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  1. Receives the ball and turns defence into attack almost instantly. Great 1st touch and rarely loses the ball.
  2. Westwood 7 Hunt 7 Lees 7 Loovens 7 Pudil 7 Wallace 7 Lee 8 Bannan 7 Reach 7 Hooper 7 (1st half awful - but goal and assist in 2nd) Fletcher 7 (1st half awful - but a goal and much better in second) Semedo 7 Rhodes 5 FF 5
  3. Jones must be injured - or he would have made bench at least...
  4. About 2 dozen left on the North.
  5. Next to the 'railings' where the wheelchairs go.
  6. Screens are still there on the North.
  7. North will sell out today - others stands filling up - see whether we are allowed to open up any other areas...
  8. Harry Gration supports York City.
  9. We have sold a lot more tickets for the Fulham game than the Derby game.
  10. Don't get the huge rush for tickets for this game - it could well be a dead rubber. The game v Derby is the big one - worry about the Fulham game after this.
  11. Refurb please. #keeptheowlsinhillsborough
  12. TA's bought the land - I think.
  13. Bringing.
  14. You and who's army ^^.