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  1. Hudds aren't strong or dynamic enough. Mooy has a quiet game, Kachunga misses out and they suddenly look very ordinary. It's all a bit lacklustre. All season I'd genuinely fancy us against them more than any other team in the current top 10, and nothing showing currently to change that. Interesting to hear the squad/tiredness argument, see where they're coming from but last season we were also strong and full of energy going into last couple of games and playoffs, much more so than our rivals. The Wolves game helped but CC's post-Xmas rotation policy proved pivotal. Great squad management then and now. Hudds and Leeds (Wood notwithstanding) are both just a bit toothless IMO. Without Kermogant, Reading often look the same. Great chance for us as it stands.
  2. Read middle part of that link as 'dreamtug'. Saving that one for Wembley.
  3. Turnstile in the knackers when the bloke operating it fails to release the catch properly EVERY SINGLE TIME....priceless
  4. Wish we had a nice ground and fans by a river. Oh, wait.
  5. Has any human ever looked more like a Scotch egg than Gary
  6. Every game has felt intimidatingly important this year, in a way that they just didn't for a lot of last season (as thrilling as the last third of it was). My main highlight has been seeing how well the team have dealt with that pressure throughout, with maybe just two or three little hiccups. The weight of expectation must've been crushing, especially coupled with the disgruntlement at our 'safer' footballing approach and the intense battle for team places, and I think it's remarkable that the lads have coped so well as a cohesive SWFC unit and continued to do the business for the most part.
  7. Yep he looked really peed off, clapped the fans and gave Semi a big bear hug though so thankfully wasn't a full flounce. Tbf I bet it was awful being injured and watching Rhodes & Winnall come in. He's playing brilliantly though, his calm link-up play and physical strength are so noticeable. Tough for Sam at the mo but I'm thrilled we have such amazing rotation options from start of next season, wherever we are. We should be able to field a genuinely dangerous team every week.
  8. Hooper was getting right in a few players' ears yesterday for most of second half, Rhodes was certainly one of them. I was getting a bit annoyed with it, as he seemed to be telling everyone around him exactly where to play. But then he scored and we won, so I thought "ah, ok, Hoops next captain then?"
  9. Ach fair play fella, was only being daft but didn't think. Sorry pal.
  10. Best wishes for a smooth and speedy recovery fella
  11. State of that ringtone volume, are you Dom Joly
  12. This but with Hendo's
  13. Imagine surviving a war and then they go and do that to you
  14. I had that away kit but man oh man the material. It was like wearing a Bounce dryer sheet
  15. He might not obviously have been missed in terms of a points total - that's because August and January windows saw us bring in at least four midfielders with Premier League experience either on permanent or loan deals, and still we've massively struggled to play the free-flowing game we were known for last season. Lee has been missed terribly by those of us that like to see Wednesday move the ball up the field in quick triangles that carve apart the opposition, rather than pass it around the back four for 25min waiting for someone to make an incisive run before the crowd gets restless and someone just lumps a hopeful one up to a striker's head. Lee is the heart and the engine of what gets our midfield moving. Until we signed Reach, Lee was our only true box-to-box player - his absence has been a big part of the reason we keep seeing Bannan coming so frustratingly deep to collect the ball from Lees and Loovens, as well as why our fullbacks' movement up the wings in triangles hasn't been as effective or resulted in as many clear crossing positions. Welcome back KL, total machine. Don't overdo it and prang yerself lad.