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  1. FF McManaman Hunt Reach Buckley Matias Sasso
  2. Tudgay vs Pigs Matias vs Leeds Brunt vs Leeds Brunt vs Blackpool Wallace vs Fulham Harkes vs Derby Waddle vs Pigs Hamshaw vs Watford Di Piedi vs Sunderland
  3. In, 15
  4. About as threatening as Dave in the box
  5. Westwood 6 Hunt 6 Loovens 6 Sasso 3 Fox 8 Wallace 6 Bannan 6 Jones 7 Reach 6 Rhodes 6 Winnall 6 Fletcher 6 Semedo 5
  6. 0118 999 88199 9119 725 3
  7. Tbf there was nowt else to be excited about back then
  8. Him in his prime would be a real option here atm, even when we had him at 37 he won pretty much everything and was a very good foil for Lita/JJ/Madine
  9. He doesn't seem anything special, but is a solid defender
  10. Terry Yorath is available...
  11. Rowett is the sort of manager who will keep you in this league on a small budget, much like Stuart Gray. However, he doesn't have it in him to get teams out of this league.
  12. Rowetts teams play hoofball, the exact opposite of what Chansiri wants. It's be even more boring than present under him.
  13. Let's just hope none of them do or they'll all be on suicide watch
  14. Great names