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  1. Urby and fox spring to mind
  2. Hope we are not going down the same road as last year, no positive action or signings then panic signings of little use.
  3. Difference is it will be their cup finals and heights of their season, to carlos in particular will be approached as another game in the quest for promotion, the atmosphere, professionalism and quality will see our lads through
  4. maybe one step beyond
  5. dont forget our shop are one step behind to say the least, talk about poorly run?
  6. Agreed, lets hope he gets it right this time
  7. And the reason why we are not getting the best from our forwards, surely this has to change, especially at home, think we need a solid and more dominant midfield.
  8. Yep agree, its a funny carry on, hope its sorted for this season, some right money wasted last year
  9. Surely he has a say in the matter, I don't see him being told who to sign and not, ok he will be advised but is too strong a character to just ignore recruitment or yes I think he would be gone on his own accord
  10. the answer lies in midfield, too inconsistent and lightweight last season
  11. he just needs a consistent run of games then we can judge him, who knows if that will happen though
  12. I dont know much of this guy but opinions so far are not good, hope this is not the start of another CC recruitment disaster
  13. disappointment of the whole season i think, mainly boring football and the frustrations of injuries and under performers but yet we still made the play offs, amazing really so we should be buzzing yet most seem quite sombre, sums up how our expectations have changed i guess, hope CC makes some shrewd signings, changes the game approach especially at home and the likes of Hooper and Abdi can stay relatively injury free then we may get back that feel good factor.
  14. Surely he can't have had a worse season in his career so things can only get better, a good pre season will be a massive boost to all concerned
  15. Team depart for portugal 17th july