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  1. Surely he Will have learned from this seasons mistakes, a couple of wise signings, more positive approach and were on our way
  2. Lets hope that he learns from this seasons mistakes, if he does then no reason for us not to expect automatic
  3. Some good and true assessments of our season and semi performances, hope DC takes note and tells CC to up his game
  4. Please no, worse than pardew
  5. Play not to loose and you wont win, its a losers philosophy
  6. First game fessie throws a wobbler and sets the tone for the season
  7. Hes on his way, to an old peoples home
  8. move on, we need to progress not go backwards
  9. Absolutely, first game at norwich when ff refused to play, great result that day but set the rot in, then poor recruitment
  10. Yep but it was a good game, guts n all, if we had shown the same passion would be booking our trip to Wembley
  11. Hope he can get a clean start next season
  12. Has been all season, they must get so frustrated with our style of play at times
  13. Just need him fit, just gets going then another injury, frustrating.