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  1. Team spirit/chemistry

    Never anything but negative mate . And they call themselves fans
  2. Reading owlstalk thought that fessi job.so u forgiven him now eh
  3. Some fans not happy unless creating problems
  4. Foresteri

    There only westwood our fans dont slate
  5. I was been sarcastic plenty of people on here wanted him
  6. Foresteri

    There nothing to stop apart from idiots on owlstalk saying same thing over and over again about problems that arent there
  7. Throwing teddies out of cot

    Or maybe get gray back seems as he so great eh
  8. Throwing teddies out of cot

    Yea he has spent more money than the rest but he also done better than the rest
  9. Throwing teddies out of cot

    We was never going to finish above newcastle brighton are a better team and huddersfield had a good year a bit like us the year before .so really your another one jumping on band wagon talking rubbish .
  10. Throwing teddies out of cot

    Yea i do and carlos took us from mid table to play offs twice so there progression .again you understand the concept of comparatively right .
  11. Throwing teddies out of cot

    What place did gray finish in a much weaker league