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  1. Too much money got f-ck all, mercenaries that's what they are and sometimes you can't blame for it either
  2. If they are asking too much for him then enquire about John Egan who plays along side him, seems like a good option to have and young so definitely will improve and price will only better and highly regarded here in Ireland, would prefer dean but would have them 2 over keogh, Hanley or Morrison
  3. I don't know why you all negged him because at least it's different from all the Alan Hutton threads that I have seen on owlstalk all day
  4. Came on against arsenal yesterday and did OK for the little ball that came his way, I love to see him here
  5. It's fletcher and hooper for me, fletcher had such a good end of the season that dunno how we could drop him for Rhodes but I'd also like to see winnall played a lot more to see what he can do with a run of games because cc dropped him everytime he scored for us last season
  6. I agree with this but I'm not happy with bannon and can understand why people don't want him here, ff is the best player we have and have to keep him if we want to get promoted
  7. Why should Rhodes start over everyone else, he done nothing last season but score 3 goals, hooper and fletcher got us to the playoffs so y should Rhodes start ahead of them, he has to earn his place just like every other player on the team
  8. Don't know why people on here are so against winnall, he's proved that he can compete and score at this level and everytime he did, he got dropped, we got him for peanuts and will also make a profit on him when we do sell him on, just dunno what he has to do to show he just as good as some of the strikers we have here
  9. I think we need to get our defence sorted first and foremost and if we bring in anyone after that is a bonus and think we have enough midfielders so let Derby have him as think we have better than him
  10. I don't like it for the fact of the quality of the opposition, Celtic were the champions of Scotland so why not play them but as I said I'd rather a top class premiership team just to see how we can compare to them, which is right because they can expose our weaknesses and can work on them before the season starts, I'm not moaning, just think it makes sense
  11. Definitely would have preferred Celtic over Rangers, their the champions of Scotland and went unbeaten but as was already pointed out, love to be a premiership team like arsenal or manure just to see how we compare to them
  12. Get James cordon to play Jordan Rhodes
  13. I think the most important thing with hirst is tie him down to a new contract so no one can nip him off us for little or nothing, as said already loan him out or give him a few mins if we winning well
  14. I meant next season for us