasted at 4m extra time when there had been zero stoppages and then they played 6m additional when Fulham made two subs changes at he same time and us one. Like most I agree Big Dave offers little or no goal threat but like every other owl in the crowd yesterday it was brilliant to see him protect the ball in their are twice using up 2/3 mins all on his own. Like it or not he did what he was sent on for but yes we would all rather see a pure striker on the bench but let's not neg him for doing a job however small..
  13. Terrific opening post, well done matey.
  14. OMDT Fulham -V- Wednesday

    Thanks mate great day at the cottage owls fans brilliant 10/10
  15. Fulham had fergie time

    Good and accurate post it was ridiculous he even went to Westwood near the end to tell him to speed up when the ball hadn't been given to him. Think his pre match bets went down with Fulham. Dont think there was one injury stoppage in second half where did 4m come from. Thought ref poor and pro Fulham on several occasions