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  1. Leeds facts for the debate. League Titles - 3 (SWFC - 4) FA Cup - 1 (SWFC - 3) League Cup - 1 (SWFC - 1) Ground - Rented (SWFC - Owned) Average Attendance - 26,040 (SWFC - 26,894) City Rivals Average Attendance - One Team City (SUFC - 20,141)
  2. Said the exact same thing at half time and that we would go for it in the 2nd half with a 2-0 win. Huddersfield fans are just licking their wounds. Let them moan and the history books show the reality.
  3. Is there something about being called Sam that makes you a super dooper slide tackler? We are all well aware of Hutchinson's capabilities, but that tracking/tackle by Winnall in the 2nd half - sublime.
  4. Worth the entry fee.
  5. Two comments: - 1. Same price on the Kop as for the away fans; 2. All away fans, whichever ground they go to, help finance the home club. Very, very strange conclusion that the Terrier has come to. If you don't like the price, then don't buy.
  6. +1 you Greenhgate, but that's for your detective skills only!
  7. "When money talks, there are few interruptions". (Herbert V. Prochnow)
  8. At 41 with all of the above, you crave it. You young 'uns dun't know yer born!
  9. Obviously, it has to be: - Winnall's an Owl Your defence is terrified.
  10. Which failed takeover was this one? Never mind, I guess the point is that some of our fans have forgotten how bad things were and have, ironically, become EXACTLY the sort of fans we would have royally extracted the urine from in the past. Lest we forget.
  11. Of course he means "when". The only question that now remains is what would we sing?
  12. FF extends contract!
  13. Err, we're not in the pub league and deluded.
  14. Unfortunately, so true.