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  1. Yes, those were the days, could walk round and change ends. There used to be another turnstile inside the stain where you could pay extra to access the John St wing terrace. I used to work opposite the players entrance on John St and i'm afraid to admit we'd speak to the players when we saw them. I was stood outside the company's John St entrance waiting for my mate to pick me up to go the watch Wednesday at Wolves when Jimmy Sirrell the blunts manager came out of the players entrance. I shouted across to him "ey, Jimmy, we got a spare seat in the car why don't you come with us toneet tha might learn summit" Well, he walks across the road and looks into the workshop where one of the old hands was grinding away and he says, "you need to take more notice of that bloke with the grinder and you might learn summit", funny as f--- really, i'll never forget that. Needless to say, we won that night, cup game I think and headlines next day in the mail (i think) was "Jolly Roger", think Wylde scored 2 goals but may be wrong. Yep, sorry for drifting off topic.
  2. Yeah, I used to alternate all the time. We'd go stand with the away supporters at the lane. And we'd wind the old man up at the pavilion when he was putting the scores up if Wednesday were winning, which wasn't that often.
  3. Hahahaha, I can see them now, baldy heads before it was fashionable.
  4. Keith Kettleborough or Bill Punton
  5. Peter Fox and Peter Grummitt. Please stop talking out of your username. Soz,can't resist.
  6. You mean you're hoping criminal charges are brought?
  7. http://www.thestar.co.uk/news/cps-to-announce-decision-on-hillsborough-prosecutions-next-week-1-8611454 One more hurdle out of the way, i'm sure everyone will be happy to conclude this once and for all. I suppose there will be criminal charges brought and then civil actions after that but everyone will be a bit closer after this.
  8. FFS, let me put you all out of your misery, it's Besiktas
  9. Fixed it for you
  10. Each to their own co ck.
  11. I have to admit to having a look around when at a game or when crowds photo's are published to see how diverse our support is. Women are well represented but I must admit to being a little disappointed in the Asian and Black people who attend, surely we can do better.
  12. Yes, I agree, between the lines, that's exactly where the answer lies, what about the tail tuggers? Do you have anyone in mind? Think we may be onto something here.
  13. I think these comments need phsyco analysing, can we send the quote off somewhere. There's a veiled comment in there and it needs bottoming out.
  14. RIP Tony