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  1. This is a really awkward problem we're now facing. On their day as individuals and sometimes as a pair, Bannan and Lee are great players. But teams below have a better midfield duo, in the sense of affective they are. I know we all love Bannan and Lee, but looking at, we'd be better with one of them next to player in the style of Kante, obviously we ain't gonna get Kante, but you get my drift.
  2. Agreed. would have been an exiting signing, but oh well. Hopefully we'll sign someone this summer of the same quality.
  3. Costa would be quality, however pretty sure he signed for Wolves on a perm in jan for over 10 million.
  4. Spot on. Hutchinson is an amazing layer and a fan favourite, but when playing in midfield, he drops deep to take the ball from the centre backs, then it leaves either Lee/Bannan battling in midfield on their own, huge gaps and leaves us very open and invites pressure.
  5. Hooper is a must. We've learnt that this season. Rhodes has a lot to prove and unless he has an amazing pre season will be a sub. We need a striker to play on the last man and he needs to have pace! Where we find this striker I have no idea. Would Andre Gray fancy a step down for a decent wage if Burnley sign another striker? Maybe Callum Wilson when he's back from injury now Bournemouth have signed Defoe. Or maybe looking abroad, surely Carlos knows some more players in Portugal. What about Welthon? Still youngish and had a decent season. Also a right winger is a must!!!!!!!
  6. We let Joao down big time. Remember last season when he was on fire, when he came off the bench you expected him to score, when he started he dominated defenders. Then all of a sudden we started playing him less, saying he needed to be protected, then a few weeks later his momentum and confidence was gone. There is definitely a player inside him, not sure if we'll see the best of him now.
  7. Kenwyne Jones was a beast, loved watching him play in league 1. If only we'd have signed him. Frank Songo'o was pretty amazing too watch, someone you'd actually pay to watch. Will always remember than rainbow flick over the defenders head in the last minute (I forget which team) I think Wickham goes without saying, helped us out a lot!
  8. How hard/impossible would it be to have a new stadium built on Hillsborough Park with the old stadium land being used for a training complex?
  9. is that what they've said? I assumed he was OK now because he made the bench, damn.
  10. Drop Rhodes. Put Hooper and Winnall up top together. Proper striker force. Both hungry and would well together.
  11. They need to bring back the Artic Monkeys R U Mine playing just before the players came out.
  12. Buckley hasn't impressed me at all during his spell here. I know he can't help the injury he had, but he didn't do anything to convince me he should be starting over anyone on Friday. Not saying he shouldn't get another chance, but he's looked no where near as affective as Mcmanaman.
  13. Even if we don't make the play offs, I want him to stay. We need him.
  14. I'd go for Westwood Hunt - Sasso - Loovens - Reach Mcmanaman - Bannan - Hutchinson - Wallace Fessi Rhodes Im just wary that Leeds have very good wingers, playing Macca & Fessi on the wings could open us up a little too much. Playing like this still gives the defenders lots to worry about with Macca's pace, Wallace on his favoured wing, Fessi roaming around and Rhodes picking up scraps. Hopefully Hooper will make the bench as well, he likes scoring against Leeds.
  15. I don't personally think he's the answer. I don't rate him any higher than Hooper. The only reason people class Rhodes as 'the best championship striker' in recent years is because he scored goals in this league but never moved on to better things, and there will be a reason for that. Players like Andre Gray, Callum Wilson and Benik Afobe all came to the Championship for a season, lit it up and moved on to the BPL. That's the sort of striker we should be looking for. Also remember Rhodes didn't score as many as Hooper last season...... If this side lacks anything, it's a striker with pace.