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  1. I wondered how far I'd get into the thread before reading this because I heard exactly the same thing about 3 weeks ago from the same person that told me we were signing Winnall about 2 weeks before it happened (mind you he also said we were getting Hourihane as well ). Time will tell.
  2. He can operate on the or right but better in the centre No YouTube clips pal but plenty of videos on the tinternet if you know the right sites.
  3. I didnt realise you were party to contract negotiations. willy puller.
  4. And I'm sure Hirsty's 'lifestyle' wouldn't have helped either
  5. Bit too late for that pal, but I did come away with 9 O' level's and 3 A' levels. And I've got a dad, so obviously I'm over qualified to be a politician
  6. I'm on it. Now where do I start first
  7. So if I write an 'open letter' to David Blunkett and send it to the Stir do you think it will get printed? Will it roger! He's a supporter like the rest of us and is entitled to an opinion. What it doesn't entitle him to is preferential treatment over other fans views and he's used his position as a local politician to get just that. And if course, the Stir lap it up in their customary fashion. Any opportunity to put a negative spin on anything happening at Hillsborough. Glad I stopped buying it years ago.
  8. Decent shout. I'm not sure he had a free role but they certainly built the way they played around him. Didn't work out great for them in the long run though
  9. Genuine question this, can you think of another example in the championship where this has happened recently and been successful?
  10. I think we're at cross-purposes here pal. I thought (obviously incorrectly) that you were referring to the tweet by someone earlier in this thread which she then deleted. I agree with you pal about not raking up old stories. Sorry for any confusion caused.
  11. What doubts did Forestieri put in people's minds? None that I can see. However, I did see plenty of the usual conspiracy theorists on here with their usual 2+2=37.
  12. Well it's nice to see you're a glass half full type of person But of course you're right. A strong start to the season will be crucial though, as we all know there will be troughs as well as peaks. I'm looking forward to it already.
  13. People keep quoting Brighton as an example and in principle I agree. They didn't panic after last season, kept their manager and the majority of their regularly playing squad members and bolstered these with a few quality additions. I know there's no guarantees with this approach but it seems much more sensible than some of the alternatives quoted on here over the past few days.
  14. Or that the finer details of the deal just need finalising