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  1. I am 58, so this one for me, sorry no stripes in it!
  2. Well for me the retro 60's kit would be fine by me, its the shirt i grew up with, didnt know anything before the blue body with white sleeves and if Owlstalk was around at the time of the change I would have posted against going back to stripes. However, i grew to like the stripes, and I have grown to like this years strip. Its only a kit after all, but what do I know, I'm only a fan!
  3. Season finished well League Division Two table at close of 1958-59 season Pos Team Pld W D L GF GA GAvg GD Pts 1 Sheffield Wednesday 42 28 6 8 106 48 2.208 58 62 2 Fulham 42 27 6 9 96 61 1.574 35 60 3 Sheffield United 42 23 7 12 82 48 1.708 34 53 4 Liverpool 42 24 5 13 87 62 1.403 25 53 would have been 90 points in modern money
  4. 03 Jan 1959 Sheffield Wednesday v Ipswich Town W 3-1 League Division Two Don't remember it though!
  5. Well my take on it having been a regular for 50 odd years is that it can fall a little flat when there is not much happening on the pitch, or we sit back and invite the opposites on, as was the case v Brum and Blackburn. Error after unforced error breeds frustration and discontent which naturally manifests itself in the groans and moans, no room for booing though. However, over the past many home players, mangers, opposite mangers and players have said its a great place to play, that the atmosphere can be intense, uplifting for the home team and intimidating for the opposites. Perhaps it is one of those grounds where all the atmosphere is projected onto the pitch but lost in the stands? or it is only our own viewpoint from where we are sat. Do think the North is much quieter this season though. One of my earliest memories of Hillsborough, when I was a nipper, my Dad used to take us on the South, all three sides of the ground would be signing and chanting except ours, I would ask my Dad when could we sing and chant, "when those around you start" he replied. Never did get to sing until I was old enough to go on my own on the Kop.
  6. Oughtabridge?
  7. Why are you having a dig at us Northstanders. I do mumble along to the odd ditty started on the Kop with indecipherable words when I can, but all this jumping up and down (bouncing i think they call it these days) is just not on. Last home game they made me spill my Bovril all over my corned beef sandwiches!
  8. I wonder if the difference these days is it being in the written word on a forum. In "the old days" we would only have such discussions in the pub (or at work) over the course of the week following a game, and a lot of the opinions expressed were just the same as most of those on here, and just as far apart and extreme at times. We would discuss, argue, shout, abuse each other, then sup up (not if at work obviously) shake hands and go home, ready to start it all over again the following week. The forums have however, not only amplified these opinions, but put them to a bigger audience than the 5 or 6 guys around a tap room table, so more people to debate with, and get uppity with. As far as this season goes, I am content with where we are at, but still hoping for a bit more as some of the performances have been disappointing, and I want us to be playing better, especially in front of the cameras. However at the start of this season we all thought (knew) it was going to be tougher this time around, and we were worried about the 3 relegated teams with their quality and money. Well we have beaten one of those at home, one away, and drawn against the other away, and Villa and Norwich are still below us in the table. Not all bad, and plenty to be optimistic about, but I can understand some of the so called "negativity" because we all want better, and see better really. last comment and its the same old adage, debate the post, not the poster, please stop the abuse and the need to put into camps, just debate
  9. Because there is only one team in Sheffield maybe?
  10. What a good piece by Sky with Kirkland and Westwood before the game tonight. speaks well as a pundit too, always liked him
  11. Is he not still on a season long loan at some small Italian team?
  12. Well I had a dream last night (No! not that one!) and a proper dream, not some made up fantasy about what you would like to happen, but one of those weird subconscious ones that you have no control over. Towards the end of the dream I sat down to watch Barcodes V Owls (for some reason in the family home I left in 1980) and we won 3-1 with me going crazy with disbelief as each goal went in. It was so real that I eventually woke the missus up cheering and applauding, I was so disappointed when I realised it was only a dream. It was so incredibly real though, and obviously a sign I tell thee, so my predication is . . . . . 2-0 loss
  13. We are going to win tomorrow FACT
  14. Just stumbled across this from Coventry fans on the blades pages, some interesting comments about the 2 Sheffield Teams Coventry 1-2 Blades
  15. I was talking through my eyes as a child of the 60's not as a historian, it was our shirt when I became aware that I was an Owl, and I think then Ipswich were all blue with white trim, like Everton. Obviously we did not copy Arsenal because they were red! I remember watching us v Arsenal on black n white TV, no away kit in those days when no clash, but on the telly the shades of grey were indecipherable, had to look for the cuffs and sock tops to tell the teams apart.