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  1. Old Thai saying that one I believe...
  2. You mad??

    Its brexit all over again...
  3. You mad??

    How is this a good idea? Just don't get some people. Let's encourage the best prospect we've had in years to leave...
  4. Spotted in taxi leaving Hillsborough

    Beat me to it... great minds
  5. Spotted in taxi leaving Hillsborough

    Sure I saw Dion Dublin play his last match at s6
  6. Westwood

    I think you mean rudd.
  7. lee

    Agree but when he doesn't have time to think his reactions and touch is fantastic, all his goals tend to come from balls that ping towards his feet and he has to use his first touch. Love him.
  8. Marshall!!

    Academy lads, third choices etc
  9. Marshall!!

    Rather be getting folk down from prem than up from L1
  10. Bannan was huge tonight. Losing Wallace after 5 minutes the turning point for me. Locked CC into tactics, needed to preserve subs, not to mention missing Wallaces creativity getting the ball in the box and set pieces. Pity just a little hamstring tweak can turn the game like that. Well played Huddersfield, couldnt break us down but there you go, got it to the lottery of penalties and did well. Glad Westwood saved one absolute legend.
  11. Ey up can't make match as its my lads 1st birthday, any pubs in Manc or Stockport showing it with massive in attendance? Cheers UTO
  12. Udders Forum slagging off Owlstalk

    45th in the league but the city is theirs?
  13. First half

    Yep this. Not been stretched at all, frustrate them till they make mistake and away on the break