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  1. I don't like insurance, but I know how to market it :-)
  2. All the "if stripes are back next year, I'll buy it". For me this is exactly why we didn't have stripes this year. Long game marketing, drive up the demand for something so when it's released, huge sales, more £££. Wouldn't be surprised if the price is increased by an extra fiver, people will pay it to make sure stripes stay.
  3. Is it Christmas, is it not Christmas. Be easier if we were all Jehovah's whitnesses.
  4. Would give chances to some of the players to make an impact that are on the fringes / youth set up though. Wildsmith/Dawson, Hirst etc. Not that I'm on board with the idea, but could give some players a bit of experience they wouldn't otherwise get. Pull the fixtures forward a week and imagine Hirsty scoring the winner V Barnsley :)
  5. I agree with the needless defeats, losing at home to Leeds when they were poor at the time was bad, it seemed to kick start their season. I think part of it is also down to higher expectations (which is justified based on money spent on players etc) of fans. I also agree with the very last bit, it's very frustrating!!
  6. Just curious, not having a dig, but what would've been good enough?
  7. Think I'd rather play for something in the premier league, even if it is just survival; than to play for nothing in the championship. If I wanted the latter I'd support Derby, Brentford or Ipswich. The feeling of securing a point or three in a fight for survival will always mean more than a win to tread water in 10th.
  8. Great composure for the second.
  9. Sheffield Wednesdays greatest hits, sponsored by Brighton and Derby FC live on sky sports 1!!!
  10. I thought this was going to be a thread blaming the kit for poor performances. Last season in stripes, phenomenal, this year, hit and miss. It makes sense tha' knows
  11. Great to read, makes him come across as a down to earth guy. Feel for him and the wife after the abuse they had on twitter back end of last year, hopefully it puts things into perspective to those people.
  12. Thought both him and Sasso had a good game, fairly solid today.
  13. Good lad, more of the same please.
  14. Cos it's closer to Wednesday
  15. http://www.worldfootball.net/schedule/eng-championship-2015-2016-spieltag/34/ Same time last season we'd score 8 more goals, conceded 2 more. -6 on goal difference isn't a massive difference, don't see what the fuss is about