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  1. Does a thread on owlstalk count as us being linked with a player?
  2. But then more teams would go down than up, or would you give the premier place to the two winners of the 16th 17th and 4th 5th play off.
  3. They dont sell them when close to capacity. The capacity of our stadium is around 34,000. So there needs to be 5,000 empty seats. They make the ones with restricted view the 5,000 ones that have to stay empty. If they sold season tickets in the restricted view seats then when there is a sellout crowd there will be 5,000 empty seats in unrestricted parts of the kop.
  4. Its mainly because fans are wrong most of the time.
  5. Not as good as Maio Balotelli. Ive heard hes out of contract and on his way to Hillsborough.
  6. Not enough hair. We have a great standard of hair in the squad at the moment with Loovens, Hutchinson at their finest. You could add kieran Lee to that list as well. Mooy would bring that standard down and we've already lost Sasso's beatiful hair and the transfer windows not even open yet.
  7. We pretty much play it already.
  8. Hopefully someone fires us up.
  9. He would cost £25 million at least.
  10. Westwood is part of the defence.
  11. Are you DJ smile?
  12. Yeah but at least he makes some great videos on instagram.
  13. Trust me. Ive been told this guy is very good.