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  1. Pleasure to receive a quote from such a knowledgeable poster - you're wasted on here matey.
  2. We all can be. Sorry for that but I promised some time ago I was done with this site but I just can't allow myself to let FF to be negged the way he is without sticking up for him.
  3. If you read my post and yours again you will see I did not say he was better or worse than any player you mentioned I reacted to you saying he wouldn't get in the top 100 which as far as I'm concerned is way way wide of the mark and unfair. I readily agree he's not dominated as last year but he remains our top scorer and goal maker and the only player who can take the all out of the air beat a player in a second and put chances away ( like Cardiff) and (Villa first match) that no one in our squad and arguably in the division would be able to take. The ridicule and negativity being sent his direction is utterly out of order and unfair, and at the risk of repeating myself if he goes we will well and truly be worse off. I keep reading how he can only play here or there he's our key forward ffs.,
  4. You're 100 % correct matey Jim McCalliog was a great player in his prime and lived in a yellow submarine with the rest of us.
  5. Read all your posts in this thread and you sound like a mardy arse.
  6. "Wouldnt make the top 100" !!!! Utter crap, I had the privilege of growing up watching Fantham, Swan, Tony Kay and many many others. I played football and cricket with David Layne and I'm old enough to go through them all one by one even Bobby Craig so to say he wouldn't get in the top 100 is a million miles wide of the mark from someone who saw them all. You clearly didn't and need to look em up on the Internet. Hes played the last five or six matches with a knee injury but never complained. I don't need to read your thread on memory lane I was there as they say -you clearly do. For the record his treatment and the negative non forgiving posts he getting from many on here given his contribution on the pitch over the last two years for this club are nothing short of a disgrace.
  7. This is apparently a Sam Winnall thread. You just couldn't make it up. The Forestiero neggers and haters still have to just pile in, just can't leave it! Never read such rubbish - top scorer two years, top assists two years; he's been with us ... Oh yes just the two years. "He's not trying" utter garbage he chased more defenders down than anybody else on Wednesday but hey ho let's post anti Nando rubbish anyway. "He sat on the floor moaning" yes he was fouled around 9/10 times and got four free kicks, he had every right to complain. The only negative thing I've read in this thread that is true is FF will bring in more dosh than any other player on our books - which might just might spell out to some tosspots his actual ability/value. If you neggers actually believe we will move on and up by getting rid of a player that any other champ and several Prem clubs would jump at you seriously are deluded.
  8. Fernando Forestiero --- the only outfield out and out premier league class player we've got ....... which many fans recognise but more to the point the players at this club and others, managers and pundits consistently recognise as our star player. Yesterday he was targeted and not remotely protected by the ref. But come on let's listen to owlstalks experts who consistently negatively post and continue to drive him away. You lot should take up motorway traffic dodging. When he's gone well be a fraction of the team without him but you lot will be happy.
  9. Done same as Wembley93 bought Hospitality ticket £117 plus vat very simple just ring the lovely Rosie as he suggests simple probably more than many want to pay but I think (and hope) it's worth it.
  10. Thank you David for favouring us with your outstanding skills. Ordered and paid for.
  11. No major surprises apart from BB out. Plenty of attacking and offensive options on the bench that good errrrr not sure. Hope we we can start quickly.
  12. Apreciate totally what what you're saying. The cost of a match is not the real problem although I have to admire you buying season tickets for you and your lads with that journey, but when you've got another 100 quid plus on top for petrol and food and then getting back at midnight it certainly tests the resolve. I think that the way sky just come along and turn what you've planned for a nice Saturday afternoon into a cold Tuesday night is rubbish. Granted it suits a lot that can't get but doesn't help those that want to be there in person at all, or the club for that matter and to boot Carlos hates the mid week games as we know. My son often likes to go with his mates - pre books rail travel weeks in advance then sky change the day or time and his outlay is lost, and many others do as well.
  13. Too many. To qualify - ruins it for the lads who have to travel long distances who want to be at games. Turns Saturday games into midweek night games with less support that for the club that fans can't get to. Also costs many a lot of money if they pre book trains and are left with useless tickets that are non refundable. BUT it's great for armchair fans.
  14. You do extremely well mate to fund two/three tickets and journey from where you travel from. It's a huge effort and commitment but the travel can be a big problem from time to time. Whats spoils it for long journey fans also is the mid week and night and weekend changes made by Sky they ruin it for those who both travel by car and want to catch trains and need to book in advance and wouldn't dream of compensating those who've bought train tickets that are non refundable and of no use to the purchaser.
  15. He cant but he can play the Wallace role.