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  1. An then it's onto Carlos out dave to blame reach 5mill don't make me laugh and why the hell is boyd at RB
  2. Bet was taken by Barry the bookie hes well dodgy stay clear of him unless absolutely necessary
  3. Pictures or its BS
  4. Inside job? ??
  5. We are sponsored by lacatoni soup goodness gracious me
  6. I'm not convinced this is the case we wouldn't do such a thing would we ?
  7. well it certainly wasn't Jack Hunt
  8. Ah i remember this now i was furious a young man hasn't time for football he wants to commit to praying 24-7
  9. watched him many a time run like bolt in 100 meters into final third im out of my seat getting all giddy for him to fluff it
  10. No we let him go "pace walks out the door" then we all say we need pace tbf i know his footballing ability was lacking somewhat
  11. You all say we lack pace in team
  12. we signed JH on a 4 year deal who was excited at this news ? BIG TRANSFER news at the time!!!!