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  1. Pocognoli/Dijks Boyd Hanley Irvine Huddlestone/Surman Ince
  2. Pocognoli from the Baggies...he'd do nicely.
  3. Just wondering....how would people feel about Rui Faria (Mourinho's No.2) becoming our manager if CC departs?
  4. Would rather have Pardew to be honest. At least he has intonation and cadence to his speech. Imagine the pressers... Moyes sounds like yer man off Ferris Bueller. " Bueller.....Bueller......Bueller......Bueller.....Bueller.."
  5. Former military mate, wouldn't join a union if my life depended on it. Hopefully sometime tonight, providing the world doesn't go bang. I'm flattered you can't wait for me to make a swallocks of myself!
  6. Somebody has probably said it but the season after next we have to name club developed players in the matchday squad. I hope we implement this as a club this year so next year they have a season under their belts.
  7. I'm on nights tonight, I'll be back later to stick my two penn'orth in. Nice challenge, a few more like that and it'll be August again.
  8. Completely agree, we don't need more strikers. We do need pace though. Other areas need strengthening too so sell a striker or two and unfortunately Winnall looks like the one unless we can pull out of the Rhodes deal which I think is a non starter. So options... 1.Wingers are too easily nullified and rarely have end product. There are some half decent options but would CC play them? 2. Pace from full back is current thinking but we'd need two and they wouldn't be cheap. 3. From heart of midfield, Carlton-esque,? 4. Young on loan striker with bags of pace maybe lacking on end product but it's more for the space they would create and threat. I've always said my personal preference is from the heart of midfield. A galloping runner who can take slow, central midfielders for a run and get beyond. Like Lee but instead of drifting, being a little bit more aggressive about it.
  9. Yes Del Boy, one day we will be millionaires! Yeah looking back, I was thinking we paid a couple of million for him, we didn't did we, it was add ons and stuff. I think we could still get a decent fee for Winnall. What did we pay for him? I can't recall off the top of my head. I think Nuhiu is still very handy for somebody. Most managers have said during his time here that he is difficult to play against, even if we as supporters didn't see it. I don't think 1m is impossible. Anyway, the point is moot. Even if we did get 4m, I don't think there is anybody available with pace, with reputation for that sort of money, so certainly not for less. My error Holmowl, I didn't express that the way I meant. I like Fletcher and he is that huge upgrade on Nuhiu. What I was trying to say is that unless somebody made a banana's bid for him, I don't see him as a player we could sell readily. He will probably see out his career here unless he goes this close season for a last crack at the PL which I have to say is doubtful. I see Rhodes and Fletcher fulfilling the same role and to a lesser degree Hooper and Winnall (which makes Wednesday nights team selection all the more baffling). One of the ingredients we are missing is a pacy striker. I think what funds we have, must go elsewhere. So to bring in a striker I think we have to generate the cash from the sale of a striker and other "bloatware".
  10. One or two players with scary pace and the oppositions defence sits 5-10 yards deeper so they don't get caught in behind. 5-10 yards extra space for the midfielders to work with, to find space in. You also have those players on the pitch to catch the opposition out when they do push up. Its a double edged sword. Its been our one standout fundamental weakness in the last two seasons. Coupled with lack of runners from midfield when Kieran Lee wasn't playing we lose/lack two major tools for pushing the opposition back a number of yards and prevent or at the very least, make it more difficult for them to play a prolonged pressing game against us. It also creates space for the midfield to have time on the ball to play the killer pass. Without sending this into another shopping list thread, along with Jackson Irvine we need a regular starter with pace. My preference is for it coming from up top if its not coming from a blood and thunder runner from midfield. Wingers are all well and good but they come up against quick and nimble full backs, somewhat negating the effect. I said Scott Hogan last year. That ship has sailed. I'd happily let Nuhiu go as we don't need his height anymore. Fletcher is not going anywhere at this stage of his career. Obviously we wouldn't sell Hooper and I think Rhodes is here to stay. Which leaves Winnall and Hirst as saleable commodities because we really don't need an additional striker. That's just compounding the bloated squad we have. So say we did a shrewd bit of business for Winnall and Nuhiu and had 4 million. I wouldn't add anything to that because whatever war chest CC or a new manager get will need to be spent elsewhere. The strikers have to be cost neutral for me. Who is available for that sort of money with genuine pace? Not many I would hazard a guess. So to get back to the OP, just to add pace to the squad it would have to be a loan for somebody of Tammy Abraham's pedigree.
  11. Jackson Irvine Tom Lawrence Jota Elphick All good shouts. I would add... Pocognoli Skalak George Boyd?? Maybe a bit of a long shot but looks like contract talks have stalled at Burnley and he's 31. Still think he would tear this league a new one.
  12. No experts on here, I think everyone is giving their opinion of him. I have to agree with those who would let him leave if the right offer came along. 6 wins on the bounce and he was an impact player at best coming off the bench. I think he contributes to the inconsistency we show and as some have pointed out, Knockaert is a classic example of consistent contribution for large parts of the season.
  13. As good as FF is, I think he contributes to inconsistency. Yes he is capable of the absolute sublime but he is difficult to predict and checks out, feints, checks again and so on. Ask any striker and its as annoying as hell. You have no idea if he is going to whip in a cross, shoot, pass and go...Take the 6 games at the end of the season, where was FF? On the bench or not in the squad. We suddenly started picking up points and looked relatively comfortable. He's obviously worth keeping, but if I thought for one second that we could let him go for a good fee and brought in a tall, athletic box to box all round midfielder, a quality wide midfielder and a left back with a little extra cash added to his fee, I think its a sale worth considering. Alas, I think his big fee has probably gone on the back of this season. So I'd possibly go with... Fletcher Rhodes Hooper Winnall
  14. I enjoy CC, I think he has been a complete breath of fresh air on our club. There is however, only one question to answer with regard to going forward. a. Do we replace Carlos now, falling into that same routine that most clubs do, in search of the formula/spark to get us up into the Premier League? OR b. Do we keep him, disregard the obvious shortcomings, and continue the rebuilding of the club that has seen our Academy/Development players prosper, year on year improvement, stability and pride back to the club?
  15. We need both. Its no good playing one particular way. We've all complained about the lack of plan B this year. The best sides play a certain way, but when that is not working they change very quickly and fluidly. You need wide midfielders/wingers, a striker who drops short, a striker who plays on the shoulder, a midfielder who can get beyond, a midfielder who can do the dirty stuff, two full backs who are mobile for 90 minutes and know how to defend when called upon and most of all you need the Manager to recognise when we are becoming bogged down. There is no one cure. There is however improving the squad with quality and variety to adapt to different games if our main style of play isn't working. We don't do "I told you so" on here very well....but I would say 75% of us called for a tall mobile midfielder with legs to get up and down, pace either up front or out wide, better left back ( I think Hunt did enough toward the end to warrant staying). What that tells me is that if supporters are in agreement over players we are missing from the squad, that is a sign that it is glaringly obvious we are lacking something and should be to the manager.