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  1. I have to admit, I had a bit of a chuckle this afternoon wondering whether the now infamous silence from S6 is because we will indeed return to stripes. I mean what better way to get people clamouring for our kit than to return to the much loved stripes. Anyway...we will see soon enough.
  2. Bazza doing keepie uppie with an imaginary ball?
  3. Can't work out if he's sleeping or on his vinegar strokes...... No wonder Pudil was smiling.
  4. Yeah it does mate otherwise I'd have Dr. Before me name and charge people a fortune for my pearls of wisdom. Even then they can get it wrong. Going by your rationale Hutchinson would be selling programs at Stamford Bridge now instead of being a first team regular at Sheffield Wednesday Football Club. You sir, are wrong.
  5. Nah mate that's a truffle hunter, snuffling around in it's own excrement looking for a bite.
  6. I appreciate the humour, I really do. My opinion is still the same. Until the man flat out disrespects the club, the supporters or his colleagues he gets my support as a player for Sheffield Wednesday Football Club. So he's out of form, looks fragile, no power. I remember DEH coming back after one injury and looking like he couldn't kick a ball without fear of breaking summat. It's frustrating for us but it's probably soul destroying for him knowing that his body keeps letting him down. As for the grade A f**cking numpty who suggested he retire, karma comes around you immature muppet. Apologies to the kids.
  7. Sorry mate...the wife was stood behind me when I was typing so I had to sound grown up. What I wanted to say was stop being f***ing wet and cop the f**k on and support the club...but that lands me in trouble with both the mods and the wife. How are the fair folk of Dingle mate? My wife took my mother and mother in law over there last week for a day out.....I'm hoping nobody has found them yet.
  8. Behave fella...he's making an effort to make money. The better the club does the better he does, like every other Chairman/owner. We've stagnated for so long that getting this club generating meaningful revenue is no small feat. He's engaged with the supporters in a way that would have seemed fanciful 10 yrs ago. I've already said I fully expect stripes when we return to the PL. We'll break sales records and kit wise, these last two years will have achieved their aim.
  9. Or simply a player lacking in confidence having been out for so long and not wanting another spell in the treatment room? Is that MM's fault or the management/medical staff for not correctly recognizing if he was ready or not for a return physically and mentally? Many different factors that we are not privy to. Make an assessment after a run of a few games, if he gets them.
  10. Yeah great word that......moist I had a shipmate who used to saunter up to the best looking girl in the place and ask her to say "moist". Worked every time....Mind you it helped that he was a CD, Devonport Field Gunner and looked like Harrison Ford in his pomp. I somehow think I would have got a right hander to the grid if I'd done that!
  11. Spot on mate. Guardiola is a Bielsa man. His full backs do tuck in and create a three with a central midfielder. Pochettino who is also a Bielsa disciple plays it differently. I've often thought we'd be better asking our full backs to do this rather than our 'wingers'.
  12. If he'd been chopped in half by a Keane-esque horror tackle or had his leg smashed à la Ian Knight, would your sympathy tank be a little more moist? Is Marco Matias supposed to phone his employer and waive his wages because he is unable to play, and I do mean play because he still has to go to work even if that means rehabilitation. If he contributes to the final 8 games of the season and gets us over the line into the top 2 will he still have been an awful signing? Finally, do you think any sportsman or woman playing or competing professionally is happy to be in the treatment room or just drawing a wage? If you do then you don't know the mindset of a professional athlete. Maybe the new medical team will have a fresh approach, modern thinking and we might see a little more of MM, AA et al. There is no love in, just the best of hopes and wishes for him and for us. He's a Wednesday player and providing he doesn't disrespect our club, its supporters or his colleagues then he deserves nothing short of our very best support.
  13. Nope, its an observation of changing attitudes and my perception of the current atmosphere amongst our brethren on here. Mostly its a dig at the poster who decided it would be a good idea to just have a pop at a player who has had a bad run with injuries and the management team who have seen us qualify for the play offs two years on the bounce. Clear?
  14. Every time I read a post from Geoffrey I think he must chase parked cars for a living, such is the level of stupidity. I already have a list of volunteers for the platoon of brown stains...its rapidly turning into a regiment.
  15. Cheers....way to go...love that support for all things Wednesday. Wait, whats that I hear? A volunteer for the platoon of brown stains... Seriously, the negativity on here at the moment toward certain players, the management, the Chairman. If you don't like it......f**k off and support the truffle hunters or our Deliverance-esque neighbours. You don't deserve any good times. It just shows how times have changed. When we got relegated in 1990, there was an air about the club and the supporters that just said, "we are getting promoted". The rest is history. We have narrowly missed out on promotion for two years straight and you would think DC had pulled the plug and flogged everybody. Moan, moan, moan, drip, drip, drip... Personally I hope the man comes good and shuts a few numpties up, but hey that's me, that's the easier thing to do. You know, support the club... Gripe over. How was your day? Actually don't bother, I'll be reaching for the diazepam.