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  1. He's refereed OK, so far. That'll be the kiss of death
  2. Might take up the jam spreading! So, in your examples, they don't really have the time. We make choices in life, but you have to admit, if a small percentage of those, chose match day instead, it could make a difference - butterfly effect.
  3. No guilt tripping - just don't get it. Got the money (check) Got the time (check) Where's the complication? Oh, and I'm by no means one of these that categorises a fan based on number of games, etc. Just don't get it.
  4. I think you have to have 'been there' with lack of finances to appreciate a balanced position on this. For my part, it was mid to late 90's when I couldn't afford to go (household commitments rather than unemployment). It was really hard just listening on the radio (internet was still a new fangled thing then). Since early 2000's I've been fortunate enough to be able to commit financially for every season. I really feel for those that can't afford it. Those that can afford, but choose not to go, can do one!
  5. The players need to start playing from the first minute, not the 50th minute. The amount of times in the first half that we had the ball and nobody was running/getting into space to receive was disgraceful. The arrogance of the referee contributed to the result. When 25,000 are consistently challenging your decisions and you're not listening - you're either stupid or don't care. Their keeper had a blinder (as he did at their place). All in all, the perfect storm.
  6. The ref was out of his depth from the start. He kept backing himself into corners with his decision making. To contrast the decisions against us that could be considered 'sour grapes' there were two obviously legitimate goal kicks given as corners to us in the 2nd half - summed his ineptitude up for me.
  7. 2,499 family. WAWAW.
  8. Only come to see The Wednesday.
  9. Yeah, but what did you have?
  10. Still available, I've just checked, but they are restricted view.
  11. The same poor Ipswich side who beat us at home 2-1, Mr F? That said, I think the jitters are starting for a few sides now.
  12. Think his nickname is 'The Professor'?
  13. Which one looked like he was holding the oldest banjo?
  14. Take it that the decent real ales don't make their way abroad?
  15. What a contrast - half decent whiskey and cold Horlicks!