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  1. Keeper made great save, then he headed against the crossbar - then a defender blocked his goal bound shot just in front of the goal line. You missed all those chances?
  2. He could have had a hatrick in the 1st half alone on Tue v Brentford...
  3. Fox 4 - tried to forget he 'played'.
  4. Doesn't pick players based on form, that is what will cost him.
  5. Westwood 6 Hunt 6 Sasso 5 Loovens 6 Reach 5 Wallace 2 Abdi 5 Hutch 8 FF 6 Rhodes 4 CM 5 Bannan 5 Fletcher 3 How does Wallace get a game for Wednesday, and how does he stay on the pitch - fat little useless lump.
  6. Be more use there, maybe use his right foot to block a shot - just to get some use out of it.
  7. Still hope he might be back for the play-offs.
  8. And the save from the Keeper from close range?
  9. FF was great, and worked very hard - but kicking out at that player not long after, could have been a red with some of the numpties who have reffed us recently. 2 needless yellows in his last 2 games, a 2nd yellow last night would have meant a lengthy ban, considering he's already had a 3 match ban for a red this season...
  10. How was Rhodes ineffective?^^^ He missed a hat-trick of chances in the 1st half alone? 2 of which were laid on a plate by the "lazy waste of space" Palmer. If Rhodes keeps getting in those positions he will score loads - there was plenty of service into him last night.
  11. Were you even at the game oohaah? ^^ Rhodes could have scored 5 last night, Nuhiu wouldn't even have been in the box - Palmer 3 - created 3 great openings in the 1st half alone....
  12. Westwood 5 Palmer 7 Loovens 5 Sasso 5 Reach 6 Wallace 3 Abdi 6 Hutch 6 Bannan 4 FF 7 Rhodes 6 Macca 7 Fletch 4 Winnall 6 I counted about half a dozen outstanding crosses from Palmer, yet he puts 1 bad one in near the end and all hell breaks loose. On another day Rhodes would have scored 5, it will come. Wallace a complete waste of a shirt yet again - what is the point of him?
  13. I we don't win this we can forget about....
  14. Hutch doesn't need to be so deep - he was further up the field last season - he's almost a third centre back this season.