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  1. You do understand that Peppa Pig is a cartoon, and that the dress/shirt comparison was a joke? Made by a Barnsley fan at that...
  2. Still injured isn't he?
  3. Not even close. Great Yarmouth Town have a Grade II listed grandstand that is over 120 years old and still in use, for example. Lots of small, old grounds are littered around the UK that have escaped the modernisation process of the Taylor Report era.
  4. Went to Forest for then big money this very season in question. Ended up in Malta towards the end. His career didn't exactly fulfill its potential. Same season Pleat sold Ingesson to Bari (I think). He dismantled a hell of a team.
  5. Degryse both goals in first leg, Bright hat-trick in second. Waddle never scored in either game. Think old Danny is punch drunk.
  6. Jesus the squad that season was truly awful, outside the first XI. I'd forgotten all about most of the players even existing. Lance Key Ryan Jones The fabled Adem Poric Simon Stewart Mike Williams Richie Barker Lee Briscoe Mark Platts O'Neil Donaldson Richie Humphreys Yet we sold Sinton, Bart-Williams, Petrescu, Ingesson... and brought in Degryse, Blinker and Stefanovic. No wonder we only stayed up by a couple of points. Hirst saved our skins that season.
  7. Bloody hell Waddle was literally weeks off his 35th birthday when he played against Murphy at Crewe. He was having his swan song with us then before going to Falkirk.
  8. So, my dad just sent me this... Do Barnsley actually have a real rival team? We have United, they have... erm... Ryhill Colts?
  9. This is purely a guess @dunsbyowl but perhaps the reason the entrance to the baths etc under the stand was down to sensibilities of the age? When reported the design of the stand was said; "The basement of the stand is to be used for a gymnasium, billiard room, gymnasium, team accommodation, baths and offices and the clubs refreshment room and the upper storey for distributing passages, kitchens, stores, refreshment rooms etc. Things are so designed that both teams enter the field from the same passage but without passing between the spectators..." He also said; "The whole of the seats are to be numbered, and those in the central position will be of the tip-top variety." Like I said, purely a guess, but did he not want the higher class clientele in the centre of the Grandstand having the players come out underneath them? Or was it a structural reason? After all, the terrace below the Grandstand would have been filled with the cheap ticket buyers perhaps? Hmmm... Anyway. This made me laugh, that age old problem for Sheffield United. Regardless, the players seemed to enjoy the new dining arrangements in the stand when it was finished. But the directors and officials of the club began the media offensive, transforming Owlerton into Hillsborough in name and spirit for all concerned. The new stand signalled a new start for the club at the stadium. Thanks for posting as always Dunsby. Very interesting.
  10. Kashima Antlers shirt is similar to the design that was picked by the club.
  11. Well I am glad that Atdhe has shut a few pillocks in this thread up tonight, with an absolutely top quality performance. Keep in mind that his nation are new to this, he has always made it clear he wanted to play for them if they ever came into existence and their cruel, violent history and his own personal journey out of that place a child would make it utterly emotional for him. And he goes and puts the ball in the net. I hope, no, I know that Atdhe will have walked onto that pitch with his chest exploding with pride, knowing that a vast amount of owls were watching back home and wishing him the best. Well done Atdhe, you deserve the moment. Savour it. Bring that form home with you too. To those few who used this thread to knock him. Ha!
  12. Can you imagine how he must be feeling? Wow.
  13. Properly made up for him. I can't believe it. Perfect. Even if they lose now he can say he's scored for his nation. GET IN ATDHE!
  14. Get in there Atdhe! 1 cap, 1 goal! Brilliant!!!!
  15. I think I'll just leave you to warble onto yourself about it, while the majority of us decent owls put aside any feelings we have over his form for the club and support him in achieving his life long passion to represent his reborn nation on the international stage. Well done Atdhe.