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  1. Lenny Henry, looking for a new Dawn?
  2. Journalist and reputable make odd bedfellows.
  3. Need a bar showing Wednesday's game in Houston, Texas...... Urgently.!!!
  4. We would beat a combined Fulham/Reading 11....end of.!
  5. There's more to life than promotion to the Premierl League, there's ,
  6. I might back you as first to score.
  7. Flying to Houston on Friday for a fortnight, hopefully watching 1st. leg somewhere at 6am Sunday. Back for Final tho.!
  8. Will the Orient Express to Shiregreen be affected or will we have to change at Lane Top club?
  9. The interviewer asked Carlos to describe himself in 2 words............. .. He said, "bobbar at maths"
  10. Any suggestions where to watch play off semi finals in Houston ?
  11. Spoke to Kieran after the game and he felt really well.
  12. 4 of us meeting in James Conrad pub in Lowestoft at 10.15am for early start.
  13. Would think a few Suffolk entrepreneurs would do the necessary legwork for a few quid?
  14. Will be in Commodore, Oulton Broad, 5 of us, Fri, Sat night!
  15. Eagle, Newmarket Road for one? or Muderers, if in town.