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  1. Carlos also said "this is football". It's why 1 goal is never enough. Even if we had 99% of possession. It's all well and good controlling the game, but it's always important to give yourself margins for these things happening. I think the real reason we lost is really simple. We were too negative throughout the majority of the match, didn't create enough chances, and didn't score enough goals. Letting it get to a lottery was stupid. I'm not saying we should have gone all out attack, but there were long periods we just sat so deep, didn't press, and when we did get it just gave it straight back. Fulham showed exactly where their biggest weakness is - high pressing, to win the ball back in dangerous areas and be in on goal within 1 or 2 passes. We half tried this for very short periods and it worked, they ended up hoofing it up and we were winning it every single time. If we had done it properly for a few sustained periods, especially at the start of the match and in the first half, it could have been very very different. It would've lifted our crowd and made it impossible for them to get settled or comfortable on the ball. We even had the ideal personal on the pitch to do the pressing, with Bannan, Lee, Reach, Fessi, Fletch, Hunt, Pudil. Leaving Lees and Loovens to win the aerial battles, and Hutch with pace to deal with anything in behind for Wells.
  2. Personally, I feel he's earned another crack at it. But if a gap begins to form between us and the top 2, his time will have to be up. Sadly he's shown in the big games he doesn't have the nerve to go for the win. If we need to go the play off route again, I'd want someone else. Ultimately it depends how confident Chansiri is that Carlos can deliver automatic promotion. I suspect this will be the basis for their discussions in the next weeks and days. If Carlos himself, or Chansiri doesn't trust him, it will make sense to get someone else in as early as possible and have the summer to prepare.
  3. Always laugh when people have to make things up to prove the point they want to make.
  4. In hindsight, perhaps we should've stood up and sung instead of sitting in silence waiting for the team to do it on their own.
  5. Find it really strange that they are so confident in their style of play, despite the aggregate scoreline over 3 games, 2 of which were at their ground, being 3-0. In 4.5 hours of football they haven't been able to score. We've scored 3 times in that same time window, and for an hour and a half weren't really trying to score, as the objective was just to get back to Hillsborough without conceding. This is football, so I'm always nervous about what could happen. However some of the stuff I'm seeing is totally insane.
  6. I think the myth about it being our only chance comes from something Wagner said in the build up. Basically he was saying we have spent a lot of money assembling a quality strong squad, and was hinting that we might go bust if we don't make it this year. It was part of his attempt to take the pressure off himself and their players and lower the expectations of their fans. Along the same lines as constantly saying they are the underdogs. Appears their fans bought it. If it helps them win, fair enough. Looks more like getting excuses in early though.
  7. @HirstWhoScoredIt I thought there were stats on night games favouring home teams? That was the basis for wanting to play away at the early slot?
  8. They really remind me of Doncaster a few years ago under Sean O'Driscoll. Had some success and won plaudits for playing some good football. But then embarrassed themselves with all the disrespect and mouthing off they did towards other clubs.
  9. Remember the way Huddersfield play means they will likely tire towards the end. We saw that happen at their place, as the final 10 minutes were probably the easiest we had all match. Obviously I would love us to get ahead early, build on it before half time and cruise to a 2+ goal victory. But if that doesn't happen, (and assuming they haven't got a lead), I would expect it to favour us more and more the longer it goes on. Especially with our strong bench available to come on. Absolutely sure they will try and have a right go at us for the first 15-20 mins. Proper high effort high fast pressing us when we get the ball, and lots of off the ball movement with it. If we get through that or even better grab a goal ourselves we will be in pole position. We shouldn't boo if their high intensity start causes a few passes to go astray due to being pressurized. I'd rather we played safe and got rid, than encourage Loovens to start dicking about with it at the back and gift them a goal. They won't be able to keep it up all game, which is when we will be able to pounce. No point taking risks when our opportunity will come.
  10. Why anyone would run on the pitch is beyond me. If anything we and the players over celebrated after beating Brighton last year. It's all about winning at Wembley. Getting there just means the job is only half done.
  11. Lets be honest, we massively rode our luck in that first half. They could've easily scored 5, and our goal was a complete fluke. The biggest criticism I have of Brighton is they did pretty much give up after that. By ensuring we don't start the game needing to score 3 like Brighton did by our thoroughly professional performance at Huddersfield, Carlos has put us in a much better situation than they were in. We can afford to be more patient and try to score without taking silly risks, and then if necessary being on the fire power if it's still 0-0 or even if the worst happens and we go behind. There's always a risk that a team scores a lucky goal or benefits from a dodgy decision. But we can take comfort and confidence from the recent Derby game where we went behind, brought on an extra forward, and turned it around in about 5 minutes.
  12. 1. After Loovens missed it and they hit the bar. 2. After Lees kicked it at Hunt and Westwood saved it. They only had those chances due to us making mistakes though. We weren't carved open. Only other one I can think of was Wells trying to chip Westwood from distance. But if you're counting that, then the Reach and Bannan efforts, and even the Fletcher fluff after Reach laid it off would count...
  13. The match is only half way through. Think of it like playing uphill against the wind for the first half, and getting in all square at the break. Not only that, you play efficiently to save energy for the 2nd half while the opposition did everything they could. It doesn't mean the result is in the bag. It's a fantastic position to be in though.
  14. We will play higher up and press in numbers at home. It takes much more energy and effort to do that than it does to sit back and watch them pass it about. This is what Carlos meant when he said we were efficient today, whereas they were playing at high tempo. It's what Fulham did against them twice, and we all know how they coped with aggressive opposition getting in the faces of their defenders. The thing I'm concerned about is what we might do if we take the lead. I'd like to really keep going for more goals. I don't want to see us shift back to 2nd gear and sit back. It's hard to put the foot back on the gas after you've taken it off and been deflated. For perspective, imagine how confident you would've been going to the amex last year with it 0-0 rather than 2 up?
  15. Not passing, possession, shots, corners... Carlos talked about efficiency, energy, and tempo after the game. Does anyone have distance run stats? Is there a breakdown of sprinting v jogging? I have a theory that they have invested a lot more than us today, and it's not long to recover for Wednesday night... I'm sure at home, with the crowd, we will be fine anyway, but interested to see if there's a bit more to the defensive approach we took today.