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  1. Where did he go?
  3. It'll rock I'm sure of it. Keep having thoughts of goal celebrations in front of the kop...!
  4. At last!!! Got two tickets after 6+ hours. Good job I've got no work to do....
  5. I hope so, still need a ticket though. Roll on 2pm tomorrow an hope they've not sold out. :)
  6. EE & KK on sale now?
  7. Yep! Still, at least we'll get the same number at Wembley!!!!
  8. Touch & go then....!
  9. Got 50+ points so hoping I get a ticket but we'll see! Didn't it make general vs Brighton? Know we've got more ST holders & members but they could buy two tickets last year IIRC.
  10. Guess I know but any chance of it making it to 50+ points? Didn't a few hundred tickets make it to general last year + it's only one ticket per id - wasn't it two last year?
  11. Does any one know if they sold 15k+ for the 50% refund?