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  1. Shots fired.
  2. No I've formed an opinion that isn't the same as yours. Shock.
  3. Posted non-stop about being in the gym. Trying to show hes fit after his recent injury. Didn't post at all until the season ended, now it's endless. Why would he need to post a video to show he's at a shopping centre in Watford? Specifically filming the sign. Of course he can go to Watford without meaning he's going back, but hes making sure everyone knows he's there.
  4. I'd put money on him going. He knows what he's doing on social media.
  5. He takes player's on? Sign him up.
  6. Hope he gets to play wherever he is next season. CC has mugged him right off.
  7. Oops. Note to self, Tinkerbell is very serious.
  8. I'm still here
  9. Yeah but we'll have something other than transfers to talk about in August. Probably complaining about the kits?
  10. The Rhodes rumours had to be replaced somehow!
  11. Think I'll have an Owlstalk break until August
  12. Someone has posted this on Facebook. Nice pants
  13. See my earlier post for my comment on the 6 game win streak.
  14. I don't have a problem with recruitment I have a problem with squad selection.