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  1. Welcome home all owls who made the trip out to Portugal What were your thoughts on how we played and individuls Hope you get over the jet lag ;)
  2. Your missing last years star signing Jake kean on the list
  3. They haven't got a blooming clue have they ?
  4. It's actually a good idea we could give a coach firm sponsor ship for a stand or be one of the clubs main sponsors for free and in return we get free coach travel Not only making the fans happier with the option of free travel but the coach firm happier with low price advertisement
  5. Sorry but Wallace hasn't been dreadful these past 2 seasons In the 6 game winning run who kept on putting the corners and crosses in that kept that run going? Who had scored numerous 4/5 worldies in the last season? Who has been consistent all of last season im not saying Boyd is a bad option but I think it's Wallace's shirt to loose as I think he is one of the key players in this side
  6. The one of the kop is quite good, I sat the row behind and we had no complaints about the view
  7. Seen wildsmith a few times, nice bloke and happy for photos Also seen fox walking round a bit with his family, didn't want to intrude
  8. - Rhodes scored 2 in 30 minutes - Reach was taking frequent shots and scored and hit the post twice - Nuhui scored - Some of our u23 squad got a run about - We played some good football - it's only the first pre season game and another month till the start of the season granted it is a lower rated team but we still had to show respect to them and we kept our heads down and the lads were playing for the shirt already by the looks of things I can't wait for this season already!! Uto
  9. Just depends on the club we might like to give players new kits every few months or so a kit from the megastore may be the best Manchester United players are given 1 kit per year and if they break it or give it away they have to pay for replacement but at wednesday they might encourage players to give kit away to fans at the end of game seen as it is less expensive and connects the fans and players All depends on the club really
  10. Forward passing ?
  11. I forgot to ask this on the tour last year however on the Manchester United tour I went on at Christmas they said most premiership teams do have a better quality shirt and Manchester United replica shirts cost £50 pound and the ones the players wear are about £150
  12. I thought I turned up for the Scottish nation team ??
  13. Wow sag have really been kind to us , surprised they didn't give the whole stadium to Syp and and have netting every 4 Collums so the gangways don't get too crowded and while there at it they might and well close the vomitaries
  14. First part of the season he didn't really inspire me but after the shoulder injury he really did look positive and glimpses of the winger we should be looking at, I would have liked to give him a few more chances but at the end of the day good luck to him
  15. Did you win the argument ??