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  1. I thought this was going to be a review of the new transformers movie....
  2. Ah man, you've been served up a fresh batch of NEGNUTS. Regarding your lips, stay clever, keep em together
  3. Liam Palmer.... takes his boy hood club to Wembley. Failing that, Winnall just for another giggle at our six fingered friends up the road.
  4. Nerves.... the nerves! :-) Potatoe, potatoe
  5. Haha, it's not that extreme... I fear heart attack and possible feinting.
  6. Can anyone recommend any will writers or life insurance brokers? If this goes to extra time or pens, I want to make sure the kid and wife and set up.
  7. Brighton in playoffs last season.... the result will be the same, Wednesday at Wembley!!!
  8. Mines getting blurry....
  9. Said the same a couple of pages ago, not tested him yet.
  10. 20 odd mins in and a little disappointed we haven't put their back up keeper under pressure once. Would've been one of the things I'd of expected them to do, get big Fletch in on him early.
  11. SAG Minutes - 12/05/2017 Where's all the netting and segregation?!?!? What is this madness?!?
  12. Wish we all could, how could teams compete with the likes of Newcastle this season... Premier League bias at its best. :(
  13. No guarantees in football, and with FFP might be deemed too much of a risk.
  14. Mathematically possible, why not :)