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  1. Photo's please... I want to see this piece of chewing gum.
  2. I'm sure with whatever happens this season come next with a full pre season his fitness should be close to 100%, he barely had any football before he came here so hopefully its just a bit of fatigue.
  3. He apparently said... please sign me next season, I'll play well I promise. Derby is s#it and I want to play for Wednesday. Carlos replies.. hahaha we will be in premier league and we won't need you.
  4. I like the blue and white striped ones...
  5. Argentinian
  6. I know people have mixed opinions about this shirt... And some are saying it's only a shirt ect ect. The issue I have is that I think this is what our shirts will be as long as Chansiri owns the club. If he made a statement and said that this was a one off and he had plans to revert back to stripes then I'd be happy and I'd probably buy it knowing that it was a one off. BUT if fans are happy knowing that if they support the change in style and support the kit design then it could result in Sheffield Wednesday being a team that doesn't play in blue and white stripes then so be it. If it doesn't get questioned by fans and it's allowed to just happen the question as a Wednesday fan is.. Would you be happy to see sheffield wednesday play without stripes for the foreseeable future? Because I'm not...
  7. I agree, can see it being a stressful end to the season. Let's just hope we do enough to get into those playoffs!
  8. I mean.... Most phones sort it out for you anyway this day an age. Even if you can't spell.
  9. What's the celebration in aid of like? Am I missing summat? Cracking goal though.
  10. Nothing scientific here but from my first post 82 +/- were left in total. 62+ 20- So works out about 75% of fans would like to see our stripes and 25% aren't fussed. Who have replied on this thread anyways. If my math is correct mind you...
  11. Haha I'm not going to take it personally, just want to add up the plus/negs and see what percentage it works out as.
  12. Fruit of the loom
  13. Out of interest is it possible to see how many positives and negatives I've had for my 1st post. Would be interesting to see...?
  14. Stripes = Wednesday. I don't have an issue with the kit other than I think for the anniversary it should be stripes which over our history has been our predominant kit. Give us the other kit the season after. The issue I'm thinking of is if nothing is said then are we saying good bye to stripes as long as chansiri owns the club..?
  15. Ok so he gets rid of the stripes... It's ok it's still blue and white. So we let it pass. What if it then ends up changing the shade of blue... Are we just going to be happy and say.. Well it's still blue and white.?