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  1. I would expect one of them to get a run out against Chessa in the cup. Only way to see if they sink or swim playing in games which mean something to the 1st team.
  2. It's got to be the old guy who sold the star in the ground many years ago. Used to throw his cap in the air much to the amusement of all... Not the current guy who tries to sell programs in front of the North tho. Can't understand what he shouts...sounds like "evenin stannitt" or something!!!
  3. Ante Mirocevic's love child???
  4. Or sit on a footbal and get Simonsen to kick it to the train station....You may overshoot to Meadowhall tho
  5. Oh and I want one.....
  6. good spot....
  7. I didn't think we were that connected. On this forum we only have adversaries...
  8. slipped stitch under the C
  9. have we now got 12 on the pitch
  10. BU (Bullen) K (Kieren Lee) T (Tom Lees) A (Atdhe) OMG they are all at it!!!
  11. I thought everything was 350........
  12. I've got a cousin called Kevin.....
  13. which was?
  14. quick...think of something innovative, funny or rude...maybe get on today's leaderboard.