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  1. I did wonder. Solid leader, I thought. Just what we needed at the time.
  2. Got to be a place for Brian Barry-Murphy, hasn't there? BTW, which Jones is quoted at centre-half?
  3. They're all tough games at this stage of the season. You blow hot and cold, we invite trouble, but on paper have superior players. Can't see much in it. 2-1 win either way.
  4. Steady on, it's not 1991.
  5. Feeeeeeed the Dingles. Let them know it's April Fools Day
  6. Nope, just moved because SYP cannot cope with anything bigger than a Boxing Day sales queue.
  7. Think they were dispatching the last lot on Thursday. There'll be with you today Vulva, I reckon. Edit - no worries on the outside chance they don't turn up for whatever reason. Ticket office have details of what they send and will arrange reprints.
  8. +1 just for the tune. In answer to the OP, I'd go for Pulp Fiction. Plenty of brilliant individuals, but in seemingly different scenes. Everything brilliantly comes together in the end (hopefully).
  9. There is a democratic process to all of this (for Sheffield residents), if you feel aggrieved: - 1. Contact your local councillor and demand reasonable explanations are provided/minuted at the next full council meeting; 2. Same demands to Alan Billings as Police and Crime Commissioner. Lack of response results in votes for their rivals at the next election. Edit - I would be wholly shocked if the club are not already rattling cages. As a business rates payer, they are entitled as any other business to fair and reasonable explanations as to why they cannot trade in the way they wish to.
  10. Cheered me up no end this thread, so I'm starting a '+1 Cuban owl' campaign. I'm confident that we'll get a proper explanation at some stage, but only if you vote for your favourite. Let's get Cuban owl to +20 by the end of the night and solve the mystery. Right, where did I shove those beads???
  11. Don't worry, I'm multi tasking.
  12. Just been pouring over some results and clutching at some straws. We don't like a game before an international break, but quite like the one after. Sept 16 International Break Before - Drew 1-1 with Brentford After - Won 2-1 against Wigan Oct 16 International Break Before - Lost 2-1 to Brighton After - Won 1-0 against Huddersfield Nov 16 International Break Before - Lost 2-1 to Ipswich After - Drew 1-1 with Fulham March 17 International Break Before - Lost 2-0 to Reading After - TBA
  13. Cheers for clarifying Cuban.
  14. Glad it's not just me then.