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  1. No it part of bt sports package, it over now and finished 1 nil
  2. If we are still in the championship, I think Carlos be lucky to have a job, never mind who he should keep or get rid of
  3. It's 1 nil but he couldn't do nothing bout the goal, it's on eir sport 2 if you have it
  4. No just the Rotherham game
  5. Just voted and we are behind weeds and Everton at the moment
  6. Yeah it's nice that we have some great youths coming through that we can heap praise on for a change
  7. Just been reading that Fifa are going to cover sheamus Coleman salary for the time he is out injured under their club protection programme, I never even new of anything like this existed so just wondering did any of ye
  8. I think we win 3-1 but Barnsley are good and won't be easy bet and have done well this season
  9. Yeah I'd rather see Buckley or mcmannaman play instead of Wallace but as long as he keeps scoring and getting assists then Carlos is going to pick him so I just have to bite my tongue cause he proved he's playing well enough to play
  10. I think we have better players in our squad than Wallace and he should be a bench player at best but as long as he keeps scoring and making assists then he starts so can't complain really
  11. Lord of the rings,Lord we have some great players but always seem to play the ball around in rings
  12. I'm delighted for him and hope he scores more too for them
  13. RIP Jordan hill, a shame been so young and leaving a kid without a dad, let's hope the police catch them and give them what they deserve
  14. I'd like to see Westwood play more for rep of Ireland but Darren Randolph is playing well so it be hard get his place but I still think he is good enough
  15. Great news if he is back, definitely would be in with a great shout of winning the play offs with him back