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  1. Maybe, but pi**ing contests are fun....and we've got some days to fill before we have a game to watch
  2. Thought this was just me!
  3. I was fine up until you asked the question.....
  4. Fixed it for ya
  5. I'm more surprised someone has actually bought a Daily Telegraph...
  6. Sorry but Ipswich need to be taken seriously. No let up or expectancy of an easy ride. All the Wednesday fans going sing your hearts out for the lads and lets treat it as it is - the biggest game of the season so far
  7. Absolute shaft
  8. ive had the same conversation with a leeds fan/colleague today. The reason the are faltering is they are knackered and we have had our big squad to cover us when the injuries inevitably come along (Lee, Hoops, Nando, Hutch etc). Last year we would struggle to cope but we have managed much better this season. IF we make it to the play offs my preferred choice is Udders in semis and Reading in final. With the experience our squad and Carlos has of last years final, i feel confident we can do it this year!! But yeah, Ipswich first
  9. We could do with another Wembly final like that this year
  10. Excellent OMDT as per Pauli. Love biscuits almost as much as a Wednesday win. I'd like an emphatic 3-1 tonight boys. A brace for Rhodes and a Wallace screamer if you please
  11. Well made...
  12. If Fulham do make top 6, which i think they will, lets hope its at Readings expense and not ours...
  13. Squeeky bum time. Still firmly in the mix i just wish we would make life a bit easier for ourselves......but that's not the Wednesday way!
  14. Irony is well defined in the Oxford English Dictionary pal!
  15. I hate moaning people. Whether its at a football match or not i just can't stand them. God they annoy me. Unfortunately the world is full of em. Moaning moaning bloody moaning. All the time just going on and on and on. Moan moan moan. Jeez they never stop. Some people even moan about moaners! They do this, they do that. Moan moan bloody moan. Hate em i do