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  1. FF to Brighton

    Surely you can see he's much more than a substitute? He's a game changer and has something not many players have these days... The ability to run with the ball.
  2. Who'll be gone by Aug 31st?

    I'd put all my money on all 3 of them still being here. As well as Mcgugan.
  3. FF to Brighton

    I think if he was obviously putting 50% effort in, its a different story. But ignoring the press and speculation, ive seen him play once this season at Preston and he looked his normal self.
  4. FF to Brighton

    You keep your best players. He's one player I happily pay my money to watch. Lets keep him and get behind him. We can't replace him.
  5. Carlos defends leaving Boyd out

    He shouldn't really have to justify leaving Boyd out. It's not like he scored a hat trick on debut. He didn't play amazing, so Carlos went for Wallace who's tried and tested under CC. Boyd will get other opportunities to impress.
  6. Reach at wing back

    Good at left back. Purely because he has the legs and isn't easy to get around. COULD be a good winger if he had the confidence to beat a man and cross. He seems to be at crossing when it's his only option, if he has time to think about it, the ball is likely to end up in the KOP. Hope he gets the confidence he needs because he can definitely strike a ball.
  7. 1 reason we might get promotion, this is football & anything can happen. Ok maybe that's two...but you get my point.
  8. Second half was very positive yesterday. Not perfect by any means, but a step in the right direction. It's clear that with Fletcher and Hooper on the pitch, we're a different team. Fletcher offers a physical presence that no one else can. Hooper has the footballing brain and can get the move flowing with a touch and turn/pass. Reach at left back in the second half was a positive, bags of energy and grew into the game. Hunt was very solid and played very very well, pace and made some vital interceptions. Jones, for as much stick as he gets, he does the job that's expected of him, breaks up play and keeps possession. (It frustrates me when the crowd get on his back for passing it backwards, he's not the sort of player to take 5 men on, that's not his role) Bannan was back to his energetic self, chased every ball and really got us going. It's clear what we're still missing...a monster in midfield to pick the second balls up and drive forward. We can't slate Bannan and Jones for not being that player, because they're just not that sort of player. We can't slate the strikers for not running in behind and stretching the defence, because again, that's not in their game. We've all known for 2 years now that we need a big midfielder and pacey striker, we don't have them. But it's not the players fault, we need to stick with them and push them on this season.
  9. Fitness levels.

    As already stated, it's not so much our fitness levels, but the type of players we have. Wallace, Rhodes, Boyd, Jones, Loovens, Pudil etc aren't going to buzz around the pitch, and they aren't fast players either.
  10. FF back training with the team

    I agree to a certain extent. But would you want Hazard, Messi, Ronaldo to track back? Or even a Championship comparison, did Derby ask Ince to track back last season? Do Wolves want Costa tracking back? I think with certain players, you have to accept this. Saying that, he might have said he's not a fan of the defending aspect, but ive seen him numerous times sprint back and get a tackle in.
  11. North Stand Concourses

    Preston away, first game of season they ran out of food! Happens everywhere, just a shame, like people have said, we've had the problem a while.
  12. FF back training with the team

    I'd hate to be abit sensible here, but here I go... Fessi hasn't said he wants to leave this season He missed one match because of a training ground incident He hasn't refused to play on the left, from what CC said, he just doesn't like the tracking back aspect that carlos wants our wingers to be capable of. He's back tomorrow, let's chill out and watch him score the winner.
  13. Rhodes linked with Villa and Wolves

    It's strange that he seems to get away with it because of his past record, where as other strikers would have already been labelled as 'not good enough' by now. Quick check at his record compared to our other strikers first 20 games: Rhodes: Played 20 Scored 3 Joao: Played 20 Scored 7 Stevie May: Played 20 Scored 5 Nuhiu: Played 20 scored 3
  14. QPR - Expected Line up

    Honestly think we'll cruise by them. 3-0.