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  1. Rowett is the sort of manager who will keep you in this league on a small budget, much like Stuart Gray. However, he doesn't have it in him to get teams out of this league.
  2. Rowetts teams play hoofball, the exact opposite of what Chansiri wants. It's be even more boring than present under him.
  3. Let's just hope none of them do or they'll all be on suicide watch
  4. Great names
  5. Westwood Hunt Loovens Sasso Pudil Macca Hutch Abdi Reach Rhodes FF
  6. Forestieri: almost singlehandedly dragged us back from oblivion
  7. Incredible in net tonight for Brentford, same story in reverse fixture. Surely destined for a career in the PL
  8. Tbf the Preston match really kicked off 2nd half
  9. I've got some news: it was actually Big Dave who fixed this to show Ian how nice he is
  10. Westwood, Lees, Loovens, Reach, Hutch, Lee, Abdi, FF, Rhodes, Fletch, Hooper, Maybe: Bannan, Joao, Hunt,
  11. He reads the game brilliantly, a little quicker and he'd be a PL centre half, not doubt about it
  12. Westwood 7 Hunt 7 Sasso 6 Loovens 8 Pudil 7 Bannan 6 Abdi 8 Hutch 7 Reach 7 FF 7.5 Rhodes 7 Fletch 7 Wallace 6 Winnall 6 Abdi MOTM
  13. Ran the game. Different class to everyone else
  14. Combine this song with footage of some of our best goals and you've nailed the 5 mins before the teams come out
  15. Semedo - UHT milk, no one really wants to drink it but it's always there as a willing back-up