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  1. Oops - well spotted!
  2. Just informed Zungu that Sheffield has the best Nando's, he took a screenshot of my message and replied with a couple of laughing emoji's This could swing it for us lads!
  3. €6 offer in for Zunga from an unnamed English club
  4. Obviously you don't pal Anyhow.. Prem Champions: Manchester City Championship Winners: Fulham Prem top scorer: Aguero Championship top scorer: Hooper Champions League Winner: Barcelona Your cert for the season: Ched Evans to score 12 or less league goals Your outside bet for the season: Burnley to finish in the top half of the prem
  5. Would have made a lot more sense I stopped reading the thread after the first line
  6. I think that was aimed more towards the loan players. Semedo would get a better send off than that. We'll see
  7. From how I read it, they were stating who was out of contract, I think the farewells were to the loan players maybe? Semedo will get another year I believe
  8. I believe Darren Ward of Yeovil would offer stiff competition for the CB positions
  9. Any LA owls watching the game tomorrow? Looking for a decent place to grab a few beers whilst watching the game WAWAW!!
  10. Cheers for all the info! Settled for a facetime back home, wifi held up thank god! Will take the 0-0 all day long! Bring on wednesday! WAWAW!
  11. Either phone or preferably ipad
  12. Cheers bud just signed up to the acestream trying to test it with the man city game but none of the acestream links are working at this end maybe there isnt one available for this match?
  13. Does anyone know of any streams for tomorrows game? Watching (hopefully) from San Francisco, kick off 04:00am! No bars open Help me please!