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  1. My thoughts also. Didnt think i was too bothered but this morning i am angry we messed it up with a shocking display in the semis due to his pathetic tactics...Grrr
  2. I think thats what Carlos has been doing before deciding on his teams tactics the last 6 months.
  3. I find myself always looking forward to a match on the telly but then after 10 minutes i usually get up and do something else.
  4. Ask a watford fan if they love their philosophy... the one where they have no english players and names of footballers that would win you 200 points in a game of scrabble. Not for me thanks.
  5. why folks cant see this is maddening. He is a proven goal scorer, not his fault he is playing in a team that provides worse service than a Bulgarian waiter.
  6. dont blame Rhodes at all. Any player who is not confident should say so. I would pick the 5 who were the most confident, not who cost the most money.
  7. Not having to get angry about us being on last every week on match of the day.
  8. And there we have it. End of discussion.
  9. Why? Does some of it go into your bank account?
  10. Thanks.. worth a try though.
  11. Horrible showing for he last 2 games, too negative, very disappointing... however.. i would rather be playing at home to.. Sheff utd Aston villa Leeds Notts forest Sunderland Midboro Barnsley Derby Rather than... Swansea Burnley wba Stoke Watford Palace Bourn
  12. IF we get past Udders tonight then i worry that Carlos will just play into Readings hands in the final by playing the same defensive game and we shall come unstuck again. A repeat of last years final is what i fear the most with us not turning up on the day and us not playing to our capabilities due to Carlos being negative. I dont buy all this "great job done" last Sunday. We have a squad with top players at this level and we should be having at least 1 shot on goal. Their keeper must have had the easiest 90 minutes of his life. I would get the style of play if we were a team of scrappers and punching above our weight but just look at our squad and the cost and wages we are paying. I have no doubt that DC is thinking the same, hence all the rumors going around about Carlos and his future. Just think.... if you were spending all the money and huge amounts to bring in all these top players, would you not expect 1 shot on target in a semi final playoff match? I know i would. You know i am right!!
  13. is that you Aero?
  14. Fair point, but i doubt he would have got it spot on if we were mid table.