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  1. http://www.thestar.co.uk/whats-on/out-and-about/firm-fined-163-200-000-over-death-fall-1-324632
  2. Don't show Fibonacci, he'll be outside the training ground with a sniper rifle waiting for him
  3. Wallace, Lunt, Nuhiu
  4. Have they been down to meet the lads yet? Uto
  5. Fletchers goal to mins ratio was something like 190, which is 20 a season form
  6. You wouldn't mess with Rob Jones or Semedo would you?
  7. Did no-one notice that as soon as Hooper and Lee were back, we started having a threat out wide, because Lee was always making runs into the channels down the right flank, meaning Wallace had space to create down the inside right area because Lee had dragged a man out of that area. So much of our thread comes through the combination play of Lee, Hunt and Wallace
  8. Sheffield: R U Mine - Arctic Monkeys International: Black Skinhead - Kanye West/ All of the Lights - Also Kanye
  9. Westwood Hunt Lees Hutch New Reach Abdi Lee FF Hooper Rhodes
  10. Jack Hunt. I don't think I'd ever seen someone manage to keep a ball in beautifully with their right, only for their left foot to have other ideas and hoof it into the south
  11. Something about the Pope?
  12. #godisone
  13. There'll be worse, this is the forum which wanted a round of applause for Des Walkers son, which makes this look positively sensible
  14. Cue that mental Fibonacci bloke going on an eight thread rampage about how Abdi is no better than Darren Potter
  15. Hunt, Lee, Wallace and Hooper are our best attacking combination, the amount of times they link up together to create chances is unbelievable