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  1. CC

    Ah that's better peace at last!
  2. CC

    I'll praise who feck i like when the feck i like it! just jog on if the thread is not to your liking!!
  3. CC

    Some folk just want to ruin this site!
  4. CC

    seriously glad this didnt happen! was there talk of sven ?
  5. CC

    Turn psychotic and kill you both "simples"
  6. CC

    Ah brotherly love
  7. CC

    Id also like to know this as im sure a few high profile managers was interviewed glad he got the nod for the job and you can see why his passion for the game is second to none could you imagine dave jones applying for the job ?
  8. CC

    As for McManaman does he want first team football ? looked lively to me with skill didnt seem the bothroyd type ?
  9. CC

  10. CC

    In buckleys deffence i just think CC has left it to the back of the pack not seen much of him to comment on how good he actually is whether better is required Wallace hasen't many more years in him IMO
  11. CC

    Ah the forgotten man if the offers right they might let him leave but he could have been an exciting prospect i tend to keep him ahead of the other 2 mentioned how many strikers does a team need 5 at least for me what with injuries and different styles of play if things don't work we have options to change
  12. CC

    Id have liked to see him do well here but as you say rhodes hooper fletcher and FF all in form hes well back of the pack an we could get a few mill form him ? both him and nuhiu could leave
  13. CC

    This squad turned up twice against Newcastle and showed they have what it takes to compete for autos keep that momentum with CC in charge for the kick start of next season and w could be off to an even better season the options we have up top is scary on form with the right service we could witness goals galore and produce similar to Brighton and Newcastle this season!
  14. CC

    Are you Cosmo's brother ? You have similar personalities.
  15. CC

    We don't need to spend bucket loads IMO a couple of key additions at the back McManaman on a perm ? some of our underrated players are starting to bring their A game i think the squad is shaping up nicely and could challenge next season for autos if we was to miss out