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  1. ive had the same conversation with a leeds fan/colleague today. The reason the are faltering is they are knackered and we have had our big squad to cover us when the injuries inevitably come along (Lee, Hoops, Nando, Hutch etc). Last year we would struggle to cope but we have managed much better this season. IF we make it to the play offs my preferred choice is Udders in semis and Reading in final. With the experience our squad and Carlos has of last years final, i feel confident we can do it this year!! But yeah, Ipswich first
  2. We could do with another Wembly final like that this year
  3. Excellent OMDT as per Pauli. Love biscuits almost as much as a Wednesday win. I'd like an emphatic 3-1 tonight boys. A brace for Rhodes and a Wallace screamer if you please
  4. Well made...
  5. If Fulham do make top 6, which i think they will, lets hope its at Readings expense and not ours...
  6. Squeeky bum time. Still firmly in the mix i just wish we would make life a bit easier for ourselves......but that's not the Wednesday way!
  7. Irony is well defined in the Oxford English Dictionary pal!
  8. I hate moaning people. Whether its at a football match or not i just can't stand them. God they annoy me. Unfortunately the world is full of em. Moaning moaning bloody moaning. All the time just going on and on and on. Moan moan moan. Jeez they never stop. Some people even moan about moaners! They do this, they do that. Moan moan bloody moan. Hate em i do
  9. Lost at home 2-1 to man city in last match of season 69-70, preceding relegation to league 2... What a shoite season that was for us!
  10. Got to be a win tonight. Can't wait. Excited and feel like we've just become proper ard to beat these days so more of the same please boys!! And the reward of a move up the table will be just deserts (kebab meat cake) for our recent performances! COME ON WEDNESDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Thought it was just me....
  13. Personally i'd prefer him to be given more of a run out in the first team, maybe as a sub appearance for 15/20 minutes in a few games, before we let him go anywhere. I understand this may be difficult with the wealth of striking options we have at present but i would rather this than say bringing Big Dave on... I'd just like to see him in a Wednesday shirt scoring for the first team before he gets snaffled by one of the big boys! P.S. hope he stays
  14. Inspirational OMDT once mare Pauli. A more true reflection on Wigan has never before been told (I work in the place so I should know). Having a wander up to the ground with a mate after work so hoping for a performance as inspirational as the OP. My fear of not beating these pie munchers is currently being over-ridden by the true faith in our phenomenal squad to absolutely smash em all over the bloody park!!!! Come on Wednesday - unleash hell !!!!!!!!!!!!!