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  1. So never
  2. Should I have a tuna sandwich
  3. Like the idea and looks nice and modern but there are two issues with it the kop is one of the only stands that Dosent really need redeveloping just repairing New cladding or paint take out pillars wider gangways apart from that it's pretty good and atmosphere wise it's rather good too but still like the idea of filling out the space were all the grass/ trees are
  4. Heard people wanting ince from Derby but I think Barrow would be a better option firstly he is young and had played championship games and a few prem games he is as fast if not faster than ince also he has goals and assists In him as he has shown also seen as Swansea are his parents club and don't seem to have much intention to use him he could go cheaper than ince too
  5. The team has had a good 2 years and I think most championship fans would be happy if their club was in our situation. Weve built on and continuing to do so and chansiri has made a good choice to keep Carlos on and not do a Derby or piggies error of a new manager and team at the start of every season and keep on taking and rebuilding the team. We have our fire place and now we just need to add fuel to the fire and turn the jazzy music to the rock and go for it next season We need to get behind our boys next year and like the boys use the upsets of the play offs to spurr us on as well as them, finish the job third time round and get back to the promised land Probarbarbly
  6. Staying in the championship mean we get 4 home games a year extra than being in the prem
  7. De gea lahm ramos pique alaba kante Pogba kroos Messi Ibrahimovic Ronaldo
  8. Maybe as Matias but he would have to be ready in two weeks
  9. I don't know, anyone got the karaoke book Havent done im sexy and I know it for a while
  10. It was for dj smiles Eurovision performance
  11. Lees was superb today, tonight bannan didn't do too bad and winnall had a good impact coming on thought pudil struggled to get into the game
  12. Agree, he needs loaning out cause my grandad said yesterday about him being a bit lightweight but you can see why he stands out and is very clever, he could be a very important player for us in 3 years but he won't be if he is spending too much longer in the development, look at beckham and Kane they all got loaned out young and look where they were a 21 years old
  13. We'll make sure when you ring up don't do this and don't blame your uncle k0bhead
  14. Well credit to you, it will pay off for him in the end if he keeps battling through it, all the best for you and your lad Wawaw
  15. I remember bannan doing an interview saying last year he had 21 family members with him for the final at wembely so I wouldn't be surprised if there isn't a fair few players family, still you would of thought the club would have agreed somewhere else to accommodate them