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  1. I do, and we should have been up. 15th 17th 6th 4th....... means absolutely sod all, when you're in the same league the next season. Carlos blew it, abject failure this season. Decisions made were beyond belief. And .... his " Big Dave " moment.... priceless. Any manager would have taken this squad into the top positions, you or I could have done it. It's not been a case of Carlo's " quality ".... but his FAILURE..... he's had a budget like no other, and screwed it up.
  2. Highest paid striker that doesn't want to strike a ball....... but fair point too, deflection from Carlos that his useless tactics have reduced ( On paper ) one of the most ruthless strike forces, into former shadows of themselves.
  4. He's paid THOUSANDS per week.... to do what he bottled
  5. Boo oo ! All that pressure........ maybe the thousands he gets a week for doing just what he didn't want to do, will help him get counselling. If you and I turned round and said... you know what, I'm not working today, because I'm crap scared.... what would happen ?
  6. If true, he doesn't belong at S6, had enough bottlers and wage collectors here. he's a striker, he'd paid to strike a ball, be it, a shot, header or a penalty. Last time I heard, penalties were a normal part of the game. If we can get out of this stupid transfer deal, then so be it. Again...I say.... IF true, because quite frankly, what Carlos says and thinks is beyond me and most people.
  7. We had millions on the bench....... Coward Carlos brought on Dave
  8. carlos isn't here
  9. Livid.... is the word of the day SACK HIM should be the next two words Abject coward of a manager who could have walked that game last night, and chose the same turgid tactics that cost uslast years playoff final. How....how the hell, when fresh legs are needed for a final push, can you bring a big donkey on ? And leave the bench as it was ? He'd have been better bringing the bloody ball boy on than big Dave. No matter how you dress it up... 6th one Season 4th next.. His decision's cost us automatic this season. Best chance we'll ever get, and the coward blew it.
  10. COME ON WEDNESDAY !!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Carlos...just bring someone on....and superglue the bloody ball to his foot till he shoots at goal