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  1. Great news. Good luck for next season Carlos. So much for crap journo's running round jumping to conclusions for the sole reason he conducts his business differently to everyone else. Looks to me like when he said his future was irrelevant and it was the team he was focused on he actually meant it. I expect an apology will be winging it's way to him from the local journalists at least who doubted he was being truthful when he threatened to walk out of the press conference. The man himself is as honourable as they come and we are lucky to have him. We've just dodged a ferkin exocet.
  2. Star says social media is on about the meeting, if there was any doubt before, the stars journals read OT
  3. moyes, hodgson, pardew, pearson? And around 33% of our supporters want rid of Carlos? I hope to god he stays.
  4. Yes, there was a heated exchange apparently, this is all we know, Carlos- Are we having another one? DC- Go on then, i'll have another beer Singha Carlos-I got the last ones DC- Yeah, and put it on your room bill which I'm paying anyway, cheeky two hat Carlos- Fo ok you, i'm off to braga
  5. Thank christ he lives near us then.
  6. Well, for 1) I haven't seen nothing from the local journals 2) I believe what CC said, he'll meet with DC this week, i'm sure he and his wife have had a good chat this weekend 3) The Mirror and scoops don't usually go hand in hand 4) The Portuguese press are quoting the mirror 5) Porto is above CC capabilities.I don't think they'd take him TBH.
  7. Well you'd be wrong there. It's a non story, page filler, total guesswork. Having said that, believe what you want.
  8. Non story from the mirror, guesswork!
  9. yep, that'd be me
  10. Well i've been looking at that for a while now and can't see any "C" in it, try again.
  11. He comes on a forum and throws the toys out as soon as he disagrees with anyone, which is usually immediate.
  12. yeah, the word i was thinking of wasn't crap
  13. Unfortunately the claw (OP) is unhappy about us having a poll on whether CC should stay or go. Like any child, he has taken to stupidity to illustrate his point. The claw (well claw bit) has 2 things correct, which are, it has 4 letters and it's got a "C" in it, but claw bit isn't correct.
  14. http://www.dailyecho.co.uk Hands off-kuntz.
  15. Well I don't make stuff up and anyone says I do can get F----d (actually,I just made that up)