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  1. Lee King. Love child of Chapman and Phil. Failed as an apprentice plumber.
  2. Favourites for L2 title with bookies.
  3. Thanks for that. Can't say I'm impressed with the defending for their two goals. Ok, first one is a bit pinball, but where was the marking at the back post for the corner
  4. Good man - top sport.
  5. Loving the random pictures underneath. Think we need the stories behind them (especially the diagonal car parked on a pavement).
  6. Some right moaners on here. It's wonder half you risk getting out of bed in a morning. I missed the last friendly because of holiday. All the people I spoke to, told me what a cracking atmosphere it was. It reaffirmed, what I already knew - The Scots (in general) are party people. So, when this was announced yesterday, I thought 'great.' However, I've just realised that I'll be half way to Fuerteventura at Kick Off. Enjoy it people, it's a chance to see our team in a home friendly with the added advantage of a party atmosphere. Too many have forgotten how to laugh.
  7. I find that so hard to believe when I saw at least a couple that I know 'supporting' Alfreton last night!
  8. 'Yuuuuussss!' said Carlton.
  9. Fixed it for you.
  10. I'm looking forward to it. Should be a good do.
  11. ^ This.
  12. Have you had enough Nazis or do you want some more?!!