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  1. Clown
  2. Some people dont half write some shiteee
  3. .tammy abraham on loan would be my first choice
  4. Fessi is our best player by a mile if people cant see that they shouldnt be watching football
  5. Cheers mate
  6. Just got mine now says loaded to card .does that mean use season ticket as norm
  7. Not saying he has abdi come with big reputation but for whatever reason not lived upto expectation
  8. Why mathais he not anything since he joined us
  9. Good luck mate
  10. When we got all strikers fit he not good enough
  11. Fulham look a decent side . Got plenty of pace in team
  12. He a clown dont even know how he gets on tele
  13. Because our midfield is garbage create nothing at all bannan and huctch /jones play way to deep
  14. Fletcher a far better player than winall
  15. Wondered how long it would take for some muppet to say this team riddled with injury and carlos gets blame