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  1. I did the same. Doesn't say much for our fanbase atm
  2. Hope you've got your beach towels
  3. In the hopes of this becoming a pie chart.... No 25
  4. I'm gonna send him to outer space
  5. No problems with him, it's his service I'm not happy with.
  6. Posts about wanting rid of owlstalk... on owlstalk.
  7. Hold on in there Wolves!! Will be their first loss since January. We're really feckin lucky
  8. Joke that we have to find out from Twitter what's going on. Good to see his injury doesn't seem to be as bad as some people were making out though.
  9. They beat us 4-1 last April.
  10. Let's hope we can get some of them fit over the break. We're missing Hutch massively.
  11. Hope the 15 people who have given Nuhiu MOM are taking the piiss......
  12. Makes for grim reading.
  13. That's because the booers had left.
  14. Nobody is blaming the fans. It was dire, which is down to Carlos and some of the players who looked like they'd just woke up. My point was, booing is hardly going to inspire them to play better, is it?
  15. Was that Hunt's throw in when he had no one to throw to? I watched Bannan (who was the closest to him) look over and walk away. He was infuriating last night.