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  1. That was meant for a text message ha mind went blank
  2. Just checking wen you was surfacing this bridge for tackcoating
  3. Maybe but never relied on pace if they keep him fit could be a very good signing
  4. He never was fast
  5. Pathetic how many times some fans go over same thing about fessi .if he leaves nothing we can do move on.
  6. I normally defend him but doing this he knows it will cause a reaction let him go and replace him if we get 10 - 15 mil for him .
  7. Ha he s leaving cos he at a gym in pre season very suspious
  8. Huddlestone would be a reyt signing
  9. What makes u so sure
  10. People dont half talk bs
  11. I called club shop they said having trouble with it hopefully sorted next few days
  12. Same here mate cant find them anywhere on it
  13. Huddlestone would be a good signing
  14. There is no sign of him leaving or wanting to leave how many threads does there need to be for fessi
  15. Nice to see some loyalty in football