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  1. Afobe when he 'ssshed' the KOP after scoring a penalty the other season. Soon backfired.
  2. It'll be interesting next season. It's okay saying he's gonna get better and its everyone else's fault apart from his. BUT he didn't exactly play well did he? For the amount of money spent on him, plus Fletcher and Hooper managed to play okay towards the end of the season without this amazing service.
  3. Any idea when these will go on sale. Tickets for Preston are usually easy to get but im worried they'll get snapped up pretty quick because its the first game!
  4. MUFC at home, Carlos and Jose - Friends
  5. Adam Reach in terms of backing out of challenges and headers...for his size is shocking.
  6. No doubt we'll get United at home at the end of September when im on my holidays.
  7. Why did we stop playing R U MINE 10 minutes before the match. Used to get everyone going.
  8. Wasn't that Mavinga? I think.
  9. Stolen from Skysports, thought it was a good idea. As the title says. Who's your dream signing, who'd be a good signing that's realist, and who are we likely to sign... Dream Signing: Helder Costa Good Signing: Isaac Hayden Likely Signing: Grant Hanley
  10. Agreed, it is worrying. Fox, Emanuelson, Wiggins...all below standard. Hopefully we'll get it right this summer.
  11. Player comes back early for pre season to get some work in at the gym... Gets slated and rumours start that he's leaving because the gym isn't in Sheffield... Wow.
  12. Please no more of Fox....He's painful too watch. I don't like slating players, but he's terrible. Worse than Joe Mattock IMO.
  13. I like him, similar to Tom lees. We'd have a very strong centre back pairing. Not many strikers would fancy playing against those two.
  14. He was a right twa@tt when we played Boro a couple of seasons ago to Fessi. Not for me.
  15. Did Ojo get an injury or something last season? Looked promising a couple of years ago for Wolves on loan then faded away.