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  1. Agreed. I sit on the Kop, but you would have to pay me £100 more to sit on the South than the North. It's only comfortable legroom on the South if you were born an Umpa Lumpa.
  2. The OP is spot on from a general point of view - social media, etc. This season has felt very fractious at times. Match days are slightly different. The fans are all full of joy at the start, but need a lift from the players before too long. This results in an increase in noise from the fans. We'll sing, we'll encourage, but there is nothing like a good 'Gu on' followed by a sharp intake on breath - only the players can create that moment.
  3. Just going to pass on what I have been told about Leeds - they are likely to appoint a 'high profile' Italian manager. Doesn't mean anything in itself because without players/financial backing it could be Conte and it would make no difference. Back to the OP - I was on the fence about CC, but did say that whatever was to happen, needed to happen quickly. We could then back CC or the new man. CC - you have my backing, now please find the right answers and please let it not involve negative football.
  4. Nah, just wondered what the oldest Fred was and stumbled across this. So, a bit bored I suppose. God, I'm so bored of pre-season already. BORED!!!!!
  5. What a difference 9 years makes!
  6. I'm going to be a bit negative here, but does it really matter? What do we ever truly learn from whoever/wherever we play? I want to see some transfer activity followed by consistent positive performances and results from day 1 of the new season. Beating/drawing/losing to A N Other team (be it Conference or Bundesliga) generally tells me nothing of what will come.
  7. Thanks.
  8. I'm sure the club will have a cistern in place for these things. DC may be flush with cash, but he needs to be a wee canny and not just let it drain away.
  9. Serious question for those on here who work in the construction industry - with modern day building techniques, how long would it realistically take to knock down and build something of adequate standard on the Lep? Even if this just meant that the seats/concourses were available to be used and boxes/offices later.
  10. Bad news The club are posting new 150 anniversary season ticket cards
  11. Why are you having a go at @torres individually? Time for bed for you now sunshine, you've a big day at school tomorrow.
  12. Maybe and when you say see us, does that mean you'll be watching our loyal support from your bedroom window in Wadsley?! Stay special son, you're a warrior