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  1. The way I see it is.. I'm grateful that Chansiri has come to us, put his time and effort in.. put money into the club and I don't dispute for one minute that we would more than likely be in struggling if he hadn't. I think he's done a great job so far. I don't mind if he changes the kit.. if it's a one off or for a few seasons but I believe that Wednesday should play in blue and white stripes. What I mind are "true fans" that think because he's putting in the cash and he has his name on a piece of paper saying he owns the club that he can do whatever he likes.. as if he's just bought an expensive toy and if he fancies tampering with it then it's fine.. because it's his. Well it isn't just his.. it's ours and without us it's nothing. It's not that I'm hysterical about it, I truly respect Chansiri for stepping in and putting in his money and I agree we wouldn't be in the fortunate position we are in. But the mentality of some seems to be that it's ok for him to chop and change parts of swfc's DNA just because he has the cash and that's what bugs me. I mean he bought the club knowing we play in stripes.. if stripes are that unlucky why did he buy a club that plays in them?
  2. No one wants a sh!t club... all we want is to have a bloody shirt for a season that starts in 2 weeks for our club that we all support. Just because he's the owner doesn't mean we have to kiss arse 24/7.
  3. I wouldn't call those pin stripes... unlike last season's kit.
  4. Well.. that's the last time I say to the little one.. "i will get you the new shirt before we go away". Should know better.
  5. Wednesday
  6. Well as said previously, no stripes, no purchase. But I'm sure that even though some may not exactly like it, they will just buy it because it's 'the new kit...
  7. Yes it's not a democracy but a clubs foundations are built from it's fan based.. surely they should be listened to? Or just because you are happy it doest matter?
  8. I've said it before but I'll say it again... If this kit were to be a one off then fine, I will get over the fact it won't have any stripes. Would all the fan's who say they like the idea or design of this stripeless kit if it actually is stripeless be happy IF... because it sells well and people buy it that stripes become a thing of the past because Chansiri doesn't like them? What bothers me is Chansiri hasn't really shown any transparency over it.. what is it? Stripes.. no stripes, a one off, Sheffield Wednesdays new kit for the foreseeable future? I know it's only a kit to some but to me it's what I've grown up with and part of why I love Sheffield Wednesday. The identity it has, the unique name, our owl, our blue and white stripes.
  9. So he's listened to the minority rather than the majority of the fan's?
  10. I tell you what... Boyd is showing some promising football. Clever movement and touches.. I'm impressed.
  11. Yeah more than likely... let's just hope they pick a decent one. Preferably with stripes, maybe just maybe he's has a change of heart at the last minute and decided to have a kit with stripes.. sent the 20 thousand stripeless shirts to the incinerator to warm up park square flats.
  12. Seriously... who the F is making our kits.. they would have been quicker if they sent the squad to the cotton fields picking cotton for the new kits instead of pre season.
  13. No he's abdicated... no longer playing football.
  14. Matias' much smaller cousin.