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  1. The OP is stating the restricted view tickets are for sale now though- so has the work been done?
  2. We all know what will happen. Just like when we got relegated the season before the parachute money kicked in, when we finally go up, Sky will have gone bust and their will be no massive pot of money waiting for us. It's the Wednesday way.
  3. Liking the Euros stuffed in his jacket pocket. Playa.
  4. Thought we had no choice over Sasso? Isn't the decision up to him whether he wants to trigger the year extension or not?
  5. 100k per week for Zabaleta
  6. Bet Stagecoach/Supertram are happy.
  7. That's a reyt post. ^^^^^ Sums up exactly how I feel - although I picked Bannan for MoM.
  8. The result.
  9. Can you imagine the wages of Zabaleta? He'll end up in China, States or Qatar.
  10. Carlos or Nigel Pearson please.
  11. Plus side, saved at least a grand - 2 returns on the train to london - 2 nights Hotel - various tube payments plus food and a few shandies - spend extra in Vegas next month now instead?
  12. Yes
  13. f u any Hudders fans reading. Cancelled Premier Inn at St Pancras St for 2 nights - Lenny Henry must wonder whats going on?
  14. Carlos - if not Pearson.
  15. I would.