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  1. Someone on here will know.
  2. Best player. Loovens Most improved player. Hunt Best home performance. Vs derby Best away performance. Vs Newcastle Best away team. Brighton Best away player. Billing Best addition to the squad. Adam Reach
  3. It would be nice wouldn't it.
  4. CC

    Someone on her can't.
  5. CC

    cc is the best manager in europe right now. try and think of anyone better? you cant.
  6. CC

    O Weaver L S Y A D O I Nicky LOL,
  7. Great to see.
  8. My faviourite moments: Forestieri goal vs Cardiff Lee goal vs Bristol
  9. He has to wait for his chance like pudil did and like fox did earlier in the season.
  10. 30th of May will probably be my nap day.
  11. 27,000 is a big number. I've never counted that high before.
  12. Someone on here will know. Someone on here will know.