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  1. We have had two season where we have improved on each season... Sometimes football is an ugly game but sometimes it's better to work on the problems and mistakes and learn from them. Carlos has that opportunity this season... to learn from the past two seasons, bring in and get rid players and work on the foundations. I think that is why I personally want him to stay, BUT if this season isn't a success then I'm sure you will get your wish. For now though he deserves the backing and support from the fans as shown by our chairman.
  2. He will have a pre-season to prove himself and impress Carlos.... if he gets the chance. I have a feeling he might get sold on in the transfer window.
  3. No fans... no club.
  4. Problem is he is made of rich tea biscuits that have been dunked into hot tea... His injury problems need to be looked at and if it doesn't look good then 1-3 games a season isn't good enough.
  5. I've heard we might actually be in for Jordan Rhodes.....
  6. Any wife swapping? If so I'm in!
  7. My point is without you trying to be clever... Some people are scrubbers and treat things like crap and look at the surroundings and think it's ok to disrespect it.. for example if you have a place that someone has flytipped on or vandalised it attracts the same sort of actions. If they were to modernise it and make it look decent I'd like to think people would think twice and treat it with respect because it's nice. I have never needed a crap at the match.. but if for some reason I did or for some old lad that may not be able to hold a crap in for a full 90.. would you want him to go to some nice toilets and feel comfortable or would you prefer him to go to some run down cubicle that's not fit for purpose?
  8. Do you want me to make a bowl movement itinerary for you?
  9. I get what your saying and at one stage of time people treated things respect... every when the toilets would be abit basic and "seedy". But as times have moved forward and money gets spent I'd like to think I can go for a s#it with wondering if the locks are bust or the seat is covered in pi$$.
  10. No im not saying that... im not a scrubber... but you know the mentality of some, if they think it looks like crap they aren't bothered if they pi$$ everywhere or leave it a mess. Personally I avoid them if I can.
  11. Toilets should be revamped and modernised... Maybe they would get treated with a bit more respect if they weren't so God awful to begin with...
  12. Lick o paint ont top.... sorted.
  13. Pudil has had chances but can't shoot....
  14. We have gone a season where yes some will say we didn't achieve as much as we didn't make the playoff final. But we did make the playoffs and we did finish higher this season than last. Maybe the football wasn't as exciting as last season but look what was achieved... We have had vital players injured and we have only had Rhodes half a season who is the most prolific striker in the championship. I'd like to think everyone learns from mistakes and the past, we have all played manager and claimed Carlos should have done this that and the other. We as fans have picked up on what positions need strengthening and what players arnt cutting it, surely Carlos has too.. I think given the work he has put in, noticeable requirements in the squad that are needed and injuries that we had to deal with Carlos along with bullen knows the squad and it's qualities as well as faults the most. If we had gone backwards and finished out of the playoffs I'd agree that a change is needed. The two teams that got promoted... Newcastle had that advantage everyone knew they had and Brighton have been building and adjusting to get promoted... they KEPT their manager over that journey. I believe Carlos should get another crack at it and hopefully he can build on his experience as a championship manager. So for me it would be a mistake to let him go if we could keep him... that said if he does go I really hope we replace with someone who can do the job.. no washed up has been failures.
  15. He obviously wanted to see what it felt like celebrating to a big crowd... who can blame him. He won't get a crowd like that at udders.