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  1. Well the tipsy stranger's credibility just skyrocketed for me, welcome to S6 Mr Lonergan
  2. Still, nice to hear that he was doing. He's a relatively shy lad I'm sure, doesn't tend to look at all comfortable in the few press conferences he's done. Doesn't hurt his game and it's always good when players aren't loudmouth bigheads, but yeah I'd worry he's too quiet to captain. He may yet prove me wrong, which would be fab.
  3. From the current crop it would surely have to be Westy or Hutch, no question really. Fletcher is the only other candidate I can see, and you wouldn't want a striker in that role IMO. Bannan has a tendency to grumble in-game when up against it.
  4. Literally don't think I've ever seen him speak during a game. And only about twice off-field. Great player and lad but suspect he'd be uncomfortable as regular playing captain.
  5. Depends how often you dip in there.
  6. They're practically opposites in terms of what they bring to the table. We've got at least three others who do what Hirst does, but physically stronger and with more experience. Winnall in particular looks a very similar sort of player from what we've seen. Nuhiu, for better and worse, offers something unique in our squad (and division, more or less).
  7. I see the rejection of this bid more as Wednesday saying "look, for £1m - which doesn't really help us that much in our current healthy-ish financial situation - we might as well spend the next six months trying to figure out an extension, an exciting loan placement for him, or how to engineer a better fee & sell-on deal." £1m doesn't put much of a dent in FFP budgets - the only money issue holding us back at the moment - so IMO it's worth the gamble to twist on Hirst rather than fold at the first opportunity.
  8. That calamari and Estrella late lunch probably didn't help either
  9. Fair enough, I wondered if it was perhaps too costly to open a 9.5k seater stadium for a few fat lads with sunburn
  10. Interesting* that they're not playing this at Portimonense's home ground, the Estádio Municipal de Portimão. This one's another 30km away. Wonder why that is? *not that interesting
  11. That music's actually properly good
  13. According to statistics I just made up, this answer could be used to close 97.4% of all OT threads within two posts.