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  1. when has wed v utd ever been a friendly, its war
  2. He has to be a blunt for posting that, he wants us to get relegated
  3. stay and i think he will
  4. He managed Oxford Utd when the bouncing Czech owned them and got them promoted
  5. Reading residents would come out of the woodwork, they would take more than Hull did i would say 35,000
  6. Brilliant
  7. never, a big no from me
  8. He rested 4 players at Rotherham on Sat so they would be rested for our game, will be great when we stuff em.
  9. yes 56
  10. Final result on the vote Owls 68% v Blunts 32%, never in doubt
  11. It is for the premier but i think it is 11pm for the EFL, MAYBE THAT IS WHERE THE PROBLEM IS WITH BORO BEING IN THE PREMIER
  12. If you are driving down DO NOT park on the industrial estates you will get a ticket and maybe clamped, 2-1 to the owls