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  1. Now we know you're on the wind up....... I will agree, I think he has limitations. He drifts forward and into space when sometimes I'd love to see our "running" midfielder to go on a 40 yard lung buster like Carlton used to, but the awful performances were because we were shoe horning midfielders into positions they weren't comfortable and I don't remember too many of them last season. He is absolutely integral to a 4-4-2 system. He can do all that Jones can do and get forward. Personally, I would like to see us in a 4-2-3-1 where I think he offers everything he would in a 4-4-2 plus it moves Bannan/Reach and Wallace further forward and thats before you add FF to the mix. We continue as we are for the moment, but he is the only midfielder willing to run from deep to get up and alongside our forwards and make the 5th attacker. My guess is if we make the play offs with a game to spare, he will start that and I would expect him to start a play off semi.
  2. Had a quick look earlier but never realised it had a roof. Any idea what it looked like before it was refurbished? Was it a sizeable stadium before?
  3. Who said anything about Wembley? Sorry let me explain... On some radio programme in Denmark, we as a club, were mentioned in a discussion about the Danish national stadium (which is also FC Copenhagen's ground) and some redevelopment. A friend working over there heard our name and asked a colleague who I assume was Danish what the discussion was about. He said it was something about the national stadium and redevelopment. Where Wednesday got into that discussion is anybody's guess. I mentioned it because when I looked up the stadium on t'internet it turns out to be a 38,000 capacity stadium that was refurbed in the early 90's. I put 2 and 2 together and probably got 5 but I wondered ( with the discussions from the steering group meeting and countless discussions on here) have we have looked at that particular stadium as an example of how a similar capacity stadium can be refurbished and what the cost might be. It's interesting for me because even if we did go for new stadium, it would be nice to see a traditional 4 sided stadium rather than some "soulless bowl" as some have put it. Which led me to the question, if this is something in the pipeline, new ground or refurbishment?
  4. I think the stadium in Copenhagen is the national stadium as well as a club stadium. It was refurbished a long time ago according to Wiki, over 25 years ago.
  5. Take with a complete pinch of salt because I can't verify this, but there was something mentioned on Danish radio about us and the national stadium about 2 months ago. As I say, I can't find any verification. It was a friend doing some work in Denmark in telecoms and heard something on the radio about us. When he asked a colleague, he said it was something to do with the national stadium and redevelopment, somewhere in there was Sheffield Wednesday. That's it....I can't tell you anymore because that is all he spoke about it. He just mentioned it in general chit chat knowing I was a Wednesday fan. Interesting because its not your "soul-less bowl", rather a distinct 4 sided stadium. Plus its not new from the foundations up, it was a complete revamp of the old stadium. So maybe we are definitely in the fact finding stage of either new ground or refurbishment. I don't suppose its unrealistic that DC would weigh up both options so if the time comes he can give figures and examples if he is going to consult the fan base. Any Danish based Owls heard anything? Mods feel free to delete if it turns out I've the wrong end of the stick...
  6. 4 touches......generally all it takes these days. The wife is sooooooooo disappointed...
  7. I reckon when Reach was a youngster and all the way up through U18's and development squads, he probably had the best of most full backs because he's tall and his stride would have taken him away from most of them. Fast forward to regular Championship football and its not so easy for him to beat quick experienced full backs, hence he doesn't have enough time to deliver a quality ball. This is something he will learn to deal with or not. Personally, I don't think he will ever be a wide left midfielder without any pace until he's learned much more about the game and finds more than one way to skin the proverbial cat. In this respect, time is on his side. However, as many have said on here, I completely agree that he has a great engine. I think he would give KL a run for his money in this aspect of his game. When Kieran Lee got ruled out for most of the second half of the season, I think we should have looked at Reach as replacement. The engine, the long stride (as proved against Birmingham) will get him away from most central midfielders, who aren't built for turning like full backs. He's done damage to teams through the middle and he would have given us what we have really lacked for large periods this season, someone to break from centre midfield. Anyway, its gone now. If he finds himself in the centre of midfield at some stage maybe we'll see if I'm right, but I know I would much prefer him in there with Hutchinson rather than Bannan or Jones.
  8. Guns and civvies are an even worse mix.
  9. Its quite simple really, we don't have a runner from midfield and we miss Kieran Lee in this respect. If you are playing 4-4-2 you absolutely have to have one midfielder prepared to break the lines frequently. Otherwise 2 fullbacks and 2 centre halves line up against 2 wingers/wide midfielders and 2 central strikers. What changes this is one midfielder prepared to get beyond and make one of their midfielders track him. Thus creating space for your midfield partner and making the numbers in attack total 5. Its the same if you play 4-2-3-1 or any other system, you must have someone willing to make the extra attacker. Yes wide players help to stretch the play and yes you must move the ball with purpose, but without someone willing to get forward, make slow central midfielders turn and collapse back on their own defenders, you don't increase your chances of scoring. I'd love to see a Carlton Palmer type in our side, it would give Bannan more room, it would give our players something to aim at (because its easier to hit 5 square yards around a mobile target than 1 square yard at someone's feet). It would give us an out ball, it would be a semblance of a plan B. Without Kieran Lee, we do not have anybody willing to break into the box. Think of the game against Brum at home, away to Brizzle, three breaks from midfield by Reach and three goals, similar story with play off semi last year with Kieran Lee. Its not rocket science.
  10. Exactly this.......^^^^^^ we moan when we aren't making revenue, we moan when the Chairman makes revenue. By having a change of direction in shirt design we have made money. We will again next year with anniversary design. Good business sense... If it generates revenue and the take up is like this year then I don't have a problem with it as long as it's blue and white. If he increases income overall and it allows us to invest on the field I wouldn't care what we togged out in. My guess is he will keep with different designs and then it wouldn't be a surprise if the stripes reappear if we get back in the PL and for another season we break sales records. We were stuck in a financial/business hole for years. Let the man do what he's obviously very good at and make money. Only then if we don't move forward as a club can we judge the man on his changes.
  11. Depends on the form of the team as a whole, but in a 4-4-2 diamond with Abdi at the tip, Lee and Bannan in CM and Hutch at the defensive tip, BUT with the full backs showing the form they have recently in getting forward. Interestingly, I think Wallace could do the job at the tip of the diamond too. Personally I prefer 4-2-3-1 but we've done that to death.
  12. Mazel Tov! It's true then.....ugly bulls do make nice calves! My warmest congratulations to you and your good lady!
  13. It was a save......
  14. Ooooh....I do like a bit of Bielsa.
  15. If I'm driving and see blonde hair and short skirt, I'm using the mobile phone to take a pic......so I'm turning then alright. Probably because I'm not in control of the car. Will we take bets on the time when the mods close the thread down?