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  1. he will be too busy trying to out jump 6ft 4" defenders after Westwood has hoofed yet another aimless ball in his direction to be scoring goals.
  2. Been falling out of love with footy for a while, however when i come home to Sheffield and watch the owls, the buzz is still there. I sometimes look forward to watching a premiership game on the t.v, but once it starts i find myself doing other stuff as its just so boring watching players diving, the constant stop start and the flashing ads all over the place. I work with two Man Citeh fans and they hate whats going on at their club, they call it play station football, its all so fake and sterile........ says it all really. As much as i want the owls to be successful, i didnt lose 1 wink of sleep when we lost in the playoffs.
  3. You couldnt be more wrong. But i sure your guarantee will help you sleep better.
  4. My friend is a Brentford fanatic, knows quite a bit and he tells me we are sniffing around their captain Harlee Dean, a solid center back according to my buddy. He still laughs at us buying Lloyd Owusu!!
  5. At least he has the decency to wear a t-shirt in public.
  6. FF

    Glad you enjoyed it.
  7. FF

    Pre season friendly at Alfreton.... i would have put my mortgage on FF not being there and Bannan being the first on the pitch.
  8. Why would he need to move to a premiership team to get the number 1 jersey for Ireland? Are the goal post different in the prem? What league you are playing in should not make any difference. If your good, your good.
  9. I didnt know if i was at a footy match or a pop concert. It was awful.
  10. spot on. Why cant Carlos and his staff see this? and why some fans think Rhodes and Winnall have been poor is even more baffling considering they hardly av owt to feed off.
  11. crikey, i bet that car window needed its own wiper after Roy had been hanging his head out of it.
  12. My thoughts also. Didnt think i was too bothered but this morning i am angry we messed it up with a shocking display in the semis due to his pathetic tactics...Grrr
  13. I think thats what Carlos has been doing before deciding on his teams tactics the last 6 months.
  14. I find myself always looking forward to a match on the telly but then after 10 minutes i usually get up and do something else.
  15. Ask a watford fan if they love their philosophy... the one where they have no english players and names of footballers that would win you 200 points in a game of scrabble. Not for me thanks.