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  1. It's like a rugby posts but with a football net below the crossbar with a keeper then two posts outside so I think 1 point for between outer posts, 2 points over the crossbar and a goal is worth 5 or something
  2. You need to add in the voyager probe now
  3. Aaaaaand another bump to his yardage...
  4. Quick someone pass me The Flapwrecker! UTO
  5. I'm working 11hour days 6days a week at the mo, be my guest
  6. And yet everything is made better with Alan Partridge...
  7. Seeing goal had got me thinking can anyone think of a player who has scored as many long range goals? Seems like he must average about 25 yards out per goal... need some of those yank style stats of yards successfully shot from. The only short range goal I remember was that lucky bobble over the keeper from 6 yards out...
  8. Good to see from another angle, don't understand how he managed to hit so hard that the TV camera could barely see it... ooooh. Also what an awful penalty. Ref should have booked the taker.
  9. Mate. Just.... mate. Fecking mint
  10. How did fessi take being subbed off this time?
  11. Basically its as good an argument against goal line technology as you can get. Vice versa if it was at the other end.
  12. Ball gets backspin of the bar that's why it can come out. not that it went in.
  13. Didn't see the handball off his man before he got sent off did he?