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  1. i recently saw a Virgin Media advert to send ticket stubs to get the balance back so you basically only paid £20. therefore the prices must be above £20 or the offer would be obsolete.
  2. Fixed it for you...
  3. I've heard a lot recently about Article 50..are you confusing this? Someone on here will know......
  4. There was a long conversation between these two after the final whistle. not sure if anyone else has mentioned this but lots of smiles between the two of them considering Keogh had just been beat.
  5. brilliant again Pauli. Lets hope we get another three points and just maybe some new material for next season if we reach the prem.
  6. 2 out of 3 should do it....
  7. sorry must be my browser. worked Ok the other day. Just wanted to see status of ticket sales. Although block AA is now available on 4 have been sold....now for the DD's someone mentioned earlier!!!
  8. I think the website is down...just tried to connect but got a message saying the webserver is unavailable...
  9. I do love it...although it may sell better if we win the playoffs as it will be a good momento.
  10. whats this got to do with the girl in the ticket office???
  11. I think it's the black boots which are most traditional.....^^^ this pic proves that.
  12. Can you make buying a new mug sexy????...I need a new one as I broke mine this week. How do i smuggle it into the ground if i buy it before the game????
  13. I actually broke mine this week (by accident). Was contemplating a trip to the shop on Saturday to get a new one with the new badge etc. only £7... However a boxfull for 50p would have kept me going a few years. I also broke my previous other one. Obviously losing my grip...not only on mugs but with everything until we get promotion sorted.
  14. best place is to deut it in the away area concourse at Ipswich. Someone video it and post it here, then we are all good to go ready for Fulham and playoffs.