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  1. OMDT - BOLTON - V - WEDNESDAY - (League Cup)

    Well done Snoots, great OMDT. Looks like the jobs your's to lose.Keep us up to date on the enthusiasm levels and let us know when they start to ebb away so we can get a new one in. @Lord Snooty
  2. RIP Bill Green

    RIP Bill
  3. Players missing tomorrow

    http://www.dailyecho.co.uk/news/15485839.Armed_police_and_counter_terrorism_officers_arrest_man/?ref=mrb&lp=3 Never mind missing players, has anyone seen or heard from @Andoverowl @Andover Owl I'm getting a bit worried about him.
  4. League Cup 3rd Round Draw - 4:15am

    No, rovrum
  5. League Cup 3rd Round Draw - 4:15am

    It's near enough.
  6. OMDT Fulham -V- Wednesday

    Disco Stu? Was that the pitch invader? Thought the stewards were a bit heavy handed with him.
  7. OMDT Fulham -V- Wednesday

    Don't know if you all seen this but it passed 15 minutes on a Sunday evening. Fletch offside goal on 6-38 ish and the goal on 7-00 with the one man pitch invasion, who the bugger was that? Is he on here?
  8. Carlos haters

    Tell me about it, mines been round her mates for food this afters, wanted me to go but I thought i'd have a couple of cans watch the golf and footy, unfortunately there was only a couple in the fridge so after they'd been dispatched I took the dog down to the little Tesco for some more stock. Now bearing in mind I wasn't feeling 100% after last night and all that I got back home and went to work on the new stock, she walks in after about 11/2 hrs later and the first thing she says is, "where's the dog" how the roger did she spot that straight away like that. Anyway, poor fo oker was still tied up outside Tesco when we got there, thank god, she'd told me when we were going round for it "If anythings happened to that dog" threatening me she was.

    Always have a little cover bet on Si Woo Kim, but that's the heart again, his first 2 initials.

    Branden Grace and/or Xander Schauffele, and I mean lump on big time. Remember where you heard it. Can't find the odds anywhere yet but BG should be around 50/1or 66/1 and XS should be over 100/1, wait until Wednesday before placing a bet as the crafty buggers sometimes only pay first 5 on Mon/Tues and then up it to 6/8 on WEDNESDAY.Consider this as compensation for the Growl horse where my heart ruled my head.
  11. Carlos haters

    Well,well,well, that escalated quickly. Tune in same time next Saturday for another 20 pager.
  12. Happiness and Joy

    You're spot on mate, there is a lot absent tonight, these boards would have been flooded had we been beat, just makes you wonder doesn't it? Never mind, like you say, F,ck em, UTO.
  13. Happiness and Joy

    Won't go down well with some on here, that's true enough.
  14. Carlos haters

    You didn't mate, have a good evening what's left of it, see you next week.
  15. Carlos haters

    Fair play M'lud, i'm outta here.