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  1. Just as long as they don't take Big Dave
  2. Let's get Dickie Bird umpiring The Wednesday CC matches too, and maybe Michael Parkinson hosting a pre-game talk show
  3. Somalia. Mogadishu born & bred pal, middle name was Abdi too
  4. Wildsmith 5 Palmer 6 Lees 7 Loovens 6 Pudil 6 Wallace 5 Bannan 6 Jones 7 Reach 6 FF 7 Fletch 7 McManaman 7 Joao 7 Dave 5
  5. Hull & Leicester away that first season back up, went to two very good sides and destroyed them on the break with JJ, Antonio, Lita, Wickham etc. Not many teams won at either of those teams that year
  6. Not the best, but they'd be a huge boost to our current team
  7. From my lifetime, Antonio and Brunt. All-time, Nilsson and Hirst
  8. I think Bannan was our only player creating anything for most of the game
  9. Jones - Steadied us, made some key tackles and generally had v good distribution
  10. bobbar, I knew it looked dodgy lol. Was looking for Uchechi
  11. Hi, I'm PuntItLikeDielna, and I'm an alcoholic.
  12. Only got Fletcher's Movember card so far, can't wait for more SWFC IF's/TOTS + Westwood's St Patrick's Day card to stick in a team with it
  13. 1) Talbot vs Hartlepool 2) Lee vs Toytown 3) Lee vs Bristol