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  1. Sell him, not because he's a bad player, ccs tactics just dont suite him and cc wont change his ways, jr or not.
  2. Ide be the nicest person youd ever met if I was on his wage,
  3. Brian Clough to Leeds

    Not the best manager in the world but in the top one
  4. Official whingers and moaners thread

    Allways a tough game but this year we will nail it
  5. Joao

    We did offer joao, thats what scuppered it
  6. Official whingers and moaners thread

    Are we asking enough for dave, I mean 75 mill is a snip
  7. Team for Bolton

    Should do the job with that team but I would rest bannan, dont want him injured while hes on fire
  8. No need to change anything as long as we are winning but cc will
  9. Captain Bannan

    Him or Lees for me
  10. Team v Burton

    Makes sense but cc doesnt work like that, says he picks a team to suit the opponents
  11. Winnall to Leeds

    Also ideal for leeds style of play, but would we let him go, the money would be useful
  12. Winnall to Leeds

    He would be woods ideal replacement, good chance it could happen
  13. Fletcher

    Why did cc take him against udders, he was on fire then same as now, no good dwelling on the past but why oh why
  14. MoM player ratings etc

    We are gathering steam, no stopping us now
  15. Do we all feel a bit better now?

    I feel a million times better, double that cause I'm on the pop celebrating