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  1. Himself.
  2. Bullshít. We all know the French wear horizontal blue and white stripes. And there isn't any garlic bulbs to be seen.
  3. You've been mugged off son. Mugged right off. Bet you're McGugan.
  4. Look again. One sleeve is rounded at the sleeve, the other the blue part goes diagonally to the collar. Totally different design, totally different shade of blue. You been mugged off son.
  5. Are you FIK? Look at the design of the arms/shoulders, clearly not the same. These are both just some knock ups someone has made and stuck up.
  6. Genuinely one of my bosses brought his kid into work last month with the shirt on. He's just started supporting us again (funny that eh) after years of not doing and wants his kid to too. So I said, nice shirt, bet you can't wait for the new one can you? At which point my boss scowled at me and said someone in the club shop had told him this shirt will be worn this coming season too. I just assumed someone was fibbing to get a sale.
  7. Everyone's moaning about Carlos not being on some imaginary list of "best" managers by a magazine (who even reads magazines anymore?). This list should have the managers who have won most trophies in the EFL. Simple as that. No other way to judge it. So Carlos wouldn't be on a real "best of" list, as most of those on this mockery of a "best of" wouldn't either. Relax guy.
  8. Because it is.
  9. Spot on Porridge. McGugan who? Has he patented his unique bench warming system yet? No wait, he doesn't even warm a bench for his ££££££ does he? Bet the youth lads love having a failed, creepy older player having to train with em. UTO.
  10. I wonder what tune Carbone walked out to at Southampton?
  11. His top 3 of all time: 1) Jive Bunny - Swing the Mood 2) Jive Bunny - That's What I Like 3) Jive Bunny - Let's Party
  12. Tìt would have been even more apt.
  13. I dunno, i wouldn't mind seeing this...