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  1. Good on her.
  2. I went to the 'Megastore' last week with some vouchers given to me for my birthday. Wondered round for 5 minutes and found nothing to buy. Even stuff with the now 'old badge' was £40, why when it is out of date? Reduce it and buy more new stock...
  3. Fap central
  4. You can say that again.
  5. Like lemon curd to the stew.
  6. Probably got face on because he's not starting. Came on, set up a goal - job done.
  7. Chansiri did say something along those lines at a meeting with supporters last season.
  8. Westwood 6 Hunt 6 Lees 7 Loovens 7 Pudil 5 Wallace 6 (awful 1st half - then cracking goal) Bannan 5 Hutch 8 Fletch 6 FF 6 Reach 6 Winnall 6 Palmer 6
  9. Arsenal yes, Brighton at home yes - the other 2 games he was bang average.
  10. At half time, Wallace comes off to be replaced by McManaman, then Reach for Winnall.
  11. WTF? Wallace gets a start, and no Fox. Assume rumours about Hooper's knock must be true...
  12. He will be sacked just before we play them. It is the rule.
  13. Westwood Palmer Lees Loovens Fox McManaman Hutch Bannan FF Fletch Winnall