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  1. Wolves after Jordan Rhodes

    Thanks for veing torally crysral clear clear on this one Neil.
  2. Nuhui to Leeds .

    It is too early, the Christmas lights aren't up yet.
  3. Oh yes, you're correct. You're and your are heterographs, he used the wrong one in error, so this would qualify as a grammatical error. Though we both know he really can't spell.
  4. I have no idea what you mean. I have the box set.
  5. A centre back? Yes, you are 100% correct on that one.
  6. Not as much as your teacher is at your spelling.
  7. Maybe. He is still not a very good footballer though.
  8. Former Benfica youth, former Portuguese U21. A development squad player at best. We have a full Portuguese international striker who isn't up to this level so I'm not convinced. Whelmed under.
  9. Money, FFP, Fernando and Dom Howson

    Talking of clicking, do you have to buy special shoes to stop your trotters clicking on the carpark when you walk? Do you throw these special shoes in said carpark?
  10. Money, FFP, Fernando and Dom Howson

    Welcome to Owlstalk! I assume you're a real fan, because you can spell, type coherent sentences, with form and structure. As we know, piglets are not blessed with fingers and opposable thumbs. Alas, in your infancy on the forum you appear to be suggesting we should sell one of our most creative and prized assets, which leads me to believe you are indeed a piggy. All is not lost, however, as you have come this far, allowed the stench of putrid swill from Brammall Lane drip from your porcine body and learned to act somewhat human. There is hope for you yet. I urge you to denounce thine love of swine and bestow the elegant virtues of that which thy covets most, upon this very forum. Throw off your trotters and in loud, none grunting voice declare your love of the blue and white Wednesday. Or summat.
  11. Money, FFP, Fernando and Dom Howson

    I have no idea. That's what I was asking, is there more to it? All we know is those things were reported by Dom to have happened and that coincides with Fernando not making the team.
  12. Money, FFP, Fernando and Dom Howson

    You do understand that last week it was reported that Winnall and Fernando had come to blows, and that Fernando has apparently stated his displeasure at playing on the wing because most of the time he is having to track back (i.e. be a wing back) and that he has been dropped for the last two games? You are aware of all that aren't you? And now Dom Howson, who has been pushing those above stories has now basically said we should see him.
  13. Money, FFP, Fernando and Dom Howson

    I still don't quite understand what Fernando is meant to have done. He got into a scuffle with Winall after going in studs up in training, and they fell out. That sort of thing gets sorted by players over dinner, why is that even being reported? And he made it clear he doesn't want to be (essentially) a wing back, as he isn't that type of player. To me that doesn't mean he thinks he's bigger than the team, he just recognises the manger wants him to play in a defensive minded role when he wants to attack and be creative. For supposedly speaking up he then gets dropped for two games, but he's right isn't he? He's better than that, he isn't being used properly. Is he temperamental and a moaner? Probably. But he's right, unless someone has info we don't have.
  14. Money, FFP, Fernando and Dom Howson

    And losing one of the few creative players we have in the process.