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  1. Depends how many playoff final t-shirts you buy. Go! Go go!
  2. 4XL That's why they're all still £55 a pop - 30k miles of fabric ordered for 15k shirts
  3. I like Lucas for his bursts of energy, his willingness to play deeper and find a pass in the build-up then run on, and the way he throws himself at anything in the box which has resulted in a couple of goals for nearby strikers standing off. But he's such an odd player to try to make room for - a big quick lad who acts like a small slow one, a target man who seems more comfortable trying to play like a little number 10, and a CF who always looks much more comfortable outside the box. WHAT IS LUCAS JOAO
  4. Yeah possibly, all a bit playground at the moment in the media innit? He said, she said. Both sides claiming they wanted to make it happen...I'm no rocket scientist but
  5. Speaking of Leeds, what do we really think was the issue there - better options for Monk, or new owners not guaranteeing him the financial backing he wanted to strengthen the squad? Really hope it's the latter because they massively overachieved with that squad this season. Can't see them being a major threat again next season if the team stays largely the same, whoever's in charge.
  6. I 'eard Liza Minnelli tried this version but it didn't scan
  7. Indeed, I should've said 'reclaiming their crown'.
  8. Even injury free and playing well, there's no way he fits in our team unless we drastically alter the formation. The fact that McManaman couldn't get a kick this season underlines that for me - not dissimilar sorts of players really, both likely to go MIA for spells in most games, but always a threat and likely to pop up with a couple of really key contributions in each half. Matias is never going to play in a midfield 3, we don't use wingers with the fullbacks we've got, so it'd likely need to be a 5 across the middle to fit him MM in. Can't see it. He seems jinxed here and I think he'd be wise to move elsewhere and be a headline-grabber in a league with a slower, less physical tempo.
  9. Never heard any of his colleagues call him that either. 'Nando' seems to be the go-to option.
  10. I didn't see it as CC not trusting Winnall, I think he's just been under immense pressure to make the Rhodes signing look a bit less extravagant. Even without the 'no goals without Rhodes' stat, the shrieking about recruitment would've been even louder if CC had Rhodes sat on the bench while our bargain 'Hooper hamstring insurance' striker started over and over.
  11. Aye fair enough - I suppose my comment was more a reflection of the fact that I've always felt just as happy to see Sasso's name on the team sheet as I have most of our other backline options, and yet he does always seem to have come under closer scrutiny than the likes of Palmer or Pudil to me. But yes, you're right, the red card in particular was daft even if it'd been his first game in a decade!
  12. Can see Leeds becoming this season's media circus team. Hopefully for all the right, healthy, slapstick comedy reasons.
  13. The thing that really clashed for me was that we apparently attempted to play this very modest, frugal, careful sort of game - to shore things up and grind out results with consistency, if not any real emphasis - and yet we've amassed an absolute hatful of strikers and no wingers. The signings we've made mean we can't possibly try to play the trendy 'one up top' game with a staggered five in the middle, it'd rightly cause uproar. We've arguably painted ourselves into a bit of a corner in that regard; the playing staff we've collected at Hillsborough mean we really ought to be playing a 4-3-3 or a variation of 3-5-2, but Carlos seems reluctant to experiment with such a dramatic shift. Not sure whether he'll feel more at liberty to do so this year or not, as I can't see the pressure easing off much this season vs last.
  14. All valid points of course, but I think with Sasso you have to temper criticism with the fact that whenever he plays, he's always going to be kind of rusty in terms of full matches and important fixtures. With that caveat in mind, I think he came in out of the cold and did very well.
  15. OP, please tick any/all that apply for clarity 45 Techniques of Humour by Category Language Allusion Bombast Definition Exaggeration Facetiousness Insults Infantilism Irony Misunderstanding Over literalness Puns/Wordplay Repartee Ridicule Sarcasm Satire Logic Absurdity Accident Analogy Catalogue Coincidence Comparison Disappointment Ignorance Mistakes Repetition Reversal Rigidity Theme/Variation Unmasking Identity Before/After Burlesque Caricature Eccentricity Embarrassment Exposure Grotesque Imitation Impersonation Mimicry Parody Scale Stereotype Action Chase Slapstick Speed