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  1. You tell me how I'm meant to believe your pulling my leg by this? Maybe I don't spend enough time on here to understand you and your sense of humour..
  2. Congratulations on your achievement. I haven't, obviously
  3. Cheers for your help, appreciate it mate
  4. Chuff me your a strange un!
  5. If you could that would be brilliant, Thank you!
  6. Okay, We'll just leave it at that then.
  7. Cheers Brad, that's an option I suppose!
  8. *Usually
  9. Must be mixing me up with somebody else, Don't ask for anything on here. Cheers though!
  10. Ian, thanks for your input
  11. I'm not buddy, I don't think it will be a problem getting there though. We are all at the Meadowhall end of town!
  12. Would you be willing to drive it?
  13. In need of 6 seats on a minibus to Aston Villa, if anyone knows of any spare please let me know Preferably one where you can have a drink! Cheers!
  14. Does anyone know of any spare seats on a minibus, need 6 in total if possible. Preferably one with some banter and no drinking policies UTO