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  1. If he willing to drop down a division to be with us then I'd be happy with him
  2. Fine by me and actually think he a good player and gets a lot of stick on here that he does deserve, yea he can make mistakes but which player hasn't ever done that
  3. Definitely for me, great player and we really need more on the right wing, cash in on Rhodes and sign him, great bit of business, the two of them came in January and he out scored Rhodes and had more assists so where can we go wrong
  4. Cc just has to realise that picking his favourites and trying to squeeze them all into the first eleven hasn't or will not work, he's the manager and has to make some hard discussions and if he don't get it right then it's his fault and it's time to move on, I really do hope he does but I just think it's going be the same as last year, it's more about balance and scoring more than the other team and not trying to sneak a cheeky 1 nil win and sit back on it because we have all seen, it's very rare that works out for us
  5. Think it's going to be the same again with Carlos but hope not but then again if it gets us promoted, I can't complain but can't see it and also I think we all know by the players we sign and release, hope I'm wrong but honestly can't see it prove me wrong Carlos and id gladly hope my hands up and admit it and hope I have to
  6. I like the style Chelsea play but think we haven't the players good enough to implement this style but with a few additions and a manager brave enough to do then it would be a good option to have
  7. Better than sougou
  8. Haven't seen enough of melo to have an opinion on him but mcgugan definitely didn't deserve to be frozen out like he did, think that was his biggest downfall imo
  9. Go from me
  10. I put a bet of twenty quid with Huddersfield fan yesterday and just paid it off, she said we didn't deserve it and I agreed with her, we just not good enough and we were bobbar and that's been blunt about it
  11. Why he's our best player regardless what you think of him
  12. I'd be more concerned trying to keep hold of fernando than them
  13. I like Izzy brown and tammy Abraham so worth trying to buy both of them
  14. I know he signed a new contract with them but the Fulham manager would be a great manager for us but if not him then keep Carlos
  15. What do you mean by that