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  1. Hunt a fan of the club?
  2. What Diehard Owls would get married on the weekend that we play the Pigs?
  3. Sheffield Wednesday - never knowingly playing football matches at 3pm on a Saturday.
  4. I never book holidays during the football season - apart from during international breaks, guaranteed not to miss any games then. Rubbish that 3 of our most attractive home games have already been moved for Sky - but I suppose that comes with being massive.
  5. Ford cameltoe - i like it.
  6. Strange - because all of the current Championship clubs have names.
  7. Run of with owls trust money.
  8. England doesn't have a B side.
  9. Scoring for fun - stick him on the bench, that makes sense.
  10. Used to renew my ST. and buy cup tickets etc at the old shop in the CO-OP in town. Was handy for Xmas presents etc, nip out at dinner and half the families pressies could be sorted in half hour.
  11. Somebody who eats shiny food?
  12. Nah - have you seen him on 5 0 - terrible acting and always like to pick up a booking....
  13. We sold out the home areas on at least 3 occasions, maybe as many as 5. The empty restricted seats were because of SAG - not demand.
  14. The OP is stating the restricted view tickets are for sale now though- so has the work been done?
  15. We all know what will happen. Just like when we got relegated the season before the parachute money kicked in, when we finally go up, Sky will have gone bust and their will be no massive pot of money waiting for us. It's the Wednesday way.