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  1. Huh ??
  2. I wish Dave Jones would feck off
  3. Fantastic to hear great news this is our season Rome wasn't built over night he is doing a fantastic job in my opinion onwards and upwards Carlos my son you little sex pot WAWAW
  4. Winnall ahead of Rhodes for me
  5. Couldn't you make a Wednesday pork pie present it to Chansiri and have it sold around the concourse ??? Big business tha nos
  6. get it forward let the rest do the work goals galore haha
  7. What you saying ?
  8. Who's your choice ? FF Winnall for me Hooper just behind with 2 new wingers with pace and skill keep Lee in mid distribution Lees hutch at the back replacements for hunt and pudil ? but feel these 2 were coming into their own back end of season WESTWOOD HUNT LEES HUTCH PUDIL NEW RW LEE NEW LW/ BANNAN HOOPER WINNALL FF Crazy ?
  9. Multiple threads on same subject
  10. Fecking closed my thread within 2 seconds and this guy slips through shame on you OT
  11. Carlos is staying YYYEEEHHHAAA now we go for it from the off WE'RE ON OR WAY WE'RE ON OUR WAY we have what it takes fantastic manager so glad he's staying CARLOS SON I LOVE YOU A few key additions and get service to Hooper Rhodes Winnall Fletcher and off we go! This is the season and we do it in style!!!! COME ON!!!!!
  12. A. 3-0 loss to wolves under a new manager! Please slap me I must be having a nightmare
  13. If thas leavin then fecking get on wi it dunt want another fiasco like beginnin eh last season reyt!!! Players that aren't a 115% behind club can jog on!
  14. Wooooooooooooooooooosh
  15. Fox back up so bench Winnall back up so bench Those in form play I.e. Fletcher and Wallace a key player in playoffs last season there for ahead of Buckley but it's nice to think we have those options on the bench tho ? Not really a disaster is it