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  1. get a room you two!!!!
  2. I would love something like this. The tree huggers and their yellow ribbons would put a stop to it tho. Someone has already mentioned about the uniqueness of the Kop garden....
  3. Is pitch cam back up and running again. I would pay good mon...hang on I already do
  4. some of the turnstiles don't appear to work at most games...
  5. Didn't win... but all S/T holders are winners aren't we? Daughter bought me a voucher for a new shirt in the summer anyway.
  6. I love Wednesday in a similar to loving my Wife, children and grand-children. Always have and always will. All of the above change over the years but I still love them. Football in general has also changed but can't say I still love it as I did when I was a kid though. I collected all the Panini cards for the domestic competitions and world cups, I used to spend all day watching the cup final and the build up including "It's a knockout" etc while supporting my team and wishing for the days when we were one of the top teams, then when we were good it seemed to be over as soon as it started. But now I hardly watch Match of the Day and my Sky Sports subscription is a waste of money as I rarely watch premier live games anymore. So It's just Wednesday for me what ever league we are in.....
  7. this is probably the right thing to do. hopefully SAG will have documented the improvements required to get the capacity a bit higher for next season.
  8. I think that if Rhodes was down to take one he would have replaced Hunt, Lee or Bannan...they all scored It takes a lot of b@lls to take the first one and I guess Hutch was first to volunteer as he is that type of bloke. Fessi was the banker and so was last to guarentee a goal.....or so we hoped.
  9. when we are "tight at the back" who is in attack these days?
  10. my point exactly. When have they ever taken a penalty before? Hutch had the pressure of the first one and put it at a nice height to save. Hunt and Lee were perfect. I'd be happy for them to take a few more...
  11. every cloud..... I'm the same.
  12. If

    Do you like Kipling??
  13. Even I had different boots for different conditions for Sunday football, when I was a bit younger of course. I am certain they all have several to choose from.
  14. Remember the monsoon we had earlier in the season. The North roof channelled all the water onto the Lepp end of the pitch. They managed to clear it all away and the pitch played OK. Today is just continuous drivvel, sorry meant drizzle...
  15. How things have changed for us. We are discussing whether the likes of a top drawer player like Forestieri should start or sit on the bench... This is million miles away from only a few years ago. It is sooo amazing to be an Owl these days.