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  1. Ahh Johnny 7's; now that was a gun (and grenade launcher if I remember correctly)
  2. Whatever they are, I don't want to be on the receiving end of one of them
  3. To be fair asteener, apparently armed coppers were at Toytown same day as Hillsborough and our lass treated me to slap up meal at meadowhall last week and there were two coppers with machine guns patrolling there, so I don't think we were being singled for special treatment. I agree with everything else you've said though.
  4. I think you'll find s/he's pork!!
  5. What shirts were they wearing; Wednesday, L**D's or England (or have they added Man Citeh to the list now )
  6. Just switched over to watch the end of the first leg of the Youth Cup final and up parps an in unorchestrated cacophony of noise. It can't be them can it?
  7. Cheers mate, not seen it mentioned anywhere
  8. Anyone know how weeds are doing?
  9. Still a long way to go today but currently above weeds in the live table
  10. Says a man who thinks he's a fish
  11. It makes a change for opposition fans to be abusing our players lately. It'll save some of our fanbase a job
  12. I notice there's no mention of not touching vodka, whisky or the other spirits Steve
  13. An obvious one, even though I'm not on it cos I'm taking the photo. My lad (second from right) with some of the mates at Wembley.
  14. That is quality. It deserves an Oscar nomination in its own right.